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  1. I noticed the players changing attitude almost immediately after I confirm the shout, but the pop-up takes a long time to show. So maybe its just a delay thing I suppose.
  2. SI testing is based on stats. Not on playing seasons like we do. And yes, if you're playing the games for so many years as me, you can spot changes in the ME. And you dont need stats for that.
  3. Liverpool under Klopp was not build on stats. Klopp changed that. For the better.
  4. So what the point of having 2D or 3D representation if what you see doesnt mean anything?
  5. Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated. So if I understand correctly we had a stronger morale boost during beta. And since morale impact decision making it could explains the difference we see on the pitch. Am I correct?
  6. Was talking about the fact that we were told there was no change in ME for release. And there is. Even if "minor". And my feedback is the game now is different from beta. And it seems I'm not alone.
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