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  1. I dont doubt you know your tactics and perhaps you are an experiencecd player, but this is highly unrealistic and shouldnt happen. If people want the ME to be realistic, this wouldnt be possible.
  2. I would be honestly surprised if SI really have it that bad like you make it sound. This is a game that is released yearly and regularly reaches steam numbers that triple AAA games dont reach. It also releases on Nintendo Switch and mobiles where it is a top selling game despite being one of the most expensive games out there on phone. There is no proper competition as well. Not on PC and not on mobiles. I would be surprised if SI struggle to make ends. My argument was also focused on just the hours argument. Oh come on. I dont know where you see this, but on steam its full price as on many other sites right now (if theres no special deal going on). https://isthereanydeal.com/game/footballmanagerii0ii0/info/ I agree, but I didnt say anything about this. I just meant it as someone said "which game other than FM has this much value" so I pointed out some other games have value too. And many dont play it as hardcore or as serious and wouldnt care much more. Thats also a thing.
  3. I upvoted both because I agreed with the sentiment of both. You can understand people not being happy paying for a full price game yet developement post release is abandoned that quickly (<1 year compared to other big games) despite (acknowledged) issues being present in the game. Thats not normal for most games and although it happens more in the game industry, its not something to be happy with. I also realise SI have no magic stick to just magically fix the issues. I also agree with @SebastianRO as it does sound a bit deja vu. We all know SI cant put all year effort in FM 2020 after its released, but thats something we already know dont we? And honestly I think they do, but they would do even better work with a proper competitor. There are just some things that have been way to stale in the game for way to long. I dont think that needs to be said again. The most played games in the world are free ones with a huge replayability factor, so although I agree FM is excellent value, your argument doesnt really hold up with current popular games on PC (Lol, dota, csgo, fortnite, just some examples).
  4. Not sure if this is serious. Do you seriously think UI is worse than decades ago and thats because of "the smartphone generation" or "wimps". And do you also think this relates to FM and the UI back in the day was better than now? Also implying FM has "wimps" and "smartphone generation" people behind their UI design? Instead of people who have serious degrees? Also not sure what the touchscreen comment is supposed to be. That would only improve usability if thats the thought process (not like it is and definitely not relevant to FM). Small phones have a lot less screen estate and it needs to be used efficiently.
  5. On the other hand, they are customers, not testers so its not that unexpected. Why should paid customers test a game that still has issues in January? Shouldnt they have a working product and not be beta testers in January? I can understand people not so happy about this situation. Also, maybe it would be easier to report bugs if they could do it in game with a single click. The current bug reporting process is not that modern tbh.
  6. Someone should run a few seasons simulated and check out goalscorers. If clear cut chances are improved maybe we could see more realistic goals for topscorers. https://community.sigames.com/topic/510230-european-golden-shoe-post-your-results/
  7. A niche product isnt a top 10 played game where even older versions consistently beat out triple AAA games. Is the userbase small compared to the amount of football lovers? Yes, but why would that make a product with consistent 70k players concurrently every day of the week a "niche" product? The game is huge, top 10 in PC games on steam and consistently sells every year despite being a yearly game instead of long developements like some other franchises. The game is small compared to Fifa or whatever, but far from "niche" in the grand scheme of things. If a game that sells millions, has multiple versions for PC, phone, Nintendo Switch and manages to sell millions every year then how is it "niche"?
  8. I already said it before. Even with these minimum specs, you can do better. Just look at the old Fifa/PES games. They had better graphics than we have now despite being decades older. This if fifa 06 from 15 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9PFWvMGMGM You cant tell me something like this doesnt look much more smooth in terms of animations for example. This game also had much bigger crowds and online gameplay against each other. https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/fifa-06/10544 The min specs are also a lot lower than FM. The graphics of FM are just heavily outdated to the point that mobile phones with less power can outperform it. If we want to attract a more modern crowd, the graphics need to be better. They can be better even at this level.
  9. Fair enough, but I can't go on EA's forum or Konami and do that. They would laugh at me and continue their gambling abuse that's FIFA/PES. My statement was more of a general sentiment of a little frustrated times. Huh ok. Misremembered that email I guess.
  10. I've argued before for a "feedback on moderation" thread somewhere on this forum. The mods have pointed me out to sega's email which obviously isn't direct enough and sega most likely have much more to look at. I still see no reason why we can't have that on the same forum like many other forums do. I've had a perfectly valid opinion removed and on the same page there was a meme. Ok sure then... I still argue FM need a competitor to shake things up. Yup and the already later than usual release date this year along with a game breaking bug just tells me the game feels rushed. I say "feels" because maybe it wasn't and they made a genuine mistake. Still doesn't help the game. The game wouldn't suffer if SI took another extra month. Release in December with all bugs fixed. There's no competitor on the market anyways. Who doesn't want a working game, albeit a bit later?
  11. I mean those sites technically do make money from it. Graphics packs are popular and lead to clicks. Which leads to ad money or anything else. It's indirect, but graphics pack do generate money for those sites. There's no way around it. I'm still willing to pay a bit more for an official solution from SI. Some of these packs aren't well done/hard to install/hard to download and the amateur modding community is great, but SI would do a better job.
  12. Im not sure why you call it nonsense. Copyright laws make a lot of sense. Just because we want to play our video game with logos doesnt mean we should call it nonsense that copyright laws exist. Not every club makes millions in profit. Many small clubs out there wouldnt like people making money off their backs just for the sake of a video game at the end of the day.
  13. Oh I just meant future of franchise as in for modding perspectives. Would be a shame if graphics were gone in some way. Hence why I tagged sortitousi in my post yesterday to know the situation on it. Yeah I think thats the issue. As a programmer I dont think the programming part would be hard, but you need to get the correct logos from everywhere on the internet. Which wont simply always be [team/league/cup] + [logo] on google.
  14. Their behaviour corrected? Afaik they are in their legal right (as discussed here) to complain about the sites uploading copyrighted material that is not theirs. Im just wondering what happened after only FMSCOUT seems to have been taken down. Despite two other sites (maybe more?) reacting to it as well. So what has happened in the meantime? Is it solved? Did they get an answer? Is it ok? Would like to know just for the sake of the future of this franchise.
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