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  1. Hey thanks for all suggestions. Yup, it seems that playing too narrow had a negative effect on AMC's involvement. Playing att.midf(a) currently, will see how it goes.
  2. Also, both of my AMCs are pretty generic, good dribblers and passers, without conflicting PPMs.
  3. Ok, I would say he is just passenger during game, I see him defending but in attack he doesnt score or assist, tried attacking midfielder role (support and attack) and still he gets skipped during game. I dont know, maybe my system is too focused on wingplay. My main scorer is WM(a) and most assist come from WB(a), but AMC just doesnt play part during offense.
  4. Hi, I've been trying to replicate Klopp's 4411 in FM 15 and now in FM 16 and had success, but one thing that I cannot get right is AMC position, it is the most "skipped" player in this formation. Does anybody have any suggestion how to get AMC more involved? As HoG says about 4411 ""The quality of the attacking midfielder will have a massive influence on how the system plays out." but I just can't get him involved. 4411 Standard mentality Fluid Tight mark, Offside, Be more disciplined, Stick to positions, Play narrower, Prevent GK distrib. GK WB(s) - stay wider DC DC WB(a) - stay wider WM(a) - sit narrower, cut inside, dribble more, close down m.more MC(d) - tackle harder MC(s) - hold position WM(s) - sit narrower, close down m.more AMC(s) ? DLF(s) - hold position, close down m.more Any thoughts about AMC role? I'm thinking about Adv.Playmaker(a)? Any player instructions? Just cant get this position right and it should be main thing about this tactic. Thanks, sorry for any grammar mistakes.
  5. Hm...not sure that it is any difference if you max out match prep or just change it on match day. I think only time you should max out match prep is when you are training tactics or team building, otherwise it doesnt matter. At least, that's the way I always played.
  6. Agreed. Started in irish first division with the lowest possible tempo, was success. Now playing in russian premier devision, higher quality football, my tempo is "normal". If your players start to get "robbed" on regular basis then you know you should up the tempo. Just my 2c.
  7. They don't have to but most of the time wage demands take into consideration what they currently earn. I'm trying to recall if it happened that some player made a massive jump like that, I think it is extremely rare and if it would happen all the time, I would call it a "bug" because it is not very realistic.
  8. What a great regen. Offer him to clubs without asking compensation or wage contribution and only accept if they offer him "first team player status" or higher and also, he has to have "Terminate loan" clause. If there arent any interested clubs, send him to affiliate, if you dont have any good affiliates, keep him in U19. That's basically what I would do.
  9. From 1.5 to 325k is indeed massive jump, I've never experienced something like that. Maybe it is a rare thing, but I agree it is too much.
  10. Narrow to press and lower tempo doesnt mean that you're going to play slow, just tone it down to acceptable level.
  11. Any suggestions for a desktop computer? Budget between 800-1000€. I'm totally out of loop with new configurations. I will only play FM with 3d matches. Moved to Ireland recently and looking for a good place to buy. Thanks.
  12. Hey! I'm looking to buy desktop PC with budget around 500€-600€, I plan to only play FM on it. Recently moved to Ireland, so any advice where/what would be the best buy. I feel totally out of loop with new configurations, makes me feel old. P.S. Would like to be able to view matches in 3d. Thanks!
  13. Depending what antivirus program you have, add exception for fm.exe. For example, Microsoft S.E. have it under settings - Excluded processes. If that doesnt work, try changing rendering in FM preferences to software.
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