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  1. This bugged me on FM19Mobile and now it’s still bugging me slightly on FM21Mobile. Only four playable leagues still which isn’t that bad but this limits the amount of players you can buy, of course you still can buy players with various different nationalities who have no club and who are available for loan etc, but you are basically restricted to buying players from the four selected leagues that you’ve chosen. You can still find the odd player or two from clubs in different parts of the world but what would be great is being able to buy any player from every league, would that be possible in
  2. Lol, maybe this is actually an Asian team, I guess this team would be pretty decent flying all over the place and evading tackles etc lol. We won’t play as Cape Coast Dwarfs and for obvious reasons, let’s just say you don’t want to concede any corners or free kicks lol.
  3. I completely get where your coming from. But you have to ask yourself how many users would want to choose the Ghanaian league? Yourself and maybe a few others. It would never make sense for me and millions of others to choose these kind of leagues even if they were in the game, you would miss the big leagues and the big competitions and big transfers etc etc. It really wouldn’t be worth it in my opinion, plus as you know we are limited to only 4 playable leagues, I always choose England/Italy/Spain/GermanyFrance/Portugal. There wouldn’t be many who would want to play as Botswana Meat Commissio
  4. Many thanks for that passenger58 👍🏻. This and the difficulty of this years game is putting me off of playing more, I think I’ll go back to Soccer Manager 20 and Soccer Boss. I agree with you 100% and you are spot on when you said the changes in star rating is too heavy handed and take place over too short a space of time. I’m all for players declining rapidly when they age but for players age 21/22 etc to decline after a couple of games is rather really bizarre, my player Hanks had a five star rating with a five star potential ability but then all of a sudden he has a two star potential abilit
  5. I’m enjoying this years mobile version but I am still finding it very very hard. My players ratings keep dropping which is getting annoying, for example I have a player called Hanks (no, not that Hanks lol) who was rated 5 stars and now he has dropped down to 2 stars, I have other players also who’s rating drops, anyone else frustrated with this? You bring in new players to add to your squad with the sole purpose of having a strong team only for certain players in your squad dropping down to two stars and making your team weaker. I’ve just brought in a player rated 5 stars on a free to give me
  6. Level Winner - that is an excellent guide. And I’ll read it more in depth later on. I’ve just started a new game for the 4th time now and this time I’m sticking with it lol. Just picked Chippenham Town in the Vanarama South League and have a lot of younger players and some experienced players including a 42 year old midfielder lol, to my surprise I have been reunited with Stearn, Mann and Brunt who got me promoted with Bath back in FMM19 lol, friends reunited lol, I had no idea these three had joined Chippenham Town lol. This is only my second FM game on Mobile so any guide etc is more than we
  7. RSeven - you are spot on there. First season most certainly will be tough. I remember it was the exact same on the 19 edition, but the season after got better. Good thing being able to arrange your own friendlies in 21, good chance to play around with different formations etc. I started again anyway as I was on course to be relegated lol. SMFC2014 - I’m the same as you, I’ve never been great at the mobile version either, 19 was the first FM game I’ve played on mobile although I did okay it was still a struggle getting the tactics right etc. It’s strange how your better at the PC version
  8. I’m struggling big time in this years edition. Started out with Weymouth and have only won one game out of eleven, I’ve lost eight and drawn two. Made some shrewd free transfers and my team should be doing a lot better although the expectation was to avoid relegation, I have a good squad of players so I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe I’ve just not got the right set up or potentially this years edition is much harder, I did really well on FM19Mobile with Bath but am doing terrible now. Anyone else struggling? Or doing as bad as I am? I’m not sure what formation is best. It would be great to
  9. I’m enjoying FM21 Mobile but for the 22 version it would be great to have a pre match, half time and full time team talk. This is a must have feature in my opinion. See it as a way of losing the dressing room if you criticise them too much. Losing 3-0 at half time then it would be great to tear into your team like Mike Bassett lol, winning at half time then it would be great to praise your team. I believe this feature is in the PC version and I believe it would be relatively easy to put this feature in the mobile version. Fingers crossed 🤞.
  10. Many thanks Marc Vaughan. What you said makes perfect sense and I completely understand. I play on an IPod touch which obviously has a small screen but it would be silly buying the game again on Android although I have a 10 inch Alba tablet. I’ll stick with the smaller screen for now. Thank you again and good work on the game. Addictive as ever. 👍🏻
  11. Hi all, Been playing FM21Mobile for a few weeks now, addictive as ever although I’m struggling with Weymouth. Just a quick question, I see pictures of the layout online as seen in the attached photo, but I can’t seem to get it, is this only available on Android? I play on the App Store, maybe it’s under setting etc? That layout looks fresh with the menu buttons on the left. Fantastic game as ever though. Many thanks for the help.
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