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[FM20] The year is 1988, and we're taking a peak behind the curtain.

Makoto Nakamura

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2027/28 End of Season Review




The win away to Industriali Lac sealed it for us five points clear and sixteen clear of Vilaznia Shkoder! As well as this we may have needed a replay but after a great 20 minutes we won 4-1, treble winners!




Overall Best XI


2027/28 Best XI


Reto Luterbach

Leonardo Maloku - Florian Hoxa - Herdi Prenga - Samir Hoxha

Arber Mehmetllari - Burim Djemalli - Vesel Sulejmani - Elvi Berisha

Graziano Ndoj - Aldo Jusufi


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2028/29 End of Season Review




Our best season so far! We have yet another Cup win as well which came as a surprise after we had a man sent off in the 40th minute...and a 2nd sent off in the 52nd minute! :lol:




The best Albanian manager! :D 




Overall Best XI


2028/29 Best XI


Spartak Kaja

Gentian Hida - Florian Hoxa - Erand Osmani - Albion Krasniqi

Arber Mehmetllari - Agon Berisha - Vesel Sulejmani - Elvi Berisha

Graziano Ndoj - Aldo Jusufi


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Starting this I had every intention of it being a one-club save, now here we are, 10 seasons on, as the best manager in Albania and now managing in East Germany.

File:Historical Logo SG Dynamo Dresden (1968-90).png


BFC Dynamo stood out among other clubs within SV Dynamo. The club was located at the frontline of the Cold war and was a representative of the capital of East Germany. This meant that the club had to be well equipped. BFC Dynamo was considered the favorite club of the president of SV Dynamo and the head of the Stasi Erich Mielke. Under the patronage of Erich Mielke and the Stasi, BFC Dynamo would get access to the best training facilities, equipment, coaching staff and talents.

East German football had generally been set up in favour of the designated football clubs (FC), who had access to talents within designated areas. Dynamo Dresden was a center of excellence in Bezirk Dresden, which meant that the club had privileged access to talents in the whole regional district. However, BFC Dynamo would be able to draw on talents from all parts of East Germany, except Bezirk Dresden. The club benefited from a nation-wide scouting network, which included numerous training centers (TZ) of SV Dynamo. BFC Dynamo would have the best material conditions in the league and the best team by far. BFC Dynamo won ten consecutive titles, from 1979 to 1988. Of all clubs, Dynamo Dresden were the most affected by their success, finishing runners-up on six occasions.

However, Dynamo Dresden also had its patrons. According to Hans-Jürgen Dörner, the club was helped to remain a top club by three local politicians. One of them was Hans Modrow, long time SED First secretary in Bezirk Dresden. And another one was Manfred Scheler, the head of the Regional Council, who was active in using his connections to provide players with shortage goods and services, such as a cars and apartments. The club also benefited from support by Stasi Major General Horst Böhm, the Head of the Regional Administration of the Stasi in Dresden, who took involvement in the appointment and dismissal of trainers and the contracts of players. According to Hans-Jürgen Dörner, Horst Böhm put local patriotism first in the rivalry with BFC Dynamo. And the rivalry between fans of the two Dynamo clubs even spread to members of Stasi's own units in Dresden.

Walter Fritzsch had retired in 1978, and was succeeded by Gerhard Prautzsch, who was in turn followed by former players Klaus Sammer (1983–86), Eduard Geyer (1986–90) and Reinhard Häfner (1990–91). The star players of the 1970 were replaced by a new generation, including Torsten Gütschow, Ulf Kirsten, Matthias Sammer, and Andreas Trautmann, although the club lost three key players in 1981: Gerd Weber, who along with teammates Peter Kotte and Matthias Müller had been offered a lucrative contract with 1. FC Köln, intended to flee to the West while in Udine for national team match against Italy in April 1981. The Stasi somehow got wind of this plan, and in January 1981 the three players were arrested at Schönefeld Airport, from where the national team was about depart for Argentina, and banned for life from the DDR-Oberliga. Weber was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Kotte and Müller, who had decided to stay in Dresden, were nonetheless punished for their knowledge of Weber's plans. Dynamo Dresden managed to win the FDGB-Pokal three times (1982 and 1984, 1985).

During the 1980s, the club continued to be a regular participant in European football, generally earning respectable results. In the 1985–86 Cup Winners' Cup, however, they were on the receiving end of a shocking defeat against Bayer Uerdingen of West Germany: having won the first leg 2–0, they were 3–1 up at half-time in the second leg, when goalkeeper Bernd Jakubowski was injured by Uerdingen's Wolfgang Funkel. Debutant Jens Ramme was introduced, and proceeded to let in six goals, as the team lost 7–3. In addition to this, striker Frank Lippmann took the opportunity of the match in Krefeld to escape to the west. Dynamo recorded their best ever European performance in the 1988–89 UEFA Cup, beating AS Roma on the way to a semi-final defeat against VfB Stuttgart.




A massive stadium and a club with a lot of history and great facilities!



There's no reserve or youth team here.





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August 2029



Not the worst start but we've already played, and lost to our title rivals away from home, I'm hoping this won't affect us too much as I feel that the pressure will be on very early on. :lol:


Two more leave us.


And we have no chance of progressing here.

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2029/30 End of Season Review



After a slightly rocky start we flew to a title and cup win, hopefully we can carry this through to next season!






Overall Best XI


2029/30 Best XI


Tim Schreiber

Holger Schmidt - Ricardo Michael - Jannis Lang - Dominik Franke

Erik Tallig - Sven Hesse - Dennis Borkowski - Oliver Jurgensen

Matthias Blahser - Florian Kruger


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