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  1. I play FM exclusively on iPad and I would like to ask if player database on mobile devices will be expanded? I mentioned the problem here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/504583-ios-too-many-greyed-out-players-from-well-known-clubs/
  2. The biggest feature I’d like to see is ability to select players database size for tablets. I play this game on iPad since Classic version and it always had small database included. While I can understand 3 playable leagues limit the low database makes it less realistic as many clubs are full of grey players like I mentioned here: Tablets are much more stronger since release of first FMT version. Give us option for large database size so we can be really on par with FMT PC
  3. I raised this as issue here: In my opinion FM Touch has small database because SI wants it to be playable on all kind of tablets that are on the list. This includes also some that are powerfull and average. What I dont understand is why they dont give us option like in FMT PC version where we can expand it. Im not even asking for option loading players from different regions or with sprcific reputation. I just want simple small/medium/big database size selection
  4. I would like to draw attention to something that in my opinion strongly disturbs FM realism. For me, playing FM is not only playing my team's matches in league of my chosing, but also watching other games, cups, players who play in them, etc. FM is a football year simulator after all, right? Well, I've only been playing FM on iPad in past years, and this year I bought this version too, but I noticed that many teams in the Champions League and even those in the Euro Cup have a very poor real player base. Some examples: Slavia Prague - 0 real players, full squad of greys Sp
  5. Bumping this thread because as you may know Apple has disabled file transfer in iTunes, did you guys found a new way to upload custom graphics to iPad?
  6. Just curious about results it generates Also - why structured?
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