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  1. Your midfield is too defensive and your wings too attacking. Keep the DLPde, but set the RCM on CMa, and the right AM on support too. On the left flank/side, set the Fullback on support, keep the IF on attack, and try the LCM on Mezzala-support. so something like this; F9 IFa IWs MEZs CMa DLPde FBs CD CD FBa SKs For the Instructions, i recommend to start with none, and see what happens.
  2. On SFR channel here in France, Guardiola gave an Q&A interview on his principles of play. Enjoy. https://sport.sfr.fr/football/premier-league/exclu-video-guardiola-decrypte-son-style-de-jeu.html#
  3. S.I made many big mistakes thats for sure. Miles said it himself. But S.I could revive the game without those mistakes obviously.
  4. I didnt talk about tactics, despite that, I agree with your statement. Anyway, my point was about players performances. All the informations we have on the players are informations we would have after repeated training sessions. All the Physical, Mental, and technical stats and PPMs. You should need to see the player during trainig to assess that. About tactics, we should be able to see what our instructions do exactly to our team shape during attacking phase, defensive phase and transition phase, before starting a match. On that I think we agree.
  5. Training is made for the managers to know who is up to the task, who is not. Training is made for managers to know who is good in a particular way or isn't. Trainig is also made to "mould" somehow a player to your needs. Problem is: we already know all the players from A to Z. You already know every strenghs and every weaknesses of every players. You know your RB#1 is 17 acceleration and 15 pace, and your RB#2 is 14 acceleration and 16 pace. No need to put them to the test in training. I guess you see my point...
  6. One of the bets way to go, would be to look at Pro-Evolution soccer and the way they introduced their attacking/defending philosophies edit: a video is better
  7. Problem is, I cant see the devs expand on training system...
  8. Ok fair enouht. No that's not a gamey idea, thats how it is IRL. When the manager gives the roles to the players, he can see during training if the roles complete each others well. No need to play a competition game wich could costs points.
  9. Yes at the start of the season, but not during the season, if you want to change something. So no, this is not what I'm talking about.
  10. With just a colour dot (or square or rectangle): poor = red inadequate = orange average = yellow good = green v good = bright green
  11. Yes FM did it mate. And they did again but in Korea, its called Football manager Online and our european version FML
  12. Was done before (kind of), was named Football Manager Live or FML, and was awesome the time it was on.
  13. I dont think we need more details tho. It 'd be better if remaining vague imo. We could have, for 1-20 range:, if you keep all the attributes (for details sake): 1-4 : poor 5-8 : inadequate 9-12 : average 13-16 : good 17-20 : very good Better that way, because how do you know player A has 16 pace, and player B only 14? Its impossible to see this little difference IRL. With that system, players A & B are "good" in pace. Wich one is better, or are they equals? You dont know, they're both "good".
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