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  1. 26th already today so I'm not sure when the new features will be released? Will it be the last day of this month? Let's hope it was worth the wait lol. Best wishes to the mobile team though with the release. I have £5 gift card credit left on the Play Store so I'll be using that towards buying FMM 22. I'm ready to lose every game again like I did on FMM 21 lol.
  2. I'm actually surprised they don't just reveal the Mobile features when they announce the new version is coming out. Seeing as the mobile version is the least popular and less played out of the three. Just release the new features when you announce the new game maybe. The Mobile team better have big features up their sleeve or else them making us wait so long could literally backfire if they only announce its not just the colour pink but different shades of pink is what's new lol. Maybe a new feature where the fans call you out for playing a formation which ain't working or players not playing in their actual position as seen in the Mike Bassett England Manager film, Mike Bassett's response to the disgruntled fans ........... Oh F..k off lol. We can all hope right Lol. Not long to go now. Here's hoping there are some nice new features.
  3. It would be interesting to hear from the mobile team as to why team talks are not in the game still. I can't see them being in next year's game either but I hope I'm wrong.
  4. I have made many a comment on here about team talks. I completely agree with all you said. You are spot on, not full on team talks but with five options or even random options each match which result in different outcomes depending on which option you chose. Would be great to be 3-0 down at half time and you tear into your players and demand they perform better, think along the lines of Mike Bassett swearing non stop lol. Obviously if your winning at half time then as you said choose keep it up or I'm really happy. This feature was on a old Android game called True Football and depending on if you praised your team or if you criticised them their moral would go up or down. I said it a few times already that team talks are the most important thing about being a manager along with tactics but yet you can't talk to your team lol. I agree with all you say. Interesting to see at the end of the month what else has been added along with the five playable leagues and the colour pink lol. I hope it's not more new stuff like squad dynamics and mentoring because in my opinion they add nothing to the game or are that exciting.
  5. Marc Vaughan - thank you very much for your detailed and interesting/insightful reply. I know many others including yourself may like the squad dynamics and mentoring features but personally I would have put in other exciting things but I am not going to argue with you as you are the expert and obviously I know making games ain't easy. I hope you get to cross off many things on your to do list by 2075 or something lol. Seriously though great work on the mobile version. Looking forward to seeing what you have added to this year's game and to see if your to do list is now smaller lol. 👍
  6. I think I will reserve judgement until the end of the month when all the other new features are unveiled. Five playable leagues is fantastic though. But the issue will still remain that you can't buy players from the league's you ain't chose, you can only buy players from the chosen playable leagues, take Soccer Manager for instance where you can buy any player in the game from every league, first team and the reserve players and there are a lot of leagues in that game, there are zero restrictions in that game regarding buying players. I can only hope team talks are in, if they ain't then I might give it a miss this year, team talks are a vital part of being a manager, to not be able to give team talks is a missed opportunity in my opinion. I know you can praise or criticise a player but for me you need to talk to the team, how great would that be if you lose 4/5 games in a row and you simply keep criticising your team, you then may lose the dressing room, win often and keep praising them which means the squad are with you, so much potential for the team talks feature, it surely should be easy enough to put in? I can't see the pink colour lol. Interesting to see what other features there are at the end of the month.
  7. Interesting question. I would be on the mobile teams side and say yes they do actually care about the mobile version. The mobile version is a fantastic game, Marc and the team do great work. They improve the game each year albeit with only a few new additions, some new editions in recent years have been questionable though, do we need the mentoring of younger players or the squad dynamics etc, for me no as there are better features that can be put in the game. Does the mobile game fulfil its full potential? For me no, but with that being said it always offers up a fantastic experience of being a football manager. As with any mobile game or any console game the developers can always do more, just look at FIFA 22 on the next gen consoles, in my opinion it's no way near pushing the next gen consoles to their limit, FIFA 22 is a half baked game and looks no different to how it was on the PS4. Look at PES now Efootball 2022, or P45football 2022 or Ecigarette or whatever it's called now lol, they basically released a broken demo a few weeks ago and have released a game with zero features or game modes lol, imagine if the mobile team did this with the mobile version, they make improvements each year so that shows they care about the mobile version. They actually make the effort and work on the game unlike EA or Konami. I will still buy FMM 22 although I did not like last year's game, but team talks are a must IMO, the game is called Football Manager but you can't give team talks to your players, team talks are a vital part of a being a football manager, team talks before kick off, at half time and full time would be great. Do a Mike Bassett and lay into your players at half time lol. Interesting to see what new features there are this year.
  8. Icutini - I think this is a good question. Tactics are something I simply ain't been able to get my head around in this year's game. No matter what tactics I choose I keep losing so that's why I deleted the game. I preferred FMM 19 because you did not have to choose a Tactical Template/Tactical Style which you can do in this year's game, although you can choose clean slate but no matter what Tactical Template/Tactical Style I chose I stuck with the the attacking and defending instructions and the tactical shape, I would change my tempo from slow to fast when I was struggling in a match and then go from defensive to attacking when trying to win the game etc. In my last saved game with Villarrubia in the lowest division in Spain my not so reliable assistant Guti lol recommended to use Catenaccio which was a slow tempo and with narrow width and defensive, even I was unsure what would happen if I changed my mentality before a game or during. I had five in defence and teams poorer than my team were having so many shots on goal compared to my measly 3 or 4. As I alluded to before I just can't get my head around the tactics, I deleted the game again and I won't be playing it again, I'll just wait for FMM 22 but in the meantime I'll stick with Soccer Manager 18 and 20 and Football Chairman Pro. I prefer simple tactics in football management games and not tactics which are complex. I'm all for a challenge but this year's game is impossible in my opinion.
  9. Would it be possible to know what the price will be for mobile? Are we looking at just under £9 again? Looking forward to seeing what the mobile team have added to this year's game. Fingers crossed that team talks have been added, this was in an old android game called True Football 3, here's hoping lol.
  10. Completely agree regarding team talks, this is a must have feature imo, see it as a game of risk, criticise your players a lot then you may lose the dressing room, praise them a lot then things will be rosey. It's funny because team talks are probably the biggest part of a manager's duties, to not be able to talk with your players before the match or at half time or full time is a huge omission for me, would love to be losing at half time and then lay into my players and give them a rollicking lol, interesting to see if you get a reaction or not. It wil be disappointing if team talks are left out again, I should imagine it will be easy to put team talks in. I agree with you also regarding more player interation, and a soundtrack, even just a catchy background theme maybe. Would love a mind games feature with other managers, spend a lot of money then maybe a rival manager will criticise your spending, or you could have a dig at a rival manager for spending a lot. The mobile version has so much potential and there is so much that can be done but it does feel limited. Here's hoping for at least five playable leagues and a larger player database and team talks.
  11. As the title says, what are you expecting from FMM 22? Do you feel it will have a few changes? Or do you think it will have some big additions? I just looked at Soccer Manager 2022 and that looks really decent with improved player interation. Personally I hope they have added team talks, before the match, at half time and at full time will be great, this feature was in the old game on Android called True Football 3 which affected player morale I think, would love to have team talks in FMM 22, criticise your players often and maybe you wil lose the dressing room. Five playable leagues will be great and a larger player database, would love to buy players from other countries in which can't manage in. Other than those three features I can't think of anything else I would like to see. Here's hoping the team have added a lot this year. What are you hoping for?
  12. StephenCronin - you must be a FM veteran? What is the secret to winning? I can't win for toffee or score lol. I guess in most cases it's about choosing the right team, I always start out in the lowest possible division, do you do well with teams in the lowest division? Would be great to hear your tips on how to do well.
  13. Footix - it's good to hear that there are others who are in the same boat lol. Maybe I should do the same as you in not deleting the game lol. I won't be reinstalling it again I don't think, especially as 22 will be out in six/seven weeks time. I think that was the big issue for me with 21, choosing the tactic template, I forget what it was called lol, in my previous game I chose direct, and before that I chose park the bus, I always struggled with this aspect of the game. On 19 you just chose your formation so obviously it was more simpler than 21. I dread to think what the tactics will be like on PC lol. That's a good shout regarding the pre set tactics, that sounds better in my opinion. Let's hope they don't make the tactics more complex, as I just kept deleting 21 and played Soccer Boss and Soccer Manager 18 and 20, those are more basic games, Football Chairman Pro also. Interesting to see what has been added to 22. Good luck with getting CM on mobile.
  14. Just deleted the game again for the 6th/7th time lol, I posted some months ago on here that no matter who I choose to manage I simply keep struggling, others said the same thing. I thought I would give the game one last go but again I keep losing so I have deleted the game for good. Strange because I had success on FMM 19 but I simply ain't been able to get on with FMM 21. Not sure if maybe because the tactics were more simple in FMM 19. I will still purchase FMM 22 and will hopefully get on much better with that. The mobile team do very good work and here's hoping they have added some good additions to FMM 22, team talks cough cough lol, larger player database couch cough lol, and five playable leagues cough cough lol. Not sure if others out there have also deleted the game and gave up?
  15. This bugged me on FM19Mobile and now it’s still bugging me slightly on FM21Mobile. Only four playable leagues still which isn’t that bad but this limits the amount of players you can buy, of course you still can buy players with various different nationalities who have no club and who are available for loan etc, but you are basically restricted to buying players from the four selected leagues that you’ve chosen. You can still find the odd player or two from clubs in different parts of the world but what would be great is being able to buy any player from every league, would that be possible in the mobile version? I don’t know, go to every other league outside of the four you have chosen and all the players are highlighted grey which obviously means you can’t buy that player, it would be great to go and buy a cheap player from San Marino, Faroe Islands or Andorra etc if you are a really small club which I am at the moment. Be a bigger club and go to Brazil or Argentina to sign some players. I’m not sure why lots of other clubs are featured in the game when A you can’t be that club and B you can’t buy players from that nation. When you press on search followed by find a club you basically can search for hundreds of teams from Africa to South America but yet you can’t buy any of the players at these clubs which is odd, so why are they in the game? As I alluded to before it would be amazing to buy any player from any league, this would be a great new feature in itself.
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