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  1. Yeah basically once you've found talent it doesn't matter who's next scout to check him, he has information (videos etc). Usually I will have my 18+/18+ scout give me a "week report" once other scout get me to 100% knowledge in order to double check.
  2. No, try to scout for only a week and you'll see. Player knowledge is like a report card, nation knowledge is how precisely can he make report cards in that nation. What I'm saying, it's not dependant once you have that report card. Imagine having youtube videos, spreadsheets or whatever pro scouts are using.
  3. Yeah I know what you mean, but scouts "take over" knowledge so they won't start from scratch, even the worst scout will miss by a half a star, it's not like they fail completely. Also they don't travel around and stop scouting your region, I guess if they're far away they watch videos or something. At least that's how I observed it.
  4. You didn't. They're assigned randomly to scouting pool.
  5. LOE defines your block. And to have balanced compactness put DL one notch higher so low LOE + standard DL for example. Of course, you can play in the range but those are basic "rules" IMO.
  6. Hi. What would be the most effective way to recognize when AI is starting to press and play with high defensive line? I'm unable to recognize it everytime, usually if I'm leading I would go with more counter attacking tactic for last half an hour but sometimes AI just doesn't "chase" as you would think. Do you have any tips or clear signs that they're going with high defensive line? I'm watching with extended highlights and as I said it's not always clear. Thanks
  7. Great job, was using something similar but yours is way advanced so I'm switching. Thanks
  8. Same thing happens when you sign a player for free but suddenly he stays because club had a option for another year in contract. Happened to me alot of times.
  9. Come to think of it, if you get promoted that player will stay for another year. Otherwise, clause makes no sense. Yeah, i definitely changed my mind. Please post what happens.
  10. He's leaving. First condition (ability to leave) is already fulfilled so IMO he's out and new contract is already signed, it just has delayed start.
  11. Try changing hardware acceleration in graphics - preferences. I remember this problem in FM 2017 or something.
  12. Custom skins or logos? Try clearing cache. Or exit to Windows and reload.
  13. Thanks for this information because I really want to start new (and only) save. Is there a way to get official confirmation? I'd hate to have game changed in a month, don't care about transfers.
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