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  1. What do you mean which software? If you want to stream, you will need OBS or something similar. If you want to create videos, you can hire an editor or learn the ropes yourself. Spend a minute googling video editing and you will find enough "software" out there to use.
  2. Less talking, show more proofs if you dont want to listen to others and start assuming things. You go into this feedback thread, throw some complaints around, provide 0 proofs and now are complaining about someone asking for proof. Thats the main problem with this thread every year (not specific to you). I seriously wonder how old some of you are and if you do the same at your job/school. If I have a problem with something I need to extensively report on it before its even considered a problem. Same with FM. It even says so in the opening post. Show the stats, show the examples, provide some proper sample size, compare it to real life to show us why it doesnt make sense and none of us can make it look like you are blind/idiot, whatever u think etc. Its really not that hard.
  3. Check whoscored. Dont base everything on whhoscored but it shows some things at least.
  4. Making FM understandable to the new players is very hard. The hardcore playerbase like us on this forum will complain if its too dumbed down and even FM touch is pretty hard. A lot of things are up for interpretation and you have no idea how certain stuff works. Official manual and stuff still isnt enough. You play FIFA, its obvious from the start. You play FM and even after reading a lot of stuff its still confusing/unknown. I think adding more information for players to read would be a start. You shouldnt be diving deep into forums reading post after post in order to understand the game. Especially people not speaking English just have to suck it up, hope their translated game is enough and try things themselves. Might take them way too long before they figure some "basics" out. Would be nice if FM was easy to learn, but hard to master. Now it seems to be hard to learn and hard to master. So I agree with the guy above saying this.
  5. Its not gender politics its about realism. If 1% of coaches are female, well let the game generate 1% newgens that are female as well. Simple as that. So you dont care, but you dont want it? So you care? Weird conclusion.
  6. So im crazy for trying weird stuff and "surprising" my AI managers? Maybe I overestimate AI managers...
  7. Or what about Karius in a champions league final...
  8. Obviously frustrated and reacting emotionally from OP. Blunders will happen in real life and so do they happen in FM. Unless this is happening every game, stop complaning.
  9. Finally someone with examples and proper proof. Do you have more examples of this other than this one occassion? Also as for the crossing, I suspect two things. None of your midfielders try to get in the box. Only the BBM will do it on late occasions. So not a lot of players in the box other than Martial/Lukaku often. Also your wing backs, none are on attack so they wont get forward fast. So what happens is your attack will fall still a bit and players will attempt to cross as their last hope. If you have more movement between the midfield and maybe a wing back, you can stretch your opponents open, create space and hopefully create more kind of chances instead of crosses.
  10. What issues do you have with the ME? Also as a programmer Im pretty sure this is impossible. The ME is a lot of logic that affects more than just the simulation during a game. For example, morale is something that is also seen "outside" of the match you watch. It becomes a pretty complicated task with player interactions and so on that all have changed during the years as well.
  11. Once again, you fail to understand what I am saying. I am not the one with claims, that is you. Yet you keep bringing up that I have to prove stuff, but I have not done a single claim about the ME, you can scroll up and read that. The continuation of mocking me and throwing names on me just shows to me that you are frustrated and not willing to discuss this properly. Come back when you are calm.
  12. Most of the things you show I cannot read nor can Google translate give me a complete picture with proper context. Putting in effort to show something is different from putting in the correct effort. Once again personal attacks and you not understanding what I said. Putting the burden of proof on me while you are the one with the claims as well. There is nothing to argue to begin with if you start like that. If you dont like the game, provide constructive criticism that we can understand or dont buy the game. As simple as that. Coming to the forums to complain and act like SI put out a beta product every year is just childish nonsense and personally insulting/mocking/attacking other forum members is no go.
  13. You completely didnt read my post. How can you go over such a rant when you didnt even bother reading my post? Also if you think it is broken. Show me your test. Give them right now. If it is indeed so broken as you claim, everyone here will agree with you. Once again, no outliers, but multiple seasons in multiple leagues of the problems you think are a problem. Less complaining, more proofs pls. I will already give you a hint, if things you claim are so broken we wouldnt have thousands of players and even professional players play this game. Or are you going to tell me that profesional players dont understand the game and what they see? Constructive criticism is a thing and people like you are completely ignoring it. Also personally attacking me as an argument. I know some people on these forums are young, but stuff like this completely gives it away.
  14. I play many other games. Feedback from the game developer is already something. Ever played csgo? Just today this happend. 1. Valve acknowledge a broken exploit that caused players to obtain game breaking bugs and lower their game score (used for matchmaking). 2. They fix this exploit and break another game mechanic. 3. They fix this game mechanic and break yet another game mechanic. Valve have a beta server for csgo, but barely use it and they barely ever communicate anything to players. They will push a game changing update in the middle of the biggest csgo prizepool tournament, without rollback, forcing the update and not say a single thing. People seriously dont understand how good SI are in comparison to other game makers. Imagine SI breaking a ME part today in an update and just not caring. Thats what happened in csgo today. It will be fixed eventually, but it seems like Valve dont test anything. As for fixing bugs, as a programmer, I can tell you its not always as easy as you think it is. You can spend a whole week with a team fixing a certain problem, only for new problems to come up and problems only happening on certain setups. FM most likely has million lines of code and a lot of mechanics that interact with each other. This is not something you easily check, fix, test and push out.
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