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    Played management sims since the days of Football Director on Spectrum. Coached and managed at Conference level. Best football memory... winning the League with some very young talented players at Burnham FC first season.

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  1. Average attendance by capacity for WBA...101% attendance, is this right?
  2. Still weighing up positional play on match engine, particularly between the lines. Think the amount of injuries to players to be of slight concern at the moment. Like that the UI is familiar and overall I would say this is the most positive I have felt about FM so early after release - so generally, well done SI... so far, so good.
  3. need more info

    That's only available on full release i believe.
  4. About time someone asked! I'm at work reading all these comments and eagerly waiting for some feedback on the match engine.
  5. Don't finish work until 10pm tonight. Grrrr. Now clock watching! One question though... can i load up my FM16 tactics?
  6. If I start a network/online game in 64 bit mode, will all other online players need 64 bit requirements too? If not, would players running 32 bit slow down or effect performance and flow of a network game?
  7. Have you tried and tested this in a higher division?
  8. Wanted a challenge - hit a bit of a brick wall since getting to League 2 (20 promotions in a row kept me dedicated to the cause), but now working on new tactic.
  9. Yes - done this. Thank you though.
  10. I am in my 23rd season with Keymer & Hassocks. I am now in League 2 having got them promoted from Level 23. As time has gone on, this saved game is getting slower and slower - has anyone got any ideas what I can do to speed up the processing? I think I have tried all the usual ways, but may have missed a trick somewhere???? Thank you in advance...
  11. Great shout! I would also like to see this. Don't think I have ever seen an opponent play like the current Man United team - boring as it is, it would still be good to see AI Managers having very different styles of football.
  12. Have you got your Assistant Manager selected to take control of interviews etc?