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  2. Yes i know it is not an exact answer, but i am more curious to see others opinion on how they set the amount of leagues depending in what nation they play and what other nations do they decide to select as playable to get the optimal experience as game speed and number o players...
  3. It was your post that got things changed. You originally mentioned Gibraltar as an official SI add on, but the only one I've seen either in GD or Steam is Canada. Is Canada the only one, or do you have a link to an official Gibraltar one? If it's only Canada I could clarify that in the original post. I'd have thought that Gibraltar would be too much of a hot potato, although better than Tibet I suppose.
  4. I'm not sure they can. I was looking at this issue myself and couldn't come up with a solution. The workaround I came up with is the picture that is show. I'm sure you could put a generic stadium pic somewhere in the graphics folder and change the code to point it there.
  5. And if i want to play just in England should i set any other league as playable? Does it help?
  6. Leagues... the premier league down to league one is 3 leagues for example... At the end of the day, there is no right answer, its down to how you judge the game speed... test it out.
  7. This is my first year making the jump from FMMobile to the PC Version, and I am very much loving this DB. Thanks for all the effort you are putting into it!
  8. 30 leagues or 30 nations? As playable i assume...
  9. The board have their onw expectations and feelings on player signings... and no it won't have any effect on how the player develops, unless the player becomes massively unhappy.
  10. The public beta is there as an opt in option in order for SI to stress test the changes they have made on the match engine... to do this fully, they put it out on the full fat version.. I wouldn't personally be expecting the update until it releases fully, for real.
  11. Yes, but the fact that they are upset could influence somehow that player's evolution? Or even the board happiness?
  12. On paper, with back-to-back defeats, January looks poor but the Bremen defeat felt like robbery and I thought we deserved something against Monchengladbach too but we still lead the league by 7 points, so as long as we don't have an extended run of bad results, we should be fine
  13. Just startet a save with toons I will go for a 4-3-3 with 2 wings from the start, over time i hope to move the dmc/dlp to a ap/ss. When i look at the team i did see alot off dead wood so i sold alot out: F.Fernadez (8.25 mil), Saivet (3.25 mil), Manquillo (2.7mil), Ki Sung ( 7.25 mil), Dummett (14.5 mil), Atsu ( 6.25 mil) and Yannick for 3 mil up front and 2 mil in future fees. Loan out with a fee Elliot, Sterry and Colback ( that ***** did turn down stoke and the 3 mil bid, just for then grumble about transfer listed) Playerns in: Dominik Szoboszlai 15 mil, Orgunene 9.5 mil, Cabral 8.5 mil, Nouri 6.5 mil, Doku 3.5 ( 10 mil in future fees) and Vignato 5.5 (loaned back for 1 season) Did call back woodman do to injurys for both Darlow and Dubravka. Future plans for January is: Darlow out. Clark or Lejeune out when Orgunene is played in. Yedlin out, hoping for Dest (from ajax). Muto and maybe Jonjo out. Lookman and Biilingham to replace them. Last a new striker for Gayle: Mitrovic, haaland and Osimhen are the top3 targets for that spot. First match away 6-3... vardy had a party.... the few postive stof from that match was Jolinto, almiron and S.Longstaff did hit the back off the net and Onguene did play a good game when sub on.
  14. Just like real life... some fans will talk sense, some fans will talk complete rubbish... Mostly comes down to reputation, buying an unknown player will almost always result in fans being annoyed or upset, but that doesn't mean the player is bad..
  15. Is there a bug in FM? Been like this for a few editions now, when I go to the game status the power scheme always says 'Balanced'. It was like this with my old desktop and now my new one too, I have power settings set to 'High performance' in Windows btw.
  16. 68:29 Keeper doesn't even attempt to do anything just stands and hovers about whilst he concedes a goal. Napoli v Juventus.pkm
  17. Do fans reaction counts when signing a new player? Especially when i want to sign a player without scouting him but if i see it has good stats and it looks better than my actual players, but the fans are disappointed (C, D,E)....Should i sign it anyway or somehow i should consider that fans reaction says something about the quality of that player? Or how it works in this case?
  18. That is related to licensing, so unfortunately for you, not allowed to be discussed.
  19. Good calls. @CTxCB you might want to test that theory. If it turns out that is the problem, make sure to log a bug. I am working on some stuff, so no time to look at untill the weekend.
  20. Ahh thats a fairly decent cpu... you'll find loading 25-30 leagues and a 100k database pretty easy i would have thought
  21. I am enjoying this beta. - Long balls are not so frequent anymore. - Attack moves are better worked out now. - I saw some things I didn't see in 20.2.3, such as 1-2 in depth. - Players follow instructions more precisely now but can still improve. I will continue testing, but so far is very good.
  22. No, the public beta update doesn't impact the editor, as the beta contains no update for the editor. It will mean though an update on the game is coming, but I don't know if that update will include one for the editor as well. We are mere mods and don't have the inside on SI's release plans. But I am hoping for an editor update just as hard as you are.
  23. 1st SEASON 2019 So Blaze joined Lokomotiv Gomel toward the end of the season, with 4 games left and the club in 14th (15 teams in the division bottom team relegated). The squad is made up of woeful footballers, very small with several key positions not covered, due to this Blaze fielded teams with excess of 5 centre backs in the starting line up, a back 4 of centre backs and some times two holding midfielders who are also centre backs. All 4 games were defeats, a 3-0 loss to Slonim, a 3-0 loss to Naftan, a 3-1 loss to league winner Smolevichi and a 6-1 humiliation at the hands of Rukh. Lucky enough Gomel avoided relegation only because Baranovichi are even more hopeless. Tactic being used is aimple 4-4-2, calling it simple is understatement. It consists of simple roles and no PI or TI because the players are so bad they cant be trusted to do anything. Update for 2020 season with Lokomotiv Gomel due, the 2020 Blaze will have a full transfer window to work with and a pre season to attempt to make a team that will be competitive in the Belarusian first league.
  24. Played Newport in the FA Cup 2nd round, they are 2 Divisions higher and beat them even though i had a player sent off. We are going to win the Cup!!! LOL
  25. Worth uploading a save with a season played at least if you think you have an issue. But our stats consistently show injuries being around 80% of real life levels, so I'd be surprised if you're getting anywhere near that.
  26. System Manufacturer: LENOVO System Model: 80WK BIOS: 4KCN27WW (type: UEFI) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 8068MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 12 Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: GeForce GTX 1050 SSD hard disk of 500GB
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