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  1. A used disk will almost certainly have already been activated on Steam and therefore be worthless. In fact, the disk is always virtually worthless, the Steam code is what is important and can only be used for one user.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's not what the in game advice on loading screens says Jack.
  3. Mods here have always been the same, if you talk crap you'll get called out on it.
  4. As hinted by enigmatic, it's more a case of you needing to put in more effort. I doubt they programmed it with people not picking their own squad in mind. How on earth can you not play the game not knowing who your best players are as Italy? Five minutes looking through squads and league stats a few times a season would show you any up and coming players.
  5. It's supposed to simulate players from other parts of Spain gaining Basque heritage iirc. Personally I don't sign such players, but I think it's a decent compromise for players who don't quite want to go down the full Athletic route. And yes, it's under 17.
  6. If your reputation is as high as you say, it may simply be a poorly worded response. The supporters spokesman may feel that you aren't genuinely interested in the job, or be taking the point of view that you wouldn't be in the job for the long term were you genuinely interested in it. Look at it as a 'yeah right, like he actually wants to come here!' rather than 'ha, like he's good enough to manage us!'
  7. Just make sure you don't select USA in your database, or the latest start date is October 2018 with Australia.
  8. You'd be better posting here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/651-crashes-and-technical-issues/ Looks like there is already a long thread on crashing after the update there, could check that out first, might be a fix.
  9. McCarthy is not Republic of Ireland manager on my game, he's unemployed.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about the Premier League FFP, if you fail it's just a fine of a percentage of how much you were over the limit.
  11. It basically means instructions that were active but hidden from the UI. Edit: replying to Icy.
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