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  1. Ah OK. That makes a lot of sense. Lower tempo + more direct passing seems to be the bus breaker doesn't it? Jose Juan Macias how much you pay?
  2. oh my word!! Tremendous result since they completely parked the bus.
  3. Brilliant post!! Excited to see how the Napoli game turns out. Not really on topic but how good is Resende?? He plays for Hertha Berlin in my save and has fired them to the top of the league. 27 goals in 24 games. Madness.
  4. How did you get on with this playing style in your season? I am very interested in how you got on in Europe. This post is very well done. Thank you!!
  5. oh my word lol. Let us know how you get on!!! Bust the net did a video on recreating Marco Biesla tactics yesterday on youtube but I cant seem to find it now. The video shows how you can press really high while using specific man marking instructions. Very interesting. I tested against a few weak teams last night and their midfield could not make a pass.
  6. hansa rostock have good facilities? that sounds like a great save if they are in league3. I might jump on that bandwagon too lol. Hamburger SV looks like a really good potential save too.
  7. Thanks for your help. I cannot see the saves in that location. I can just make sure I use the PCs hard drive in the future. I have a response from Steam Cloud Support: Hello,I apologize for the delay. I understand that you are wanting to retrieve a Steam Cloud save for Football Manager 2020. I am happy to assist you with this issue to the best of my ability.Unfortunately, Steam Support is not able to rollback or restore any deleted or lost cloud saves as the Steam Cloud does not provide backups of previous versions of data stored in the Cloud or data that has been deleted from the Cloud.The Steam Cloud FAQ has more information on how the Steam Cloud works as well as a troubleshooting section that can help ensure that your machine is in a good state for any further usage of the Steam Cloud.Steam Support I knew it was a long shot but had to try. Thanks guys.
  8. Yeah for sure. I would love to be able to mastermind a pep-esc (man city pep) tactic but I don't think I understand it all enough lol. I usually start every save with the intention of playing that way, but I can never find the right balance. Either getting stung by a counter attack after dominating the game or just not creating enough chances. I usually use the positive version of that gegen tactic on hard away games, and i have a tweaked version that controls the game more against poor opposition but ive not tested it enough to know if its balanced enough yet. AZ is your hometown club? thats amazing! My AZ save was my best save ive ever had. Absolute loved it. I was about to buy a real AZ shirt lol. With a few tweaks that team can become a real force. Not many teams have four ready made tutors for the wonderkids. Rennes and Lille were on my shortlist for sure but I ended up starting with PSV. Thanks for your reccomends. I really enjoyed the dutch league. PSV's squad is terribly built unlike the AZ one but they have a way higher wage budget that almost put me off. Affelay only squad leader/captain with under 10 determination. Nearly stopped the save right there. Ive done my best to poach your players that I love (koopmeiners/wijndal/goudmijn) but the board are standing firm and wanting mega bucks. as they should!
  9. Against the massive teams like city. I have been using the positive gegenpressing tactic created on this page below. You will need at least 13 pace centre backs though as it uses a higher D line. Ive used this against man city on three occasions and they did not score once. The tactic created maybe 5 CCC in three games against them. I was AZ Alkmaar second season with only signing almada.
  10. Yeah it seems like something happened on the steam server. The PC did turn off, but I started the PC up and loaded the save maybe an hour or two before that day, so you would expect the save still to be there. Maybe it corrupted it or something. Cloud save does seem to be working fine on a different save.
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