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[iOS] Too many greyed out players from well known clubs

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I would like to draw attention to something that in my opinion strongly disturbs FM realism. For me, playing FM is not only playing my team's matches in league of my chosing, but also watching other games, cups, players who play in them, etc. FM is a football year simulator after all, right? :)

Well, I've only been playing FM on iPad in past years, and this year I bought this version too, but I noticed that many teams in the Champions League and even those in the Euro Cup have a very poor real player base. Some examples:


Slavia Prague - 0 real players, full squad of greys

Sparta Prague - as above

Rapid Vienna - as above

Malmo FF - 2 real, rest greyed out

Partizan - 2 real

Legia - 2 real

Crvena Zvezda - 2 real

Genk - 4 real

Dinamo - 5 real

Olympiakos - 5 real

Club Brugge - 9 real

RB Salzburg - 11 real

Feyenoord - 12 real

Lille - 15 real

Lokomotiv Moscow - 17 real

Szachtar Donieck - not bad, almost full squad

Galatasaray - very detailed squad with loans in / out


Before you say "its because hardware limitations" let me show you some numbers. I started new game with leagues chosen below:


England up to Sky Bet League 2 - 4 leagues x 20 teams x 22 players per team = 1760 players

Spain up to 2nd league B - 3 x 20 x 22 = 1320 players

Italy Serie C - 3 x 20 x 22 = 1320

Total number of aprox. 4400 players


Whats interesting is that if I start new game with only English Premier League the squads from above clubs doesnt change at all. At the begining I thought that maybe because of database limit if I run only one league from one country the game will use that free space to fill up other club squads with real players but its not. It looks like FM has fixed algorithm that creates low detailed squads for certain teams and very detailed from others. And you cant say its only club reputation that matters because there is too much difference between for example Lokomotiv, Brugge and Olympiakos, teams that IMO are on same reputation level.

Basing on my observation, with 3 leagues loaded (without Conference) FM2020 database has no more than 7000-10000 players. It is very low number for current hardware. Possible solution - FM Touch (previously Classic) is 6th incarnation of out beloved game on tablets. While at the beginning the limitations where obvious because tablets coudnt handle such big database novadays high end tablets are quite common. Sports Interactive can easly lift these limitation by one simple way - allowing more leagues as in-game option, the way it works for FMTouch for PC or/and allowing for expanding player database the way it works for PC so we can load players for example from clubs with continental or domestic reputation, or specific continent. SI can put a warning that doing these things can cause problems on low end tablets and of course cross save wont be available but its all about giving us a possibility.

Another solution is to fix algorithm that makes some teams more detailed and some not. One way is to use current UEFA country coefficients so for example teams from leagues from 1-10 place have 10 teams with full squad, standings from 10-20 only 3 teams etc. I dont have problem that FC CLUJ (Romanian champion) has whole squad greyed out but it's weird that so has Slavia Prague, the team with really quality players on its roster.






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It's definitely frustrating. When I choose Scotland as a playable nation, small teams (who are unplayable) have squads full of players, but as others have mentioned, mid sized European teams have squads full of greyed out players 

FMM has a far better selection of featured players from unselected nations 

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