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  1. You can set 'automatically reject offers under x amount' if there is a minimum price you would accept.
  2. The mods here do a great job, in my opinion. They are fans of the game, just like the rest of us, and I have seen plenty of critical comments regarding the game from them.
  3. determination

    Could be tutoring, could also be the team as a whole has low determination and they're dropping toward the team average. There are also in game events that cause determination drops, but you get notified of these.
  4. Every Player Wants to Leave

    He's in December of first season, 3 1/2 star rep, surely that indicates he started with the highest status?
  5. Every Player Wants to Leave

    That does sound odd then, I would have thought Liverpool and Spurs would have similar reputations. I take it you qualified for the Champion's League group stage?
  6. Every Player Wants to Leave

    What is your manager reputation?
  7. You could put a picture of Andrea Pirlo in and Iain Dowie would come out!
  8. Tbf, nobody was going to top Sloth's Dad in the op.
  9. I think it's because of that flaw and how easy it made it tbh.
  10. SI clearly sneaked in a Zentner hotfix without telling us.
  11. Increase scouting range.

    I had the same issue with Stirling, I think it's probably tied in with semi-pro status. When I got into the top flight, and turned pro, I was able to scout Europe.
  12. My own contract

    I had a similar situation in a Rangers save, and I believe mine was down to starting with the lowest possible reputation, so my salary on starting the game was lower than would be expected for a Rangers manager. After six seasons my reputation was over three stars, and my salary was less than 50% of that of the Celtic manager, who had a lower reputation than me. After being refused a pay rise, I quit, took the Newcastle job at more than 6 times my Rangers salary. Rangers promptly appointed someone with a lower reputation than me, and gave him a contract four times higher than the one they felt was good enough for me. TLDR; the game does not seem to financially reward large reputation increases at the same club, over a relatively short period of time.
  13. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I tell myself every year I'm not buying it, and every year I do. I think this year will be the year I stop though, unless I see serious improvements in the areas I find most frustrating. Like nonsense like this: Concede five at home in a match we dominated and should have won. The right back's agent comes to me and asks for a new contract... Okay. I know players and agents in real life have little self awareness, but silliness like this is all too common, too many situations in game with a complete lack of contextual awareness. Also, goalkeeping match ratings. Not a major issue, but I made a thread for FM15, posted loads of examples of the game not giving realistic ratings to goalkeepers, with an obvious over-emphasis on passing stats as opposed to actual, you know, goalkeeping. I was told it was under review. Two versions later, fully patched, it's exactly the same.
  14. Bizarre Appointment

    Whether these appointments are bizarre comes down to which reputation you started with, if it was one of the higher then they aren't bizarre at all.