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  1. Mainly fm related saves generally running at 1.5 stars with 8 or so nations loaded and a large database slower than it’s usually been and then sometimes it’s fine in the game speed it’s very hit and miss and as you say hard drive which can be rectified by getting a new ssd. Probably don’t need a new one
  2. Think it’s time for a new laptop currently using a msi gv62 7rc 16gb ram 2.5ghz i5 7300HQ Geforce MX150 2gb graphics 128gb ssd drive looking at something around £500 doesn’t have to be msi as I’ve had enough of them for now. Any ideas would be grateful guys/girls only run fm and the odd gamepass game plus use office 365 now and again.
  3. Can you do one with more leagues? England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Belgium
  4. Yes can you do the 150k players also can you do more than 3 leagues ? If so can you post the file links Please much appreciated
  5. Does it work for tablets as that seems to be the pc version
  6. Seems like he’s disappeared shame as he’s done some good work
  7. I’ve been using this guys set up and I get 5 playable leagues plus 85k players from around the world so not many greyed our players https://community.sigames.com/topic/522828-fm-touch-2020-more-leagues-save/?tab=comments#comment-12458188
  8. Can you add the Dutch, Scottish and portuguese leagues please?
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