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  1. I'm pretty sure the attribute that is used for next opposition reports is Tactical Knowledge (certainly in my experience when you have more than one scout, the game will always select the one with the highest Tactical Knowledge for reports on the next opposition). His is very low and perhaps affects the range (and/or accuracy) of reports he can produce?
  2. Aren't there a few Swedish teams for refugees? Not sure how low down the system they are.
  3. I certainly didn't intend to suggest attributes don't matter in general, just that it appears that way in very specific situations.
  4. For me, I wouldn't call anything in the game 'unacceptable', but the various of isssues which have been in the game for many versions, brought up many times, and not been fixed do make me consider whether I'll continue to support the game. Full backs putting the ball out for corners when under no pressure, it feels this has been around forever. The sound on disallowed goals so you know a goal won't count before the ref even blows, totally ruins the immersion for me. Someone mentioned goalkeeper match ratings, I made a thread last year, providing examples, and was told it was under review, nothing has changed. I also get frustrated by the parts in game where it feels player/manager attributes are irrelevant. In a recent match an opposition player was free in the box, my left winger with 1 Determination, 4 Aggression, 4 Tackling, 6 Team Work and 4 Work Rate flew in with a last ditch sliding tackle. Okay, this can happen irl, rarely, but in game it's normal. Players with low heading making gravity defying cushioned headers that drop right to a team mates feet. Winning at half time? Opposition manager will go 4-3-3, who cares about preferred formations, right? Watching a team who have 54% passing accuracy in the game string together a 20 odd pass move through the middle of your team like peak Barcelona (again, yeah, this can happen irl, fair enough, but nowhere near as often as in game). Have a player with 20 Work Rate, 20 Anticipation, 20 Off the ball, put him on the edge of the box defending a corner, ball comes out, does he chase it? Heck no, he picks his shorts out of his crack for 5 seconds then moves. Player with low Bravery, Determination etc, will he jump in to block a shot cross? Of course he will, every time. I get why this happens, balance, but it is way too obvious and regular for me.
  5. Surely that would be automatically cancelled though? It's likely FFP related, check your Finances tab.
  6. Did you select the option to make clubs that have managers unavailable to use when starting the game?
  7. Have you tried to continue with the space bar?
  8. Job security. Immersion.
  9. The joke is the idea this is in anyway original.
  10. Quite a few years ago I took Leigh RMI to the FA Cup Final from the conference. Played Liverpool in the final. They played a reserve team and won 1-0 through an Emile Heskey goal in front of 20 odd thousand fans. I don't think the game was quite programmed for that scenario.
  11. under review

    Thanks Seb and Nic. Apologies for posting in the wrong section, wasn't quite sure which area it fell under.
  12. under review

    Any input on this? My u20s manager left for a job elsewhere, and his replacement is showing the same behaviour, indicating it's unlikely to be staff attributes causing it.
  13. No need to be sorry, I'm glad you told me, now I know my game is not working as intended either!
  14. I was under the impression the style of Brexit was irrelevant, as Britain leaves the EU whether hard/soft/whatever Brexit, and as an EU law the Bosman ruling would no longer apply. Certainly the message posted above only mentions work permits, and doesn't say the Bosman ruling is intact. In my current game I had a soft Brexit and the Bosman ruling no longer applies, this is working as intended so far as I understand it. As to whether this is realistic, I would argue it's not, as I imagine a case would be brought quite quickly in the British courts leading to a ruling similar to Bosman.
  15. Oh no, I didn't think you were slating anyone, I simply thought you misunderstood the issue at hand. To me it's quite simple, there are no options for goalkeepers because goalkeeper tendencies can all be modelled through the current set of attributes, certainly I haven't seen any brought up here. I assume the option to train outfield ppms is for keepers who can also play outfield, though admittedly those are few and far between.