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Help with determination

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TOPIC: DETERMINATION. I am playing with a small side in Sweden, but is improving alot. But when I start to sign good and determinated players. But now, they all go down in determination! Is it something new witgh the new game? 

How important is determination for player development? 

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8 minutes ago, johnhughthom said:

It is probably going down due the squad overall having a low determination.

Determination has no impact on player development, it is purely a match attribute determining how well they respond to events going against them, such as conceding a goal.

First part is likely correct, however Determination does have an impact on player development.

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6 hours ago, JogaBonito said:

How can I do mentoring on this game? 

With difficulty, ha ha!

For me, it's a gradual and grassroots process to instill high determination. I appoint an assman and HoyD with high determination and professional personality so that my academy intake kids are strong in those attributes. I terminate trials of any that are low. That way, as soon as they get into the first team squad the overall squad personality improves, and in mentor groups determination will rise. In the short term, as my older players often have poor determination, that negatively affects ones with higher figures.

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