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  1. At this point you just wait for the usual last patch in March somewhere. They say they want to hotfix it as soon as possible, but I kinda doubt that by now. A bit of a shame that a great game is filled by small bugs (the stats are stil broken since release...) like this.
  2. Did I really read this? FM has some bugs that are annoying and potentially game breaking, but Cyberpunk is beyond unplayable for some with crashes, FPS not being there and a bunch of things that they lied about. Imagine FM saying that there would be a scouting system, only for it to not be implemented at all. That is what happened with Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is a hot mess, FM is just a bit of a mess thats fixable.
  3. Instead of spamming here you could have spent 5 secs googling patch notes, 30 secs reading it and you get your answer...
  4. I think Andrew said a save with only playable leagues without advanced DB should stay stable for a very long time. Well so very long time means not even 3 years? Its a bit annoying seeing the problem even with playable leagues and no extra options. Guess ill be back in march after all the patches...
  5. They have not. They said they improved it, not fixed.
  6. Also the AI attacking issues. https://community.sigames.com/topic/540201-ai-managers-not-trying-to-attack-when-they-are-behind/
  7. The best ME was always the previous ME. No matter how many flaws it had or how many people didnt actually test all aspects of the ME and are just going off their own eyes. Previous ME was always better. Always.
  8. Sample size of 3. And you clearly think something is wrong with the match engine because of 3 draws? Something is clearly wrong here and it isn't the match engine.
  9. You arent wrong. Its not fixed completely yet. Doesnt look good. AI not attacking, doesnt look good either? They acknowledged the issue, but nothing was mentioned in the patch notes. Neil told me to just look at it myself, but well if thats the answer to a simple question and from the observations of others I think it hasnt been fixed. Bit annoyed here at least to say...
  10. Did you load any extra players via advanced db? That would have caused issues like Andrew said. Would be interesting to see a test without any advanced db loading. That would be a nice compromise imo.
  11. So basically, don't touch advanced db options for now as it might lead to more problems. Would be nice to see your test results with advanced db loading and without this for the people that are testing.
  12. So not fixed? Nothing changed with this so far I can see in the changelog as well. Nothing mentioned about the stats that were broken except xG? Come on just the 3 things I wanted to have fixed
  13. Inb4 it's just actual translation updates like the other SI person confirmed. 🤕
  14. I already said yesterday that today is the best day to patch. Really doubt they push something on friday cus if something goes wrong...
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