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    Played management sims since the days of Football Director on Spectrum. Coached and managed at Conference level. Best football memory... winning the League with some very young talented players at Burnham FC first season.

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    Sandiacre, Derbyshire

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    Brighton & H.A
  1. Have you tried and tested this in a higher division?
  2. Wanted a challenge - hit a bit of a brick wall since getting to League 2 (20 promotions in a row kept me dedicated to the cause), but now working on new tactic.
  3. Yes - done this. Thank you though.
  4. I am in my 23rd season with Keymer & Hassocks. I am now in League 2 having got them promoted from Level 23. As time has gone on, this saved game is getting slower and slower - has anyone got any ideas what I can do to speed up the processing? I think I have tried all the usual ways, but may have missed a trick somewhere???? Thank you in advance...
  5. Can do lower leagues. Long Eaton Utd, Ilkeston Town, Borrowash Victoria and Sandiacre Town.
  6. Great shout! I would also like to see this. Don't think I have ever seen an opponent play like the current Man United team - boring as it is, it would still be good to see AI Managers having very different styles of football.
  7. Have you got your Assistant Manager selected to take control of interviews etc?
  8. Well here goes... Every year I buy the game as soon as it's out - since time began. Every year it seems as though SI release a game that is not ready for months and this really annoys me. However, I really do think this years version is very good. Overall apart from the fact it looks slightly different, I feel it is a well brushed up version of last years game. Only a few niggles which have been mentioned before such as being short and heavy doesn't mean fat and I think there are a few too many goals scored from crossing in the ME. I do in fact like the blurred background. I also like the fact that I have been able to load my FM15 tactic, made a few tweaks and it is working well with my Newcastle game - bonus! So well done SI. I hope the future patches don't undo some very good work?
  9. I DIDN'T!!!! Maybe you should have read the comments first .... "This is a tactic started by EdJames and evolved by many others... Any good? You try." Also called N433SSISdk - The 'dk' bit was added as i changed a few things.
  10. or... If that works??
  11. Made a few changes and had a nice run of victories, but low and behold the dredded penalty decisions have condemned me to 1 goal defeats in the last 3 games. Not even playing aggressive - my last game I had 9 fouls to their 27 - they won 2-0 with two penalties! Grrr
  12. May change so far into the season. My media prediction is 15th and therefore exceeding expectations. So maybe the AI kicks in so far into the season to put things sort of right (results being fixed) - or there would be no point of media predictions. Food for thought?????
  13. Into my second season using the edited tactic. Had a cracking start to the season, but now nearly halfway through the wheels have fallen off! Goals difficult to find, despite lots of chances and keep conceding penalties. On a 9 games winless streak. Will stick with it and post update.
  14. Thought I would give you an update with my Swansea season... Followed everything to the letter, but so far in the league I have played 10 - won 4 lost 6. Not a great start. Will update you at the season's end.