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  1. Abysmal morale

    Ok fair enough, if you happen to come across the issue in a match again in future please save it and send it to us and we'll have a look
  2. Abysmal morale

    Thanks for reporting this issue, do you have a PKM of a match that you could send us which shows this issue?
  3. Hey, thanks for reporting this issue. Could you send us a PKM of this match so we can look in to what happened here?
  4. There's been no changes to the game, did you get a new nvidia update or something? There's been some progress on our end, we've found a machine that recreates the problem but when swapping the card in to a dev machine it plays fine... We're investigating why this is happening but can't say whether it'll necessarily be fixed soon until we know more. I know this is very frustrating and we're sorry that you've had to put up with this problem for so long. We'll be doing our best to make sure that this problem gets resolved and doesn't happen again.
  5. Thanks for this info sankty, would be interested in hearing if loading less leagues did the trick.
  6. players randomly swapping positions

    Could you possibly upload your save game to a file sharing site that works for you for us to have a look at?
  7. 3D match lagging

    Did you have any driver/windows update on Tuesday that might be causing the problem? We've made no changes.
  8. 3D match lagging

    Can you try the steps suggested in this FAQ? Thanks
  9. Are you using custom kit graphics? If so we'd suggest removing them then clearing and verifying your cache, if you don't have any, still clear and verify your cache as that usually clears things up. Thanks
  10. Вылетает игра во время матча.

    Seems like someone is already helping you with this issue on the crash forums:
  11. Weird lag in 3d match on a mobile GTX 1050Ti

    Thanks for checking, let us know how it goes. The issue does appear to be sync related, but appears to only be happening on specific machines which makes the problem difficult to pinpoint. Some non-desktop users found that using Nvidia Inspector to lock the game's frame rate to 60 led to a noticeable improvement. But if you're going to try that be sure not to change any other settings (e.g. overclocking) using that software unless you are sure of what you are doing.
  12. Players go through each other

    Do you have any custom graphics installed? If so try removing them then clearing cache. If not, it's still worth verifying and clearing cache to see if that clears up the issue:
  13. Weird lag in 3d match on a mobile GTX 1050Ti

    We're currently investigating the problem but some users have found that turning geforce experience on appears to improve things (or if it's already on, turn off then on again). Worth also checking your performance settings to make sure that your notebook is running at full performance at all times.
  14. 2D trophy celebration

    Thanks for raising this issue, do you happen to have a save just before this match was played?
  15. Hey thanks for raising this issue. We currently have it under review.
  16. Personally I always make sure to check in task manager what my 'start-up' programs are, and if I don't specifically want/need them to be open then I disable them. You're right when you say that there's many kinds of programs that can cause lag issues with games, particularly any sort of screen-recording or anti-virus software.
  17. We would suggest rolling back your graphics card driver to one from before this date to see if a recent driver update is causing problems for you. Also it may be worth checking if your computer installed any windows updates around this time. Thanks
  18. Eror 18.3.3f1074698 (update)

    Can you try the steps suggested here (you've already done step 2)?
  19. Are you getting any crash dumps when this happens? Could you attach them if so?
  20. Ok, it's very likely to be caused by making those tactical changes at a specific time or a specific way. If you ever have this happen again (which may be very unlikely) can you let us know exactly how and when you made your tactical changes? Thanks
  21. Slow processing after update

    Good to hear that you found a solution to the issue, but for future reference your saved tactics should be in your 'Documents->Sports Interactive->Football Manager 2018->Tactics' folder. You can just move this folder (and the save game folder) out of that area to your desktop or somewhere else safe before deleting all the files, then you're free to move them back after reinstalling the game.
  22. Can you upload the save game where this is happening to our FTP? Thanks
  23. Can you provide more information here? When is the crash happening for you? Does it happen every time or is it randomly occurring? Thanks
  24. Does this still happen if you lower your graphical settings? Can you make sure that your graphics drivers are up-to-date?
  25. FA CUP 4th sub bug

    You should be able to do this from the tactics page by dragging a sub in to the empty position that the injured player left?