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  1. If a player is going to get a lesser wage at their new club, they can now ask you for a lump sum payment to make up for what they would have earned if they had stayed. I have usually had it happen when I have actively sold someone, rather than them asking to leave. As for the ghost release clause, I have no idea. Maybe get a new assistant manager?
  2. The teams competing in the Steel and Sons Cup are not top flight teams, so the top division derby days would not impact upon it.
  3. Pretty sure this is a payment to the player to reflect taking a lower wage.
  4. I often wonder if that's the difference, I also watch in comprehensive, and see a huge difference. I could probably enjoy the game more on key, but I don't feel like I really see how my team plays that way, even more so this year that the statistics are locked in a heavily guarded safe.
  5. Jordan, I know you are doing your job, but telling us the match engine hasn't changed is just coming across as disingenuous, and I know you aren't. The game is different from the beta. I loved the beta, it was unrealistic as hell, but it felt like SI were trying to move away from what we've been seeing the last few years. With the full release, it's back to what has turned me off the past few years, I wouldn't even have bought it if it hadn't been so cheap at Shopto. If SI are saying nothing has changed in the match engine, that is worrying, because something has changed the game complete
  6. Lots of people play a long term save from the beta database, never mind release, so I wouldn't overthink it and just go ahead and start your game.
  7. I was under the impression that it was coded in a few years back you would always at the very least get a set period of time to impress the new owners, and would never just be sacked immediately on takeover. Was that changed?
  8. I never realised Donald Trump posted here, I guess he has time on his hands for FM now.
  9. Injuries don't happen on a convenient timetable unfortunately. FM has traditionally had fewer injuries than real life, but the beta was hugely unrealistic from what I've experienced. The increase in the full release can only really be judged over a longer period of time than twelve odd hours, but still seems generous to me.
  10. Yes, thankfully. Almost non-existant for me in beta, especially in-match injuries.
  11. Just had three bids come in for a player, and all three were radically different in terms of money up front, clauses and add ons. Nice change from receiving identical bids and just clicking accept or reject for them all, I actually had to look at all three and carefully consider which was best.
  12. Pretty sure the game wants you to change that shirt and shoes combo before letting you play.
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