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  1. under review

    Thanks Seb and Nic. Apologies for posting in the wrong section, wasn't quite sure which area it fell under.
  2. under review

    Any input on this? My u20s manager left for a job elsewhere, and his replacement is showing the same behaviour, indicating it's unlikely to be staff attributes causing it.
  3. No need to be sorry, I'm glad you told me, now I know my game is not working as intended either!
  4. I was under the impression the style of Brexit was irrelevant, as Britain leaves the EU whether hard/soft/whatever Brexit, and as an EU law the Bosman ruling would no longer apply. Certainly the message posted above only mentions work permits, and doesn't say the Bosman ruling is intact. In my current game I had a soft Brexit and the Bosman ruling no longer applies, this is working as intended so far as I understand it. As to whether this is realistic, I would argue it's not, as I imagine a case would be brought quite quickly in the British courts leading to a ruling similar to Bosman.
  5. Oh no, I didn't think you were slating anyone, I simply thought you misunderstood the issue at hand. To me it's quite simple, there are no options for goalkeepers because goalkeeper tendencies can all be modelled through the current set of attributes, certainly I haven't seen any brought up here. I assume the option to train outfield ppms is for keepers who can also play outfield, though admittedly those are few and far between.
  6. Hunter did address the issue though? Those training options are to teach player particular tendencies, not to practice scenarios. I can't think of any goalkeeping tendencies that aren't covered by attributes already in the game, so is there really any need for them?
  7. I've noticed a few times when making first team players for selection for my u20s and giving instructions to play 45 or 60 minutes of the game that they end up having to play the full 90 minutes because the u20 manager has already used his substitutions before the hour mark, or even half time, has been reached. This leads to the players being tired before the first team game the following weekend. Never mind the fact they should be saving subs to follow my instructions, regularly making all substitutions in the first half is idiotic in the extreme. The manager in question has no tendencies that would indicate this sort of behaviour, and I can only assume it's to do with changing formations and players not fitting into the system he changed to. I have uploaded my save to the ftp as john If you sim on to the next u20 game, I selected a couple of first team squad members to play 60 minutes, and they both played ninety as he made three subs within the first 37 minutes. Hopefully you'll be able to recreate it.
  8. You are no longer in the EU, the Bosman ruling is an EU law, therefore no longer affects English clubs. Soft or Hard Brexit doesn't matter.
  9. It's only a game, perhaps just take it a little less seriously? Edit: reading back it may have looked like I was trying to catch you out or something, but I was genuinely just trying to find where a seemingly decent save had gone wrong, to try to pin down what exactly is going wrong for you.
  10. From memory, my expectations season one as Stirling were to reach the play offs, you achieved that. So, unless you increased the expectations for more money or something, the board should have been satisfied with your performance. Did you get sacked?
  11. Candre, I may be mixing you up with somebody else, but didn't you post in OTF about a Stirling save, where you finished second and lost in the play offs? What happened in that save? I seem to remember Stirling are expected to finish mid-table season one, so you actually did well and had something to build on there.
  12. You can't see those stats for years prior to the game start date, but for simmed seasons you can click on each season and it will give you a breakdown.
  13. I think the basic problem stems from the fact that FM is a simulation of football management, and football management is flipping hard. I'm sure every week there are football managers up and down the land scratching their head thinking "how on earth did we not win that?" or "what do I need to do to change this awful run of form?" or just about every other question we ask ourselves playing football manager. And the crux is, do we want to simulate accurately a job where in real life a large percentage of people must feel nothing they do to change things actually matters? Or do we think this is a game, and it needs to be fun? For me, I love it as it is, but I can see why others don't enjoy it. Sure, watching a game of FM over ninety minutes won't look like a real life game, but it's a heck of a lot closer than anything else I've ever seen. There isn't much feedback on why things are going wrong, but (in my opinion) if we need to ask our assistant manager why something didn't work, then they should be the boss, not me. It is a game you need to put time into, but personally I don't mind, I'm a slow player and only a third of a way through my fourth season, getting through four or five matches in a session is fine for me. I don't change my tactics often, generally a few tweaks a season, and find it works fine for me.
  14. I think it's in the same drop down where you offer a new contract. edit: It's actually the one beside it, Overview.
  15. Have you had Brexit in your save? It can change the rules and mean you can no longer sign players for free at the end of their contract.