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  1. FM10: Macaualey Chrisantus

    i get scared when i see 8-13 for most of his stats. Okay i agree the ones which are high are in decent places... Finishing, Composure, Pace, Acceleration, Off the ball and Dribbling. But that work rate and determination would fail to make me want to sign him... However i do like to buy cheap sell high and he is one of those that could be used for that if you have the pot to start with...thats if he doesnt end up breaking into your first team by scoring tonnes haha
  2. FM10: Macaualey Chrisantus

    Just imo there would be better players even after his development...and if you were a big team it would make sense to have someone else? To me he looks a good player but expensive in terms of stats... id expect low/mid prem striker... and thinking for his price i could find better... Might try him though to see how he does
  3. FM10: Macaualey Chrisantus

    Haha, damn i used to always get him on a free on 08 and 09 haha. Used to join (norwich championship) and be valued immediatly at £2mil... never got very good though and couldnt break into the team even though he was worth the most... Looks a handy boy when hes 25 though! How much can you get him for at the start though? 2mil is quite high to have to wait for him no?!
  4. FM10: Sergio Canales

    He seems pretty decent, whats his right foot like? and Snoop Robbie Rob reckon he should be able to be trained on left as he is left footed... looks handy and probably a steal at around 2million haha
  5. FM10 - Lesbeavinyou! The Norwich City Thread

    Hey guys! Glad to see people still playing the yellow and green! Unfortunatly a big fish in little pond haha. My computer's motherboard has been fried for about 8months and mostly laziness on my part has had me not send it back but i got bought the game for my birthday on 10th dec and i havnt been able to pla it so i thought i'd give the Lincolncanary thread a barn to see whats happening in game for when i get round to sending my computer back... Its kind of spurred me on a bit as i really really really want to play. So yeah i may contribute here in a month or two haha...but oh how i wish it was sooner... Sorry for not contributing in such a long time!
  6. Being a norwich supporter im going to have to say im interested in what has happened to the youth players who were RUBBISH at best in 09 and are now 1st team regulars... Korey Smith Declan Rudd (already u19 international and seems to have found himself no1 spot at carrow road) Adeyemi Luke Daley etc etc... What ages are they cutting youths off at? ^ Declan Rudd is said to be better than Joe Lewis of peterborough but Jed Steer is said to be showing massive potential...at 15 16 i think?
  7. Alex Maranhão

    Certain things in my game have made me think he may be useful for Flamengo...that passing, shooting, dribbling, first touch, flair and technique for 190k bargain
  8. New Stadium

    Haha who knows...hopefully if norwich in my save get a new stadium they shall call it the Nigel worthington stadium haha or one better Iwan Roberts stadium LMAO
  9. New Stadium

    Coppell may have just died...and therefore a fitting tribute I dunno... Id have named it after andy johnson...for having a beasty goal tally when palace got promoted a few years ago haha
  10. Esteban Granero

    Yeah he becomes a bit of a beast if i remember correctly... Or it might be a case that Real bought him for large amount on one of my saves :S
  11. Sergio Floccari

    He looks decent on the screenie... On mine he is mid/low prem... and to be perfectly honest...i wouldnt get him based on his age... i like 'em young (please dont take this in a sick way haha)
  12. New Stadium

    They wouldnt name it after you if you were still there though...if you think about it... You can be the best manager in the world for 10years...if you then had 2 bad seasons...you would get sacked... Then they would have been gutted they named the ground after someone who had "lost it"
  13. Gaby Mudingayi - the new VDB?

    Juan manuel torres is a beast...go for torres over mudingayi...cheaper too!
  14. lol the fact hes only a striker is laughable^^
  15. What to do now....

    Doesnt that defeat the object of moving if you take your favourite players? Id want something new... new players, (maybe people i wouldnt have thought of trying) new goals.... Thats probably why i moved on my save norwich to flamengo.... Hows it going with city though?!