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  1. Increase scouting range.

    I had the same issue with Stirling, I think it's probably tied in with semi-pro status. When I got into the top flight, and turned pro, I was able to scout Europe.
  2. My own contract

    I had a similar situation in a Rangers save, and I believe mine was down to starting with the lowest possible reputation, so my salary on starting the game was lower than would be expected for a Rangers manager. After six seasons my reputation was over three stars, and my salary was less than 50% of that of the Celtic manager, who had a lower reputation than me. After being refused a pay rise, I quit, took the Newcastle job at more than 6 times my Rangers salary. Rangers promptly appointed someone with a lower reputation than me, and gave him a contract four times higher than the one they felt was good enough for me. TLDR; the game does not seem to financially reward large reputation increases at the same club, over a relatively short period of time.
  3. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I tell myself every year I'm not buying it, and every year I do. I think this year will be the year I stop though, unless I see serious improvements in the areas I find most frustrating. Like nonsense like this: Concede five at home in a match we dominated and should have won. The right back's agent comes to me and asks for a new contract... Okay. I know players and agents in real life have little self awareness, but silliness like this is all too common, too many situations in game with a complete lack of contextual awareness. Also, goalkeeping match ratings. Not a major issue, but I made a thread for FM15, posted loads of examples of the game not giving realistic ratings to goalkeepers, with an obvious over-emphasis on passing stats as opposed to actual, you know, goalkeeping. I was told it was under review. Two versions later, fully patched, it's exactly the same.
  4. Bizarre Appointment

    Whether these appointments are bizarre comes down to which reputation you started with, if it was one of the higher then they aren't bizarre at all.
  5. Took the Newcastle job, bottom of the Premier League with £10m in the bank, negotiated £1.4m per annum, with a £200k bonus if we avoid relegation. Rangers refused to offer a new contract on £230k, with £80m+ in the bank and more Champion's League money to come this season...
  6. In my current save, midway through season six, as Rangers manager I have won 5 Scottish Premier titles, 4 Scottish Cups and 3 Scottish League Cups. I've reached the knockout stage of the Champion's League for the third time this season (having reached the semi final the previous season). I've gone from a Sunday League rep manager up to three stars and I'm in the clubs favoured personnel list. I'm earning £230k per annum (with another £75k in competition win bonuses). In comparison Paul Hartley at Celtic is on 900k, Celtic have two League Cups to show for the previous 5 1/2 seasons. Andy Kirk at Hearts is on £388k, they have won nothing in the past 5 1/2 seasons. Gary Locke at Aberdeen is on £250k, they have won nothing in 5 1/2 seasons. My salary has gone up over the past 5 1/2 seasons from about £120k at the start, and my current deal has 3 1/2 years to run. In an effort to get my wages up to something a bit more realistic I applied for the vacant Newcastle job, and attended an interview. A few days later the board approached me to ask me to stay, so I ask for a new contract. They refuse, I tell them I won't stay without a new contract and they refuse again. Now, I'm guessing this is a product of starting with Sunday League rep, and the board don't want to sanction trebling somebodies wages (I wouldn't even expect parity with Hartley, £750k would be good enough for me), but it still comes across as silly. Especially in the likely scenario I leave for Newcastle and my replacement gets more money than I would have settled for.
  7. About young players

    Not worth bothering with, unless he has a very good attribute spread.
  8. Annoying issue with Steam Updates

    The situation the op is describing sounds like the saves are uploading to the cloud, which prevents you from playing until it's finished. Have you tried turning off cloud saves to see if that is what is happening?
  9. Am I the only one that does this?

    Had a song for Olivier Giroud on my Arsenal save last version. Oliver Giroud He's more handsome than me or you Quite good at football too Olivier Giroud
  10. Media overhaul required...

    "For the past twelve years, every time I have asked him who he thinks is the weak link in the opposition he has said 'No comment.' I should ask him again today anyway, just in case."
  11. I have a promise to a player to sell him, and a transfer agreed. Problem is the other team can't afford the fee and ask to delay the transfer, I refused as every time this has happened to me in FM it just goes on until the transfer window ends. The player was unhappy and I had a failed promise, despite the fault being with the buying team, and the player who waited nearly a week before actually agreeing terms. I reloaded the previous save and agreed to the delay, and it is now three weeks later and I'm stuck in a situation where I either have to fail a promise and annoy a player, or have this saga continue to the end of the window and prevent me from rebuilding my squad. I would just take the failed promise, but I've already had a few situations where the squad came to me regarding my treatment of this player, so I don't want it to escalate to something that affects the whole squad. Surely there should be a re-negotiate option if a team can't afford an agreed fee, or I should be able to explain the situation to the player to avoid a failed promise.
  12. I would be interested in other users (or SI's) opinions on a situation I have in my current save, and whether it could be considered a bug. As Rangers, I bought Marco Asensio at the start of season three for £12m (I know, he was transfer listed and I thought "why not?" not expecting to get him as a lot of other clubs were listed under Major Interest, nobody else bid and he came!), now pre-season of season four and he wants to leave as Roma are interested. So I promise to sell him if the right bid is made, Roma come in and we agree a fee of £15m up front, £2.5m after 50 appearances and £1m if they win the CL. It takes him a week to agree terms, and in the meantime they have bought someone else, so I get the message they can't currently afford the transfer fee and want to delay a week. My experience of this has always been it's a never ending cycle of delay a week until transfer window then transfer cancelled, so I refuse. Asensio is furious, I've failed the promise to sell him. So, is this a bug? I agreed a fee, buying team couldn't follow through, surely I'm under no obligation to wait. At least I should have the option of telling him Roma couldn't meet their obligations, or that it's his own fault for fannying about to sign for this team he really wants to join.
  13. I'm pretty sure the attribute that is used for next opposition reports is Tactical Knowledge (certainly in my experience when you have more than one scout, the game will always select the one with the highest Tactical Knowledge for reports on the next opposition). His is very low and perhaps affects the range (and/or accuracy) of reports he can produce?
  14. Clubs transfer policy list

    Aren't there a few Swedish teams for refugees? Not sure how low down the system they are.