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  1. Yep, same with wingers. Also, they get in that wide channel with space to run into, but just won't... then they won't even cross the ball.
  2. It should be there now. I don't think the upload failed this time.
  3. Am uploading it now as file name: Robert Keene - its uploading very slowly. Sorry i don't have a save previous to them getting dissatisfied, i first noticed the majority had this in January 2019
  4. Please see below screenshots - nearly every player is dissatisfied with my management because of a perceived lack of depth in midfield. But when i check my team report, the two top strengths are midfield depth on the wings and central midfield - 5th strength is midfield depth in attacking midfield. I don't know what the relationship in the database is between the dynamics and team report, but there should be some consistency here? I thought perhaps because my tactics are very intensive, the players are tired and can play max 1 game a week, so i bought 2 more midfielders in January so i have 2+ good+ players for each of the 5 midfield roles i use... the issue is still around in April though. If this isn't a bug, it'd be helpful to know why they think there is lack of depth, and in which position specifically. If anything i have a lack of depth in defence!
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