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Scoring from Set Peices

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I"m having the most difficult time scoring from set plays. I've tried Zagadou and Hummels at the near post. Haaland and Isak at the far post. Nothing. I consider myself lucky if I even win a header for a shot on goal. Guerreiro and Reus usually taking the free kicks with a mixture of other players with highly rated crossing, 

I don't usually concede unless the game bugs out and either puts two players defending the far post or no one at the near post (I'm not complaining about the bug more just annoying if I don't catch it). So I'm clearly capable enough in the air to not give away goals. If anyone has any tips on being more dangerous from set plays it'd be a big help.

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Tall players and best headers: lurk near, attack near post, strong player guards GK, two forwards attack far and stand at far post. One midfielder lurks outside, more aggressive one attacks from deep. 2 players stay back, usually fullbacks. Corner is aimed at near post.



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I noticed that opponents are figuring it out your set pieces strategy, usually after 10-15 matches (the exact time depends). So it may be nice to have two separate strategies and switch among them from time to time.

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