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Promoted after first season as Norwich... need to improve most players


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I relied on loans last season but now most of them have gone back so this is all I have:

GK: Marshall/Nelson

LB: Drury

CB: Matías Lequi/Dejan Stefanovic

CB: Mark Beevers/Dejan Stefanovic

RB: Jon Otsemobor

DM: Mehdi Nafti/Seyfo Soley

MR: Croft/Bell/Ljungberg

ML: Hoolahan/Ljungberg

AMC: Bell/Hoolahan

ST: Robert Lewandowski

ST: ??????

That's all of my first team squad - pretty dire!!!

I haven't received my budget yet but I assume it won't be big.

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i would say make sure you get 2 good loanees again from top 4, look for players that have fallen out of favour and are in the reserves, i've got john obi mikel and carlos vela on season long loans before when i was in the same position as you.

basically just search the transfer list for bargains and look for some cheap young players from south america and that. You might wanna look through that thread on here for all championship teams, alot of players can make the step up.

be sure to tell us how you do

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Like already stated, I think loans will be the best way for you to go this season and then next season, if you survive, you can begin to look at bringing in players on a perminent basis.

Although, have a look around for some good young players, you should be able to pick up a fair few that should hopefully turn out as Premier League standard in a few years.

Hop I helped.

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Leonardo and Vassell on frees, Insua and Evans on free loans (season long), Lillo for 475k fee loan for season. Makukula for 375k and Hull's Giovanni for 2.7mil. Also have 2 more million to spend as sold the rubbish Hoolahan for 2m!

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Hmmm im in first season but think vasco regini at LB would be decent dont know how much he will cost...definatly one for the future...

have a look at Adriano of Porto too he is up for sale in first season at the start for 450k...maybe worth a look as he might not have moved

Good luck and well done for that 2mill :)

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vassell isnt going to be doing great for you... maybe have a look for Luciano Civelli his stats are reasonable and he wont cost too much fairly consistant and he will also give cover for lb over drury.

I fear you missed a large amount of money letting lappin leave for free. At the beginning of the first season you can get 1.3mill for him do to him being very overrated and the fact he is incredibly popular by other clubs im sure if you stick with him throughout the season you could potentially still have got that if not more, but nevermind.

Have a look at Alain Nef he will be decent cover for RB and not cost much, speed isnt on his side lol but he will be consistant and do a decent job.

Cédric Cambon is a centre half who is pretty cheap and very consistant (7.28) He will replace beevers in my opinion.

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