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  1. Jack Joyce

    Advice on how to run the ME smooth

    We need more information here, we don't know your specs
  2. Jack Joyce

    VAR On-field review for an offside

    We need PKMs of any issues to see what went wrong.
  3. Jack Joyce

    Too many assists from crosses

    The ME is too complex to give a definitive answer on these kind of things. We'll be making tweaks and assessing the knock-ons, hopefully things should be improved. We don't need new examples though.
  4. Jack Joyce

    Roof blocks camera on "vertical scrolling"

    We need a PKM and timestamp of when this has happened for you so we can have a look please.
  5. Jack Joyce

    3D Match Engine Lag

    Yes and the point of the beta is that we get information on problems so we can fix them. If you're unwilling to try what we suggest then we have less information to go by and it makes a fix harder.
  6. Did you use a photo for your manager appearance? If so it may be that the photo was a bit bright
  7. Jack Joyce

    3d lag

    The only card listed there is your intel one, there's no Nvidia card there? Sounds like your PC isn't using your Nvidia card
  8. Thanks this is known and under review.
  9. Jack Joyce

    Whistle confirming a goal

    Thanks this has been logged
  10. This shouldn't be possible, can you let us know how you're getting this?
  11. Jack Joyce

    3D Match Engine Lag

    The star ratings are just an estimation so I wouldn't worry too much about them as long as the game isn't lagging. It's likely because you have a 4k monitor.
  12. Jack Joyce

    3D Match Engine Lag

    Can you try the steps here:
  13. If the green LED doesn't light up that might suggest an issue with your webcam, does it work on other apps?
  14. When editing your manager there's a "generate manager appearance" button that lets you do this.
  15. Are you able to reproduce this issue? If so can you please give us steps on how?
  16. Sure this isn't how you look..? Two things I'd suggest: Ensure that your graphics drivers are fully updated. Try using a different photo? Maybe the lighting is off.
  17. This is more of a feature request, worth posting in the FR forums.
  18. Jack Joyce

    Manager man

    Closing this as it's not a bug report, if you want to discuss the game in general then please do so in a more appropriate forum.
  19. Could be a research/data issue, worth raising on those forums.
  20. Are you able to reproduce this issue, if so how?
  21. Could be a research issue, worth raising on those forums
  22. Hey thanks for raising this issue. Did you happen to delete/rename your preferences folder? Where do you have the game installed?
  23. Jack Joyce

    Manager not saved

    Strange, has this happened for you since?
  24. Jack Joyce

    Substitutions automatic whitout action

    Hey thanks for raising this issue, did you happen to have any match plans set? If so could you give us a save from before the match and a PKM?