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  1. johnhughthom

    Help with determination

    It is probably going down due the squad overall having a low determination. Determination has no impact on player development, it is purely a match attribute determining how well they respond to events going against them, such as conceding a goal.
  2. Don't forget that the older influential player has his own personality, and may not be overly interested in influencing the younger players. A young player with a very good personality may be as influential as an older player with a mediocre personality, perhaps the two youth players have each other as favoured personnel. I haven't come across this, as I only have one youth team player with the potential that moving him to the first team is in any way realistic. You may well have a point about this. The module is young and could have teething issues, all you can do is keep bringing examples to SI, upload a save and ask them to look at it.
  3. You're complaining about having to move players to be in the same squad to use mentoring, you described it as 'absurd'. In real life, it simply is not usual behaviour for first team footballers to spend sustained time interacting with the average youth team player. The restriction of them being in the same squad recreates the very best youth players spending time with the first team, and using the 'make available for u18 team' option means you don't have to swap them in an out. As to your complaint they don't want to fix it, their take is it doesn't need fixing, and you seem to be ignoring the fact there is negligible impact on players over the age of 24.
  4. Tutoring was unrealistic, overpowered and illogical in it's previous guise, something had to be done to change it. Being able to change a person's personality to the extent that you could in previous versions was quite scary when you think about it, we were basically brainwashing these kids! I haven't played enough of the new system to notice the flaws you highlight, but it simply isn't correct to state that SI don't want to fix it. The game is barely out a month, there will be a list of priorities, and it is up to them where this is on the list.
  5. These players aren't playing for a rookie coach in real life, they are playing for Jose Mourinho. He's won the PL three times.
  6. You want SI to create a patch to stop you doing stupid things when you are drunk?
  7. I think Dortmund are saying they want to give him a chance in their first team, but if you were to submit a bid to buy him, they may consider it. How I read it anyway.
  8. What you want is quite easily achieved, play them as ML or MR with attacking duties, you want the benefits of playing in the attacking midfield strata without any drawbacks. The issue with AI teams is more a case of managers having more aggressive formations set than they would actually use most often.
  9. If you want them to play like ml or mr, play them as ml or mr. If they are going to perform identically what is the point in the two strata?
  10. johnhughthom

    [ENGLAND] Sunderland Data Issues

    I'm pretty sure there was no double relegation wage cut on the same contract for anybody.
  11. johnhughthom

    [Spain] Data Issues

    Rushing out is how likely a keeper is to come off his line, rather than how good he is at doing it. It's a tendency, not a skill rating.
  12. johnhughthom

    [ENGLAND] Sunderland Data Issues

    Stryjek is on £104k per annum on my save, £2k a week, which seems fine.
  13. johnhughthom

    Steam game name annoyance

    Especially ironic when you consider Monk's personality!
  14. Not really. To continue your football analogy, defending against your 'point' was the equivalent of scratching your butt as you watch a shot from forty yards narrowly miss the corner flag.
  15. johnhughthom

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Why wouldn't you hit that, who cares if someone else calls it!