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[FM2021] FMCU Wanderers - The Return (Youth Only Lower League)

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Season Preview


We are predicted way down in 22nd which really does show the current level of our players. We have over performed the last couple of seasons so lets hope another season of development can push us up that table.

Squad Depth

At the beginning of last season we had 11 players of 2 star CA or more. Out of those 11 four have left the club. Those being Lewington, Ellul, Hoyte and Corne (about to leave). Now lets have a look at the squad depth now and see if any of our youth players have hit that 2 star CA level.


In terms of our goalkeeper we currently have no one at 2 star CA and above although I can see that changing quite quickly this season with Holmes. In terms of defence were we lost 2 of our 2 star and above CA players we have now replaced those with 2 youngsters. Stevens and Moyo are now at that level with a lot of room to grow.


In terms of our midfield Amaluzor, Khan, Luque and Allen where all 2 stars or above last season. We have some additional players joining them. Forbes, Gumbs, Kouame and Duggan which is great to see. Some of those dont have much higher potential than 2 stars such as Forbes and Gumbs but they do provide much better squad depth than we had.


In terms of strikers we have Duggan joining them at 2 star and above although he doesn't have much higher potential than that. 

In terms of others that may come up to that level this season we have 4 players in Holmes, Maloney, Cinar and Dally who are currently sitting at 1.5 star current ability. Lets hope they can join next season!

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Youth Facility Improvement


Another improvement here which starts at the end of the season. Training facility got rejected but I will try and get that again in a few months. Obviously the youth facilities are the more important for now!

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Youth Intake Preview


Strikers! Lets hope this is true as we badly need them! Unfortunately the other area we require is wingers which dont seem to be getting anything through!

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Mid Season Review




The developing squad is definitely putting in more consistent performances. We still have our blips but we are definitely performing much better than last season and that shows in our results. We are definitely putting on entertainment for our fans. We have scored 80 goals already this season which is 26 more than any other club!

League Table


We are firmly in the playoffs currently and if we keep up the current form for the rest of the season we may have an outside shot at promotion.

FA Cup


We have again managed to make it through to the 3rd round beating league 2 Stockport in the process! In the 3rd round we play league 2 Forest Green!

FA Trophy


Our backup 11 make it past Boredom Wood. We face Kings Lynn in the next round and our backup players will again be playing!

Player Review - Herve Kouame (YP23A)


Our big prospect from the last intake is really developing into one of our most valuable players . He has shot up 13 CA points in half a season and the development above shows why. 4 goals from a deep lying position is also a great return!

Goalkeeper Watch

Holmes has a smashing 7 goals in 22 games as well as 2 assists. Maloney is yet to get off the mark this season!

Youth Review


Again here we are definitely seeing the differences in personalities and how it affects development. Stewart has shot up a ridiculous 18 CA points already and Kouame has also shot up 13 points. Outside of that there isn't really much to shout about. A lot of low single figure improvements but again this may be due to our facilities still not being great. Nice to see Forbes has reached his maximum PA (albeit a fairly low one) and has an amazing 10 assists in only 14 starts. Allen has done much better this season in terms of output with 7 goals and 5 assists but I am still worried about how slow he is developing. 

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FA Cup 3rd Round


For the first time in the clubs short history we are into the 4th round of the FA Cup! It wasn't a classic or a goal fest like many of our matches but a good solid performance means we are into the next round. 


We get Premier League Leeds in the 4th round. A great day out for our club. We will get hammered but it will generate some funds!

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FA Cup 4th Round


Gutted. We were just 1min plus injury time from winning this. But an 89th minute equaliser and a 94th minute winner means we go out. Fantastic performance from the team!

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Youth Intake 2024 - The Overview


Again this looks quite good and 2 strikers really is something we badly needed! This will definitely help fill some gaps in the current squad! Now lets look at PA vs PPA...


Fantastic top end PA on the 2 biggest prospects and it really is in an area we required players which is up top. Other than that we definitely have some good squad players to come through here! Signed all of those I have tagged!


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Youth Intake 2024 - The Players

YP24A - Richard Heaton


Oh hello! This is what we badly needed. Our current backup strikers are not great so getting 2 big prospects in in one intake is a big positive. Will be immediately brought into the first team for game time.

YP24B - Kevin Stewart


Oh hello part 2. Another big prospect at striker. Solid physicals and mentals as well as decent dribbling and finishing which means he will definitely be a big positive for us!

YP24C - William O'Brien


We already have 2 solid goalkeepers at the club but he could definitely becomes a backup or 3rd choice keeper!

YP24D - Otis Shea


I am really not 100% sure where to utilise Shea but he has decent potential. Probably more likely to be used in the middle of the pitch.

YP24E - Misha Bloomfield


We really done have many full backs at all so Bloomfield has been brought in to be a backup. Has decent potential so lets hope he can develop into a good squad player.

YP24F - Andy McLaughlin


Would you look at those mental stats! Whilst not having a massive potential those mental stats really could mean he could get game time at centre back. Some of our backup defenders are very limited so he will be called up immediately.

YP24G - Thomas Maierhofer


Again very solid mental stats. If we could work on those technicals a bit we will definitely have a decent player on our hands there.

YP24H - Dean Pickersgill


Not really sure if he will ever be first team ready but we dont have many wingers so will be brought in to develop and see how he ends up!

YP24I - Meilir Banks


As mentioned before full backs are something we aren't really blessed with so Banks has been brought in as an emergency backup!

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The Playoffs


A much improved season means we are in the playoffs this season! We play Boston in the semi final. We beat them 3-0 at home but were hammered 6-1 away!


We were by far the better team but it took until the 90th minute for us to go through to the final!


We play Sutton in the final. A big miss for us is Kouame (YP23A) is away on international duty which is a huge huge miss for us.


We managed to sneak a 1-0 win in the playoff final. We were well below our best but a Moyo (YP23B) header from a set piece means we we will be playing league football next season!

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End Of Season




We managed to stay semi consistent for the 2nd half of the season and we were rewarded with a fantastic playoff win!

League Table


An amazing season for us were we finished in 3rd and won the playoffs!

FA Cup


A great run for us was ended in agony at Leeds as we conceded twice in the last 5 minutes to go out!

FA Trophy


Again out in the 4th round but this trophy was far from important to us!

Player Review - Trevor Moyo (YP23B)


Very solid improvement this year by Moyo. Scoring the winner in the playoff final! If we could get some more development here we could have a decent centre half here!

Goalkeeper Watch

Holmes managed to get 11 goals and 2 assists this season whilst Maloney got 2 goals!

Youth Review


Some unbelievable development from Kouame and Stewart shows what we are capable off. Others have also developed well whilst some have struggled or stagnated. Some of these players will be moved back to the under 23 team next season after our latest intake. 




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The Squad - Part 1



Holmes is our number 1 and is a solid goalkeeper. Hasn't quite developed as quickly as I hoped. Maloney has been a solid backup when called upon although would like his handling to be a bit better.

Full Backs


I would say this is our biggest weakness currently. We only have 2 actual natural full backs and one of these, Bloomfield, is out of the latest intake without much ability. Chesmain is still a solid left back and Cinar is more a centre back but is filling in at right back. We do have a couple of centre backs who can fill in at full back but its far from ideal. 

Centre Backs


Are 2 starting centre backs in Stewart and Moyo are both in the pool of better players at the club. Our backup currently is a young 16 year old in McLaughlin who doesn't have much in terms of technical ability but does have fantastic mental stats. He is our number 2 currently. Tufton is our 4th choice although his game time will be more limited this season. 

Defensive Midfielders


Kouame is developing unbelievably quickly and has turned into one of our most vital players. Ehling is a solid backup for defensive midfielder and will still get game time when we need to rest Kouame.

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The Squad - Part 2

Attacking Midfielders


Allen is still our starting CAM but I do really hope his levels of development are better this season as they weren't great last season. Dally is an ok backup to have although is probably more suited to the striker role. We do have some other players like Stewart and Parkin who can also play there if required.



Amaluzor and Luque are still our starters although I do feel that this will be Luque's last season with the club so I can bring some younger players through even if they dont have the same ability. Forbes has reached his full potential and whilst it probably isn't going to be at the level required he is a solid backup to have. Parkin had a successful loan at Hornchurch last season and comes back in as our 4th choice winger. Good pace is always handy to see!



This will be the first season that Embery and Akanbi aren't guaranteed first team regulars. Stewart has played fantastically well since the intake and I really want to develop him. Heaton will also get game time but I may use him out wide as well as we are low on quality numbers there.

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First Carabao Cup Game

We played our first ever Carabao Cup game and off course we were drawn against QPR who we seem to play every season!


And what a way to mark our first ever game! By no means was this was a 5-0 game but we were clinical. This was a team which had 4 or 5 of our backup players in it. Fantastic performance!

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FA Cup


One of the performances of the save so far. Bristol City have dropped into league 1 but with our league performance this season we were massive underdogs. This has got us through to the 3rd round again!


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Youth Intake Preview


Meh we badly need wingers and full backs. I am hoping I could potentially start retraining some players were we have much more depth into some of the areas we are struggling.

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Mid Season Update




It has been a struggle but it was to be expected. We were 500-1 to win the league. The closest to us was 50-1 so that shows you what everyone was expecting from us! Some great results in with some thumping. Again we have been entertaining at least!

League Table


We sit 20th a full 8pts clear of 23rd placed Cheletenham. Stevenage are all but down so we only need to finish above 1 more club and this season will be a success!

FA Cup


We are through to the 3rd round again where we will play West Brom at home!

Carabao Cup


A great result against QPR was followed up by a great effort at home to Fulham losing to the odd goal in 7!

Papa Johns Trophy


We have played the backup players in the most part here and they have done us proud. Qualifying from the group before beating West Ham u23's. We have Peterborough next!

Player Review - Richard Heaton (YP24A)


Heaton (YP24A) has played mainly on the right so far this season as it is where we are short on numbers! He has done pretty well. He has 8 goals and 2 assists so far!

Goalkeeper Watch

Holmes has 2 goals this season so far whereas Maloney has 1 goal and 2 assists!

Youth Review


I have added a column in for potential reached. This is simply their CA divided by PA multiplied out by 100. As you can see there is still a fair bit of development still to go for a lot of players! I have also sorted it now by CA points increase rather than CA. Starting at the bottom Forbes had already hit his top PA but has regressed slightly. I am worried with Bloomfield and Allen who havent developed at all. I really do think Allen will be dropped to the bench soon. At the other end Stewart has had fantastic development along with Holmes, Heaton, Maloney and McLaughlin. In terms of performances the standout has been Stewart who has a fantastic 18 goals at the age of 16 already this season!

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FA Cup 3rd Round Shock


A fantastic performance against a side that is sitting 2nd in the Championship! Probably the biggest result of the save so far. It also means....


We are off to Anfield for the 4th round for the biggest game in the clubs history!

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Youth Intake 2025 - Overview


Well hello! I guess with all our increases we really were due a decent intake! I know @Jimbokav1971 loves a good random nationality in his intakes. We have got Guatemala and Libya! I have signed all of these players except for one!


This is much much better. Even the lower potential players are good enough for our first team squad. This may spell the end for some of our current first team players. Great to see this and a number of these players will be getting called up to the first team and I will have to rejig the team in the summer!

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Youth Intake 2025 - The Players

YP25A - Michael McIlroy


I like the look of McIlroy and I am thinking about now moving Kouame to full back (he can play left wing back a bit) which will help him develop. Already 2 star CA!

YP25B - Brayan De Leon


Another goalkeeper prospect coming in! He will develop a bit in the youth teams before becoming part of our first team squad as we currently have 2 solid keepers!

YP25C - Gus Jones


Its an area we do need good potential outside of Stewart and Mayo. He comes in with solid mental stats as well as some solid single figure stats in the technicals! Will be utilised!

YP25D - Saad Eida


Its an area we badly need players and he covers both sides. Whilst not being fantastic currently he could definitely become useful for the first team.

YP25E - Kieran Starkey


An actual full back!! I will call Kieran up as we actually have 0 natural right backs, He has some decent mental stats as well as high single figure stats which hopefully we cn covert into double figures. Will come straight into the first team!

YP25F - Mario Browne


Browne is another who comes in on the wing. Not great stats but will see how he develops!

YP25G - Craig Magill


I will probably use Magill more as a winger than an attacking midfielder due to the pace, flair and technique he possesses! I like the look of him.

YP25H - Franck Amonome


I am not sure what to make of him. He is a target  man but I dont really utilise them and I am not a big fan of low finishing value!

YP25I - Kian Barrett


In terms of starting CA he is my favourite player from the intake. A position we badly need players. He will be called up immediately and will probably start quite a few remaining games!

YP25J - Norman Humphrey


Another full back/winger. He covers the whole left hand side so could come in handy. 

YP25K - Marcin Wronski


Another I like the look off for the wing. If we could work on that dribbling and crossing I think we have a very solid player on our hands!

YP25L - Jerome Rowlands


Another centre back who can play right back. Decent mentals and tackling. Wont be required for first team now but will see how he develops for the future.

YP25M - Tom Keogh


Another I quite like the look off despite being quite far down the list in terms of potential ability. Those mentals are fantastic and if we can work technically on him he could definitely come into the first team.

YP25N - Cameron Kerr


Another winger although I do think he is more suited to playing in the centre than out wide which is were I will develop him.

YP25O - Ollie Smith


Rated bottom in terms of PA for us but in terms of CA he is pretty good and will probably be called up to the first team currently to provide backup!


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End Of Season



Patchy is how we say our form was. The run in March pretty much guaranteed our survival so after that I played a lot of the new intake for the last 5 games to get them experience! All that mattered was survival.

League Table


We beat the record for record amount of goals conceded only to be overtaken by Stevenage a month or so later! We conceded 132 goals which is horrific but we also scored the most in the league with 110 which was 17 more than any other club. Think of the entertainment value!

FA Cup


Another great run in the FA Cup got us a jumbo tie away to Liverpool. We didn't disgrace ourselves and were beaten 5-2.

Carabao Cup


We smashed QPR and gave Fulham a good run for their money!

Papa Johns Trophy


Our reserves did really well here getting past the group stage and West Ham before a shootout loss to Peterborough.

Player Review - Mark Holmes (YP22A)


Developing well although like the rest of our defence we were incredibly poor and shipped a lot of goals. At this point in the save though I am expecting that.

Goalkeeper Watch

Holmes ended up with 3 goals this season whilst Maloney had 2 goal and 2 assists!

Youth Review


Some nice development here. 5 players hitting double figures! However others seemed to struggle. Forbes and Cinar will be moving back to the u23's as they will no longer be required as will Bloomfield for now. Stewart and Heaton where the standouts this season in terms of performances.

Other News


We have moved back into the SI Community Park stadium which now has room for 6300!



Our finances are dwindling due to the facilities increase. I think I will try and get youth facilities upgraded next instead of training if possible!



Edited by deez0r
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Season Preview


This again shows how far off in terms of quality our squad is. 450-1 with the closest being 33-1 above us. It really shows you how difficult it is just to survive let alone try and push up the table!

Squad Depth


We are definitely developing here. We have 2 keepers now at 2.5 star CA compared to 0 last season. Nothing additional really fro defenders this season but you can see Stevens is now 4.5 star CA. We have also retrained Kouame as a left back which could come in handy with McIlroy playing the deep lying role. We should hopefully have McLaughlin joining them soon and we have new intake boy Jones as well as a decent prospect. Right back is our weakest area currently.


We are sorted in the deep lying role with Kouame and McIlroy and on the right hand side we have quite a few options. I am re-training some of them to play on the left. This will be Amaluzor's last season in the squad so we need a few players to step up here! In terms of attacking midfield we dont have much here. Stewart is playing as a striker so only really leaves Allen who isn't developing very well as our other option.


We have 4 solid strikers now in Akanbi, Embery. Stewart and Heaton who are all scoring goals. This is an area we are fine with.

Looking at the above what I would like in the next intake would be:

Right Back

Attacking Midfielder

Left Winger

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Not sure if we will have the money come then to do this. But a decent run in FA Cup and a big chunk of money from a big tie should cover that!

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Thats me with the full set of badges! I think next season I will begin to really overhaul the backroom staff as it hasn't been done for a few seasons. Really concentrate on their personalities. 

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Youth Intake Preview


An attacking midfielder is nice! Also another forward which is nice. Unfortunately no full back or wingers. 

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Mid Season Review




We started off great but when the games started becoming thick and fast we have been up and down. This year I have went with a more consistent squad rather than spreading games out over 25-30 players. It is definitely working better and I am still getting game time to the prospects where possible.

League Table


Predicted dead last but we sit in a playoff spot only 2pts behind an automatic promotion spot. With us out of all cups now I hope we can concentrate on smart rotation and lets see where we can end up!

FA Cup


Our run is ended by Championship Forest who edged us in another smashing tie!

Carabao Cup


Brighton were simply too good for us but we did play well against Crawley!

Papa Johns Trophy


Our reserves made it out of the group stage again but Arsenal u23's where just too good for us.

Player Review - Kian Barrett (YP25I)


He doesn't have huge potential but the left hand side is an area we are struggling in. He has come in and performed really well. 6 goals and 4 assists this season for a 16 year old is fantastic!

Goalkeeper Watch

Holmes has 6 goals in 27 games and Maloney is yet to get off the mark this season!

Youth Review


More solid development here with Starkey and Heaton both already hitting double figures. Some worrying development down the other with Magill and Wronski struggling. In terms of performance Stewart is the standout. He is playing in the AMC role now rather than up front due to Allen's poor development over the past couple of seasons. Also Starkey has a fantastic 7 assists in 17 games from full back!

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Youth Intake 2026 - The Overview


Another fantastic intake it would seem. Yes we do have a low quality team currently but this is still fantastic. Five 5 star potential players and two 4.5 star potential players. I have signed all players bar one again. Again to help the u23 and u18 teams do better but also to develop those players and even if they dont make the first team try and sell them for some profit. Lets take a look at PA vs PPA....


5 players with over 100 PA is absolutely fantastic! They come in some valuable areas as well such as the wing and attacking midfield. Nice to see I finally dont have any low determination players coming through! Happy with the personalities as even unambitious can have very good growth spurts.

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Youth Intake 2026 - The Players

YP26A - Soloman McKenzie


I really love the look of McKenzie. Solid stats already and its a position where I really want to get the older strikers moving into more of a backup role. He will immediately come into the first team. Big prospect!

YP26B - Esko Haavisto


A nice Scandinavian prospect! 6 foot 3 attacking midfielder. His current CA of 76 means he is one of the best players in the team already. Fantastic mentals and if we work on his passing and finishing he will be a great player.

YP26C - Mark Turner


We seem to average one good goalkeeper per intake. This is our 3rd keeper with over 100 PA! He will play in the youth teams for now and I will look at a potential loan move when possible!

YP26D - Stephen Taylor


I think I will retrain Taylor as a right back. I think his stats are very well suited for the role! Decent potential!

YP26E - Leon Marriott


Its an area we are short in is the wings. Especially the left hand side. Good pace and technique. Will be immediately brought into the first team. 

YP26F - Steve Palfreyman


I think he is more suited for the left back role than centre back so this is where he will get more game time!

YP26G - Isaac Owusu


Another African midfield player coming through. Good mentals bit I am not sure what type of midfield player he is currently. Would probably use him in a deep lying playmaker type role.

YP26H - Vetle Davik


One I dont think will ever get into the first team but if developed right we could sell on for a profit.

YP26I - Faton Preniqi


Really solid mentals. Very close to promoting him to the first team to replace the still underwhelming Allen. I will let him develop and see where we are after the summer.

YP26J - Travis Deng


I think Deng has a better chance at making the first team than Davik. He is much better currently and should develop nicely.

YP26K - Lars Vang


Another I signed due to the lack of wingers we have. Again I doubt he will make the first team but will see how he develops.

YP26L - Tyler Clisby


Clisby may be unfortunate in the fact Kouame is not fully trained at left back and Palfreyman has come in in the same intake. I do like the look of him though.

YP26M - Giannis Filinis


I wont lie, he was signed due to his nationality. Although an area we are short in and even though his PA is quite far down the list on the intake he isn't that far off some of our backup wingers currently.

YP26N - Antonis Alexiou


Signed to more than likely be a 5th or 6th choice centre back. But with 2 of our defenders being called up on international duty frequently then a couple of injuries could mean he gets a few games!

YP26O - Jay Foster


Signed to bolster the younger squads. Will be a good addition and if develops well could be sold on for a profit.

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End of season report will follow tomorrow but......


In all my years playing CM/FM I have never had a result quite like this. We went into the match after not winning in our previous 2 knowing that a draw would get us promotion. What transpired is one of the most ridiculous matches I have seen on FM. We humped 10th placed Lincoln from pillar to post and scored an incredible 14 times! Couple that with the fact that both Port Vale and Plymouth dropped points on the last day it meant.....


What an end to an amazing season!


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End Of Season



A fantastic run through January really was the catalyst for our success. We finished off strongly with 4 wins and 1 draw from the last 6 including that ridiculous match away at Lincoln!

League Table


An unexpected Championship! We were 3rd and under pressure from Scunthorpe going into the last day but everything seemed to go our way!

FA Cup


Another 3rd round exit but we cant be expected to go much further than that currently. Being competitive against a Championship side is a big positive!

Carabao Cup


A good win against Crawley before Brighton tore us apart in the 2nd round!

Papa Johns Trophy


We have made it out of the group stage each time with our backup players but Arsenal u23's are too good for us currently.

Player Review - Kevin Stewart (YP24B)


We have our first 100+ CA player! Stewart is starting to get interest from Championship clubs. We managed to lock him down to a big contract until 2030. I hope I can keep him but we may struggle!

Goalkeeper Watch

Holmes scored an impressive 9 goals this season with 1 assists Maloney didn't score any this season and missed 2 penalties!

Youth Review


Some of the new intake got some games towards the end of the season with McKenzie and Haavisto both opening their accounts! In terms of development we have hit our first 100 CA player! 7 players had double figures or more in terms of CA development with another 4 not far off it. At the other end I think Allen will go out on loan next season as a last chance saloon and Ehling will be moved to the u23 team along with Wronski who's personality is holding back his development!



Solid improvement here. All 4 facilities been upgraded and we have maxed out junior coaching! With our finances dwindling we managed to get the youth facilities being upgraded as we speak. Until we get some more money in from a cup run or a big sale training facilities and youth facilities may stagnate for a few years!

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