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  1. ZX Spectrum? Show off. I only ever played Football Manager on a BBC Micro.
  2. The me is still coded by a mainly English team and is therefore, actually, very heavily biased towards an English view of how the game is played. Despite those reams of data, the matches look the same whatever level, whatever locale.
  3. It's a game made in England, of course it's based on PL brand of football.
  4. Anticipation of post-Brexit immigration from the UK?
  5. Just reinstalled after not playing since December. First game of pre-season, hit the woodwork six time, The memory bias argument is an insult to our intelligence.
  6. Surely then it should say he is eligible for Serbia and Senegal, but declared for Senegal. The way it is currently leads to the player not knowing whether it is working as intended. Whether or not he wants to play for Serbia, he is technically still eligible.
  7. A few years back a dev said it had to be set in a way that meant a real fixture list could never be accidentally generated as it could cause licensing issues. Probably down to that.
  8. One word of advice, ignore the in game player values. They are a guide for the ai simply based on age, ability and contract. If a team has no desire or reason to sell a player, it will take significantly more to buy him than the value. There is no place in the real world wher you can see how much a player will cost, so there is none in game. Try Spurs08's advice for finding out how much a player would cost, and potentially getting him cheaper.
  9. Positioning and pace would hopefully mean his strength rarely becomes an issue, set pieces aside.
  10. Nope, and it's not about the technology, SI want everyone on the same patch.
  11. Great job explaining something that had already been explained.
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