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  1. I can imagine ajax will be playing against 11 players camped in the box for most of the season lolol
  2. Any PI's? I will test this in my second tactic slot. Does your RMD get space in behind with the higher line of engagement and prevent GK short dist?
  3. I seen someone have kenneh with 17 vision the other day. madness.
  4. It was on one of his Schalke streams. The most recent Schalke stream I think. He didn't use it but he loads the tactic to see if it fits his team. Its in here somewhere when he is choosing a tactic to use before first game.
  5. I had to screenshot it on my phone, so will type it out here: Mentality: Positive F9 IW(a) IF(a) Mez(s) AP(s) DM(d) FB(s) BPD(d) CD(d) IWB(s) Team Instructions: Shorter passing hit early crosses Pass into space POOD Low crosses Run at defense overlap left overlap right higher tempo Wide Dis to full back counter counter press defend narrower higher DL much higher LOE use offside trap. Split block using close down on front three and mezz. Not sure about PIs as he didnt say much about it. I think he will release the tactic soon, which he said on youtube.
  6. Do you know who rashidi is? He has made a tactic called molten which I got off his twitch video. It plays the way you want to play I believe. I’ve started the season with it yesterday, predicted 7th and won every game so far bar Liverpool at home which I was the way better team. I only have kasper dolberg up front and he has 7 goals out of 10 games being regularly subbed off for crutone. I can send a screen shot later if you are interested.
  7. Not sure about how you should change your tactic but I have been finding that your striker gets more scoring opportunities since the latest patch by using a higher tempo and hit early crosses. Wing play is sort of OP for me.
  8. BTW, your title of the post is hilarious. Also, try develop Kenneth as much as possible as he becomes absolute amazing. Alfie McCalmot also becomes great and can be sold for a hefty fee once he makes mid 20s. Not sure about bogusz, he never really developed for me (which was my bad).
  9. If you post your tactic in English, the tactician gurus will be able to help you. I am not one of them unfortunately. Without being able to read the tactic, you had great placement last season, and that comes with some negative effects. Teams will now treat you like a top 8 prem team when you may not have a squad with that ability. Especially when you have a board like leeds (im on my fifth season with leeds) that do not give you much funds for transfers. Teams also get used to your style of football and adjust accordingly, just like in real life. I had the same issue when I got sixth in my first season, I could no longer play attacking direct football as it was all too easy for the opposition when they sit back as I was now the favourite for most games. Again, without being able to read the tactic, it looks like you have too many team instructions.
  10. Defensively solid. Struggled to make any chances though. I’m unsure how to tweak so goijng to wait for you 😈
  11. Brilliant. You article writing skills are awesome. Because I built a team of total footballers using your Beisla tactic, I should be fine moving to this. Im going to test it this weekend.
  12. Is it ready yet? It’s like Christmas Day for me 😂😂 rashidi is also bringing out a new tactic today. Can’t wait lol. I’m in preseason eagerly waiting for what you come up with.
  13. Haha yeah first season aguero would be amazing. I’m gonna go on the hunt for one now!
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