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  1. Mr Versatile

    I don't really have anything to contribute to this thread, but it made me (and I'm sure many others!) think of the one and only: Sindre Loe Bing, The original Mr.Versatile
  2. If money were no object, then I also would have an FM room, complete with a double bed, 50 inch TV, fridge, freezer and microwave, as well as a super fast broadband connection. There would also be multiple comfy chairs and seats with numerous top of the range laptops for friends to come round for the ultimate FM network game. This would be complete with the room being decorated as a dugout in a stadium, but instead of pictures, there would be my own personal screenshots on the walls to celebrate all of my accomplishments over the years on football manager *goes to buy a lottery ticket.....*
  3. FM10 - Lesbeavinyou! The Norwich City Thread

    It's great to see lots of people taking their first FM10 careers with the canaries! and thanks to Lincolncanary for this amazing OP and starting this thread. 10 games into my season, im not doing too well, sitting mid table and i keep drawing games. I was trying to bring my successful 4-2-3-1 from fm09 to fm10, but that hasn't worked so im going for a basic 4-4-2. I am interested to know if people are playing with a target man/ playmaker, which i assume would be Holt/ Hoolahan. I managed to get man city as a parent club who kindly sent me Vladimir Weiss who looks excellent. And i was amazed when Sol Campbell accepted me over portsmouth and newcastle! i wasn't planning on signing him after i had pele and soley but how could i not! I also thought that askou was a better version of doherty so he had to go, i am trying to sell jamie cureton without luck, and im keeping hold of lappin for now. Transfers out: Gary Doherty (100k) to doncaster Transfers in: ( free unless stated) Jean-Joel Perrier-Doumbe D/WB RL Andrea Orlandi AMRL (240k) Pele DC/DM/MC Seyfo Soley DC/DM/MC Sol Campbell DC Jose Baxter AMRC/FC (season long loan) Vladimir Weiss AMRC (season long loan) Rhys Murphy ST (3 months loan) Jay Emmanuel-Thomas DC/DM/MLC (3 month loan) good luck to everyone else and OTBC!
  4. 2010 skin with Continue top left?

    i agree it can be a bit annoying, using shortcuts on your keyboard could help, space bar to continue and i believe f4 goes to next unread new message, this helps me alot!
  5. im at 23 days, and the scary thing is, i reckon i am physically at my computer playing on it for at least 50 % of that time, which makes me feel unbelievably sad, got a great game going tho (Y)
  6. i always have but it does seem to make sense not to and i may consider disabling them for my first game on fm10 (Y)
  7. Most Succesful Strike Pairing??

    Miroslav Klose and Thierry Henry on fm06 (i think). Klose set as target man set to head, his flick ons for henry to run onto and score, they each got 67 in the same season, good memories
  8. Man. City Chairman

    Any one else had the man city chairman sell someone above your head? madrid bid 45 million for tevez second season, i would of accepted but he did anyway! most bizzarre
  9. ive had sergio aguero go from a wonderkid to a world class forward to a legendary forward, back to a word class forward which was a bit weird then he retired.
  10. is it possible for this to happen with someone who you have made into a legend at a club? for example, if you sign someone in the first year, and 10 or whatever years later he is a legend and finally retires, has anyone been able to retire his number? would be nice to know that you could but i guess if you change numbers throughout a career it loses meaning.
  11. argentina or brazil

    I like to manage as many great players as i can, and now you get a chance to manage messi, aguero, tevez etc argentina
  12. I have never seen it, but i would like to, everyone has one seen that they are drawing the same team year after year in the cup or being close to them in the league, would be nice to see the game recognise that in rivalry and in press confrences (not that i usually attend)
  13. FM 09 - Best Central Midfielder

    joao moutinho
  14. You're in the game

    George Creasy Hull City Central Defence
  15. [FM09] Best Of British.

    great job on finishing second i really like the layout and it makes for a great read keep up the good work mon you druids