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    Played management sims since the days of Football Director on Spectrum. Coached and managed at Conference level. Best football memory... winning the League with some very young talented players at Burnham FC first season.

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  1. FMO - Clan Advertiser Thread

    Clantastic are looking for new and reliable players to commit to a once a week network game (usually a Thursday or Friday 6-11pm). Skype chat or messaging needed. Please message for more details. Players will start with a random team. The scenario... Your club has a 5 year transfer embargo, as for every existing PL club. Every player over 23 years old has left your team. No existing sponsors and a need for new ones. Start with an injury-free squad. Loan players have been recalled. Improved training and facilities. Over £100m in your bank and debt free.
  2. FMO - Clan Advertiser Thread

    Clantastic are looking for new members, pm me for details on how to join
  3. Sorry, but gonna have to give your tactic a big old raspberry - sacked at Christmas with Palace. Defending was terrible.
  4. Why, why, why?

    At least I'm not the only one thinking that.
  5. Why, why, why?

    It's really annoying me now. I have multiple saves with different tactics and it seems they've all gone to pot. Think it's time to leave the game until another update and play Motorsport Manager instead.
  6. I've played a fair few hours on this game now and quite frankly getting sick of the same old thing... wonderful start, then BANG - game over. The AI just masters your tactic and your game has gone to complete mush... Has anyone got any ideas? I've played this game for so many years, but must admit this version has me scratching my head - I've no hair left to pull!
  7. Online (v02).fm (earlier save) and Online .fm (latest save) have been uploaded to SI for investigation.
  8. Online (v02).fm (earlier save) and Online .fm (latest save) have been uploaded. Hope this is helpful?
  9. I was hosting the game and had no issues with connectivity. It has not been noticed before. If it helps I can send you the save game file if you provide a link?
  10. As you can see, the result says 1-1 when you can clearly see at the bottom the game should be 5-4. This was taken from an online game.
  11. FMO - Clan Advertiser Thread

    Fridays are on hold at the moment, but there is a chance you could jump into our Midweek league if you are interested?... pm me.
  12. I think the fans feedback/ media give a clear indication of your style of play. You'll sometimes see an AI manager mention to the media before a game commenting on your 'possession-hungry' team or fans being delighted with the attacking intent after the game.
  13. Lower League Tactics

    It's not always effective having your defensive line playing the ball out of defence. By setting your GK to distribute short to the defence you have the best of both worlds - playing from the back, but with more directness and avoiding silly errors. Also as suggested already, simplifying roles is helpful for a whole load of reasons, particularly if you like your team to press as a unit. Remember playing roles are more about what a player does without a ball - so simple roles make for easier understanding.
  14. What Graphics Card do you have installed?