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  1. Does anyone know if this works the other way? I’ve noticed I’ve been conceding from corners all of a sudden. Counter goals from defending corners almost never happen either.
  2. IW(s) sometimes needs a stay wider PI's but could work fine without if you have a wide system.
  3. IW(s) Mez (a) IWB (s) This combo works really well on a fast paced possession based system as the IW and Mezzela interchange positions with the iwb showing for possession circulation. You can often play a right footed DLP on the left IWB position, as he will be great at switching play to the other flank.
  4. Hey Virgil. Really like the write up on rdftactics. I think you have combined the bielsa style and the match engine really well. I’m trying to download the tactic on steam but I unable to get the tactic to show up. Can u please tell me the pis when you get a chance?
  5. First of all, Love this post. Makes every game very exciting trying to try snd figure out how the opposition will attack you and tweaking the formation. Very interesting as always crusadertsar. So thanks for that. how do you analyse the opposition and look to counter a specific threat? I’m not finding the opposition team scout reports very useful. Some managers have specific attributes in their information page but a lot of the championship teams don’t have much info. how do you line up your 4312? I’m having a winger injury crisis right now so don’t have any to play lol.
  6. Tremendous write up. Looking forward to the next instalment. Always enjoy your tactical insight.
  7. this Bielsa tactic is the closest I’ve seen to it being recreated on fm 21. Even more than the in game Bielsa lol.
  8. This tactic. Wow. Brilliant recreation. Results are tremendous. Well done!
  9. These team instructions look very promising. Do you think the dlp and hb will demand the ball too often? Might slow down the transitions. Not sure if the game classes hb as playmakers. Also do you think klopp plays with a dlp? Is this with Thiago in irl possibly?
  10. I tested a few games with formation. It definitely is the closest to the real klopp shape on fm as you can get with and without possession but as you said it can lead to devastating counter attacks from both sides. Main issue defensively was actually the oppositions centre midfielders peeling wide and crossing it. Our midfielders and fullbacks get done by the overloads and the opposition midfielders just play beckham like crosses. Doesn’t seem to matter if the striker is marked or not. Wingers with narrow could be an interesting choice but they will defend pretty wide? As the narrow pic is only for when we have the ball.
  11. Any suggestions on how I can get the three forward players to work a little harder off the ball? They are rarely pressing and still have green stamina (if you get what that means) by the end of a match.
  12. Problem I am having with this is the left winger is dropping a little too deep for my liking. Overall play is very nice though.
  13. Haaland is an actual beast in this game. He’s like a cheat code. I tried to use him in a deep lying role but he’s just so effective when on the last man as a AF. He so great can score all types of goals.
  14. I can see what you are trying to do. This is similar to klopps secondary tactic he uses with salah as AF and firmino at cam. I have been finding that it’s easier to put the opponents back line under pressure with a 4231 rather than a 433 as the CAM starts higher up and is generally closer to the opponents deep lying playmaker.
  15. Interesting take. Do you think the defend wider will get the AF and f9 to defend the flanks a little better?
  16. This looks like a good start. Thank you! Do you think the DLP will become a ball magnet in the transitions?
  17. What roles/duties/team instructions would everyone use to recreate Klopp's Liverpool tactics in FM21? Has anyone had any success with this? Here are is my initial concept that has worked to a certain extent. The Roles and duties will be different irl but trying to get a tactic that can work on FM21. DLP(s) IF(a) IF(a) BBM BBM DM(d) WB(s) BPD(d) CD WB(s) SK(s) Mentality: Positive In possession: Pass into space low crosses work ball into box (Players were shooting from range too often) Be more expressive (to counter the negative impacts of using WBIB) Overlap Left/Overlap right (to push the IF into the half spaces more often) Higher Tempo (Extremely High tempo was too direct when playing Park the bus teams) Fairly Narrow In Transition: Counter Counter Press Out of Possession: Higher Defensive Line Much Higher line of Engagement More Urgent PIs: BBM (stay wider) have changed these roles against park the bus teams. Have used Mezzelas in certain circumstances against specific teams. Thoughts: - RB is probably a CWS but i find that with this current setup unless the CWS is a top player he is really wasteful in possession and also drifts inside too much. This could be because of the Be More expressive instruction too. - DM(d) i have found that having a player with playmaking player traits really helps the build up to the attacks. Not sure if this is the correct role though. - Striker should be false nine but was finding that he was being passed by in the build up. Not sure if this is because of the roam from position and BME team instructions. DLF(s) gets the ball to feet more often. Drop deeper payer Trait works a treat.
  18. Ah OK. That makes a lot of sense. Lower tempo + more direct passing seems to be the bus breaker doesn't it? Jose Juan Macias how much you pay?
  19. oh my word!! Tremendous result since they completely parked the bus.
  20. Brilliant post!! Excited to see how the Napoli game turns out. Not really on topic but how good is Resende?? He plays for Hertha Berlin in my save and has fired them to the top of the league. 27 goals in 24 games. Madness.
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