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    Played management sims since the days of Football Director on Spectrum. Coached and managed at Conference level. Best football memory... winning the League with some very young talented players at Burnham FC first season.

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    Sandiacre, Derbyshire

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  1. My feedback... don't waste your time, it's my feedback after all. After playing FFM2for only a short while I said i wouldn't buy again since playing this game series since 1983, however I did. I must say what an idiot I am!!! Bought FM20 hoping that something had changed, but no... at 45 years old I now feel that I am conned year upon year paying a full a game price for what is apparent is only a patch. I feel I am playing a game that is way behind the times; the repeatitive hilights are reminesent of Amiga days - I'd hate to think of the hours and money I've spent in years gone by on this game. The game game is starting to feel like a classic, not an up-to-date title and as such will be uninstalling the game after only 87 hours. I feel it's now the end of a chapter for me where I'll say to others "I used to play FM". If I was Miles i'd be questionning how honest SI are... the game or the money? This game is 5 years behind and because there is no one to push the title you seem happy to sit on it, particularly when Miles is seen steaming talking about 21 and 22 titles. Well I'm sorry - you're not doing it with my money anymore. This game needs a 30% improvement on everything. Nowbefore you lot get critical... I bought Football Manager in 1983 on Spectrum, played ALL the CM's and FM's; I've tested, been in the game itself, managed and coached - you won't find many more people experienced than me in game and real football environments. I'm not being negative for the sake of it. I am now uninstalling the game... i'm done - forever.
  2. Confused now! Who are those impressive league and cup results with under the 'results' at the top of the post?
  3. How come there are Champions League results there for Fulham?
  4. 44... Played the original Football Manager in 1983 on Spectrum.
  5. It was all sorts. Anyway, it's sorted. #wearethecommunity have helped me out and I have had to manually add folders.
  6. This isn't really helpful. I have tried both of these methods and neither work. I cannot see any subscribed items. Please accept my apologies for being direct, but this is the third time in this post i have said I cannot find subscribed items 9(in-game or otherwise) and would prefer more technical help.
  7. In game I am unable to import views (such as a customised squad view) which I have subscribed to - where would they be? I can't find them in game or in explorer.
  8. I have cleared and re-installed three times. I do and always have installed FM onto a separate drive (G:), my Steam installation is also in this drive. My problems is that I cannot find files (such as 'Views') once I've subscribed to them and when I search both my C: and G: drives it seems that there are files that are not there. I have shared my screen with others, they cannot figure this out either.
  9. There'll be regular competitions and tournaments, both free and paid. Sign up at www.eSports4fm.com
  10. This would mean they can only import their team, not choose a team I've made (so many teams of the same squad in order to even up the game). I wanted an even playing field where everyone has the same squad of players and therefore it becomes a game of tactics and not necessarily who has the best players.
  11. I've tried this and it doesn't work. My mates are unable to select or take control teams I've exported.
  12. Are these rules/guidelines for posting tactics still right?
  13. Is this a top team/Man Utd tactic only then? If not, I just wanted to see results with various teams - that's all. I'm not looking to download tactics, I'm confident of my own tactic abilities, but I enjoy reading through the posts. In the download section I find it more of an interesting thread where people post their results of their tactics with multiple teams. I congratulate you for making a tactic with Man Utd and sure many will find it helpful in their saves, but doesn't it make you question the tactic for teams predicted to finish much lower in the division? Have you tested this already? Maybe others could post their findings with other teams? I look forward to seeing how this post continues and the replies. If I get time I might even try this with Brighton and post. Do you holiday or play the full season?
  14. So you're not going to post results with a team like Brighton? I'd like to see the results and how it goes with your advice implemented. Please give it a go and post 🙏
  15. Can't wait to see the results with the likes of Brighton! Keep us posted.
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