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  1. It should be there now. I don't think the upload failed this time.
  2. Am uploading it now as file name: Robert Keene - its uploading very slowly. Sorry i don't have a save previous to them getting dissatisfied, i first noticed the majority had this in January 2019
  3. Please see below screenshots - nearly every player is dissatisfied with my management because of a perceived lack of depth in midfield. But when i check my team report, the two top strengths are midfield depth on the wings and central midfield - 5th strength is midfield depth in attacking midfield. I don't know what the relationship in the database is between the dynamics and team report, but there should be some consistency here? I thought perhaps because my tactics are very intensive, the players are tired and can play max 1 game a week, so i bought 2 more midfielders in January so i have 2+ good+ players for each of the 5 midfield roles i use... the issue is still around in April though. If this isn't a bug, it'd be helpful to know why they think there is lack of depth, and in which position specifically. If anything i have a lack of depth in defence!
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