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  1. I cried tears of happiness, when I saw that there are floodlights for the evening matches. It'll add to the atmosphere when my team is eliminated at the Champions League qualifying stage The player's skill sets seem to be far more defined too
  2. It still hasn't been announced yet. The Xbox version is £29.99, and when people asked Miles Jacobson if the tablet price is the same, he only replied with 'no', but didn't answer anyone who asked what the price was
  3. Hi I have the Huawei Mediapad m5 8.4, despite it being on the compatibility list last year, people were getting the 'not compatible with your device' message on Google play. Do you know if the issue is definitely sorted? I was able to download it, but the thread in which people were discussing the problem, ended, without a clear resolution
  4. It still isn't available. On the Football manager website, it's saying the list will be available in early December
  5. It seems incredibly high for a game on a tablet, but it's the only price that has been mentioned. People have asked on twitter, but the questions are being ignored, which is really annoying
  6. I can't believe we're still waiting on a compatibility list. I asked Miles on twitter, he said to ask the FM account, but they're ignoring all questions, other than to say that the game is out on the 1st The price for xbox was announced as £29.99, that seems steep for tablet version though, so I don't know if it'll be cheaper
  7. I really hope there is a compatibility list before Monday. This game seems like a big improvement over last year's game, so I think a few tablets will be disappearing from that list
  8. I just don't have time to play the full game, and actually enjoy it I gave up in 2017, when it took the best part of three months to get through a season. It just felt more like a chore than anything else With FMT, I don't really feel that I'm missing anything that makes the game immersive (for me)
  9. Same with me, I have a Huawei Mediapad m5 8.4, I downloaded FMT20 and it hasn't been a problem, but people with the same tablet got the 'not available for your device' message, so I'm not sure if my tablet will make this year's list
  10. People have been asking on Twitter, the response was 'coming soon 👍' It's annoying that they think they're building up anticipation, when in reality, people are just fed up waiting It wouldn't surprise me, at all, if the game was delayed again, and the line from SI was 'we didn't mention a specific date for release'
  11. I think FMM is it's own game, rather than streamlined as FMT is, in regard to the full game I'm definitely surprised though, that certain aspects of FMM are clearly better than FMT, there is no comparison. Maybe the lack of 3d engine allows them space to add more quality elsewhere in FMM, I'm not sure
  12. Player and media interaction is far more varied on FMM, and player dynamics and mentoring also have more of an effect
  13. Does anyone know if the transfer window opens on 1st January, or is it a bit later this season? If its January, I think I'll wait for the winter update in March before buying, with squads quickly out of date, and the inevitable bugs, I might stick to FMM for a while
  14. The thing is, people were being told on Twitter that info about FMT was 'coming very soon' and that was in the first week of November
  15. Took that just now, so hopefully we're not looking at another delay
  16. It was available a week in advance of the game last year, that's why I was hoping for more news by now
  17. At this point, announcements will be a nice surprise, but a compatibility list is needed, especially with people considering buying a newer tablet to keep up with FMT in the black friday sales
  18. Surely we have to get some information tomorrow I keep checking their twitter account, and the trailer for the full game is retweeted, but nothing regarding FMT At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there was another delay, or if they just chose to wait, to line up with the game's release on the Nintendo switch FMM features were announced over a week before the release
  19. I have absolutely no idea how people have the time to play the full fat game (excluding lockdown). I gave up in 2017, when it took almost three months to get through a season
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