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  1. Great job, was using something similar but yours is way advanced so I'm switching. Thanks
  2. Same thing happens when you sign a player for free but suddenly he stays because club had a option for another year in contract. Happened to me alot of times.
  3. Come to think of it, if you get promoted that player will stay for another year. Otherwise, clause makes no sense. Yeah, i definitely changed my mind. Please post what happens.
  4. He's leaving. First condition (ability to leave) is already fulfilled so IMO he's out and new contract is already signed, it just has delayed start.
  5. Try changing hardware acceleration in graphics - preferences. I remember this problem in FM 2017 or something.
  6. Custom skins or logos? Try clearing cache. Or exit to Windows and reload.
  7. Thanks for this information because I really want to start new (and only) save. Is there a way to get official confirmation? I'd hate to have game changed in a month, don't care about transfers.
  8. Are we waiting for few days or middle of March? I know it's annoying question, I'm just impatient 😅
  9. Usually "local" businessman or your directors will help you out. With good transfer policy you'll be soon in green.
  10. Hi, as the title says for some reason I cant delegate shouts, I tried different coaches and assistant manager in Staff responsibilities, for some reason nothing is happening during match. Am I missing something? Also, delegated Tech director to hire some backroom staff for my 2nd team (Germany) doesn't do anything, slots are empty and its been like that for years. Is there a workaround? I know that sometimes, different delegations trigger these things. I'm playing FM 20. Thank you.
  11. Any suggestions for a desktop computer? Budget between 800-1000€. I'm totally out of loop with new configurations. I will only play FM with 3d matches. Moved to Ireland recently and looking for a good place to buy. Thanks.
  12. Hey! I'm looking to buy desktop PC with budget around 500€-600€, I plan to only play FM on it. Recently moved to Ireland, so any advice where/what would be the best buy. I feel totally out of loop with new configurations, makes me feel old. P.S. Would like to be able to view matches in 3d. Thanks!
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