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  1. Would anyone from SI have any idea just now? I tried playing a golf game on a tablet through game pass ultimate, but controls for the game appeared on either side of the screen If that happens on FM, they'll obscure text onscreen, and parts of the pitch during matches Will there be a way around that, or just something to have to deal with?
  2. https://fmmvibe.com/ That's a site dedicated to the game. You'll find everything you need there The community is quite active just now too, in the build up to this year's game being released
  3. I still don't understand why news of the cancellation wasn't told earlier. A few days before the information about FMT was released, someone on Twitter asked about features, and he was told to keep his eyes peeled, because 'exciting news' was coming soon In what conceivable way, is the game being restricted to the Nintendo switch 'exciting'?
  4. There will still be a limit. People have gotten a definite answer on here, and through the FM twitter account
  5. LMA Manager would work brilliantly on tablets, but it's probably just wishful thinking
  6. Has anyone got an answer, as to whether or not the game will be touch enabled, through the game pass platform? The more time passes, I'm convincing myself to subscribe, but not if I need to buy a wireless controller, too
  7. It's a (relatively) small thing, but if you win the first leg 2-0 and lose the second 2-1, that means that you've won the tie but not both games, obviously Whereas the fixture history has the scores correct, both games are counted as wins
  8. There are features, and images shown, before the release every year On their website, it states that pre orders/registration, along with details of new features will be available mid October, so either this week, or next
  9. I just hope that there is a big step up in FMM, this year. You'd think there would need to be one or two major announcements, to hook those who were planning on buying Touch It's just a big disappointment, that they waited until October to say that the game wasn't coming back, except on switch People had been asking about FMT on twitter and were being told that :exciting news 'was coming soon. I'm not sure that' exciting 'is the word I'd have used...
  10. You could be right about the ages. I follow the FM sub on Reddit, and the amount of nonsense posted on there, would suggest that players are younger Just seems weird that SI would cut so many of their customers off, with such short notice
  11. I have no idea how people find the time to play the full game. Its just sad that Football Manager has no competitor, so, for me now it's FMM or nothing
  12. I agree. On android tablets alone, the game had over ten thousand purchases. It seems weird, to just completely dismiss all of those people, a few weeks before the expected new release
  13. On android alone, it shows over 10,000 sales, so with those, and in game purchases, I don't think it'd be far off £300,000, maybe even more
  14. You'd need to pay the monthly fee. Games are only downloadable to an xbox, or PC. There isn't a way of buying the game outright for tablets I tried streaming a golf game through game pass on my android tablet yesterday, and it's awful, it seemed to burn through my data usage quickly too I'm just keeping an eye out for FMM announcements, and hoping that there is a massive upgrade to the tactical side of it
  15. I know that it's wishful thinking, but there is a big space now that could be filled by the return of LMA Manager. It would take a while but hopefully those at codemasters consider it
  16. Someone asked about FMT, on twitter a week or so ago and they were told to 'get excited' as features were 'coming soon'.
  17. Ah OK thanks. I'll just leave it then. It's overly stupid, to subscribe for just one game
  18. I'm absolutely clueless about this, so hoping someone can help me out. The game pass app on the Samsung store has an option of purchasing games. Would that mean I'd only need to subscribe to game pass for one month, to be able to buy and download the game?
  19. I get that message a couple of times a week. I just connect to my WiFi, and start the game up again, and the message doesn't appear
  20. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube, it's probably best to have a look at some of those, as you might be able to see where you're going wrong, rather than people guessing, on here That's a link to a tactic tutorial
  21. FM twitter account always tells people that the Nintendo store is stricter when it comes to testing new games and updates, so takes a bit longer to be approved
  22. I haven't known of any sensible people who think that the game is scripted There are plenty of Americans saying it on Reddit, but their points are things like 'how come my striker can score a 3 in a match, then not score again for 8 games? This game ****ing sucks' Or 'This game ****ing sucks, my team are 3rd in the league, but lost to the goddamn team in 15th, this **** is scripted' Those are two examples from last weekend
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