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I play Football Manager is phases, have done so for the past 15 years. I play and get into it for a few months, find a working tactic, understand my squad and have the success i want, and then stop playing for a few months and come back to it feeling almost completely lost and far behind the knowledge of my previous managerial in-game self. When this happens i am able to somehow claw back the knowledge from scouring this specific forum for hours, but sometimes i need just a quick, concise reminder to get me back on track. 

Disclaimer : I will most certainly get some of these wrong and want this to become more of a collaborative effort with people joining in and giving their battle worn advice. 

So, what are these attributes, (and attribute clusters) and what do they simply mean in terms of gameplay. Really. 

So you got a striker who seems better than the one you previously had but still can't seem to score the goals the previous one did so easily ? Same with a star midfielder, or defender. A tactic not working even though it seems good at face value ? There's a good chance there's an important attribute you are overlooking . 

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What do attributes mean in game context in simple terms, really ?

Bravery - A high bravery player will get to the ball in a crowd of people (opposing players). When ball is in flight, brave players are more likely to get to the ball in a crowd. Great for defenders defender aerial balls in crowded areas (in addition to defending attributes like Jumping reach and anticipation). Great for target men and strikers who have to get to the ball in crowded spaces. 

I had a tactic that i used and after a while my strikers weren't getting shots, Took a closer look and whenever the ball was played my striker was surrounded by two defenders. Solution was to either tweak the tactic or play a striker with higher bravery, did the latter and goals started coming again despite the same conditions. 


Balance - basically an anti-tackle stat. a player with good balance is hard to take the ball of off. If a player has good dribbling, place and balance, let him run with the ball/dribble because he will have a lot of success in that area. low balance = easy to dispossess. 


Decisions - a choice modifier stat. A player with high decisions will mostly make the best choices (esp in passing the ball) when they have multiple options. Great for playmakers. If there are three passes available, a high decision player will often make the best one, all other attributes considered.  Not often spoken about but great for set piece takers too. IF you have players with similar attributes for set pieces, let the player with the highest decision stat take them. 

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Technique - Accuracy modifier. For passing, crossing, corners, penalties and finishing. If two players have the same attributes for everything except different Technique stats, the one with the higher technique stat will be generally more accurate. 

Aggression - Aggression is like bravery, but for tackling and winning the ball back. Higher aggression = higher likelihood of tackling player with the ball. Great for ballwinning players and tactics. 



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I admire you for taking the time to put this together but all attributes are explained in game, be careful not to lead new/inexperienced players down the wrong path or confuse them if there are any discrepancies between what you and the game say.

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