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  1. I mean those sites technically do make money from it. Graphics packs are popular and lead to clicks. Which leads to ad money or anything else. It's indirect, but graphics pack do generate money for those sites. There's no way around it. I'm still willing to pay a bit more for an official solution from SI. Some of these packs aren't well done/hard to install/hard to download and the amateur modding community is great, but SI would do a better job.
  2. Im not sure why you call it nonsense. Copyright laws make a lot of sense. Just because we want to play our video game with logos doesnt mean we should call it nonsense that copyright laws exist. Not every club makes millions in profit. Many small clubs out there wouldnt like people making money off their backs just for the sake of a video game at the end of the day.
  3. Oh I just meant future of franchise as in for modding perspectives. Would be a shame if graphics were gone in some way. Hence why I tagged sortitousi in my post yesterday to know the situation on it. Yeah I think thats the issue. As a programmer I dont think the programming part would be hard, but you need to get the correct logos from everywhere on the internet. Which wont simply always be [team/league/cup] + [logo] on google.
  4. Their behaviour corrected? Afaik they are in their legal right (as discussed here) to complain about the sites uploading copyrighted material that is not theirs. Im just wondering what happened after only FMSCOUT seems to have been taken down. Despite two other sites (maybe more?) reacting to it as well. So what has happened in the meantime? Is it solved? Did they get an answer? Is it ok? Would like to know just for the sake of the future of this franchise.
  5. There are no alternatives to FM. I'm forced to use Windows for many applications and games, yet Windows is garbage compared to Linux. Just like with FIFA in the few last year's. You might not like it 100%, but PES was barely an alternative up until the recent years. Same with F1 games, no alternative.
  6. That's why FM desperately need a competitor. I'm sure the SI team are working hard, but a competitor would drive things even harder.
  7. I think his point is, communicatie this to EVERYONE. Not just the 0.01% on the forums that noticed it. An in game announcement would be nice or even a twitter annoncement. Many innocent people will start their games now not knowing this issue and only stumbling upon it after maybe days/weeks?
  8. But I mean can we have like a thread on the general place here? The help mail is most likely full of other mails and also I'm gonna guess it's not the most direct way of communication. Like many other forums do, just keep a thread open about it. Also I cannot report a post because it's removed and also removed from my own profile unlike some other sites (eg Reddit). So I can't actually find it back...
  9. Can we have a place where we can talk about moderation feedback? My completely normal post that SI should have taken a few more days/weeks instead of releasing an unfinished product was completely normal and without abuse. It got removed for what reason? I am not one of conspiracies but seeing more and more user comments getting removed for not anything close to abuse is pushing me towards the "remove any criticism" camp and we need a place where we can discuss it without ruining this thread. Same stuff happened with the twitch chat in stream. If the mods knew anything about twitch chat (it's rather memey and jokingly meant) they wouldn't be so harsh. So can we open a place where we can discuss moderation like many forums have? If you are open to critiscm, that wouldn't be an issue right?
  10. Seeing all these issues despite a later release date than most older versions has unfortunately reaffirmed the skeptical me when it was in beta. Guys, everyone loves your work, but please take another week or maybe two next time and release a game that is completely fixed of these issues. I bet nobody here would be mad if the game was released later but with no problems like this. Now you only frustrate users and are hiding such a problem from the general public instead of communicating it to them. Ive not seen a single post outside of this forum and I'm sure many FM users aren't on this forum. Take your time, fix these problems in an extra week and everyone is happy 100% next year. This seems like a rushed product release and benefits no one.
  11. The quality of reviews in most gaming companies are not always great. Reviewers aren't specialised enough and don't know enough. A big Dutch tech site also reviews FM every year yet they barely seem to understand the game at even a basic level. Typical reviewers. Also, they most likely received a review unit earlier than us.
  12. The non communication except to us forum users is also worrying. Are they only communicating back to those that mention and know about the problem? At least let the people know who don't follow the forums and new people. This is a huge problem and ruins games.
  13. Does this count as 1v1? But this is another real 1v1 issue tho. Hope it's fixed upon release.
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