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  1. So if I choose to play in some European league (Spain and Italy for example) I can’t find a talented Brazilian, Argentinian and South American young players from second league over there? Only from the top team in those leagues? For me it is the main feature in the game, to improve your team with a talented young players that you scouted in some long distance countries.
  2. I agree with that issue. The data base looks so limited, you can’t look for a new talents in other teams. SI must add a feature that increase the data base in some chosen countries
  3. Also happened to me. My assistant set a 2-3 games each time and I need to cancel them Its happened 4-5 times in a pre season
  4. It’s like this only in the touch version? I can’t load players besides the leagues that I’m choosing? Another wired example is that I can see the full squad in a mid table Croatian team but 2 real players in the top team in Croatia.
  5. @rooneyviet You can see your players attribute by clicking on the shirt icon in the “tactics” screen. but you can’t view your rival team players attribute...
  6. Hello First thing I need to say that the FMT version on iPad Pro looks very good, works fast and very enjoyable. There is some bugs but I sure that it will be fixed soon. The main huge problem that I saw until now it is the issue with the poor data base. For example, I started a new career with the Greek league, the English and the Spanish. While I’m the manager of one of the teams in Greece I have 2 big problems: 1. I can’t sign a good players to my team, the data base is so missing and all the teams that I entered to theirs squad, all the player are gray and not a re
  7. Hi 1. Staff team - can I have only 1 person in each position? I can’t have 5 coach’s and 4 scouters for example? Only 1 each. 2. History of other managers - I don’t have the option to review other managers history? (what teams they manage in the previous years) 3. During a match I cant see the profile of the players in the rival team. 4. Player attributes are visible always and I don’t have to send a scouter to discover the attributes - it is ok or I can change it? 5. Looks like the data base of the players is very small. I can’t see a lot of Brazilian players in the
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