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  1. Nope, and it's not about the technology, SI want everyone on the same patch.
  2. Great job explaining something that had already been explained.
  3. So how exactly is this spoiling your enjoyment of the game? It's a minor UI error, report it and get on with your life.
  4. Salah would shoot there to be fair, especially if the pass was Mane.
  5. Abso****inglutely. Have you uploaded a PKM for them to look at?
  6. I agree, what I'm saying is give SI actual examples where the central pass was undeniably the superior option. I'm not sure I've seen one yet.
  7. There is a central defender right in front of Praet, he can anticipate where the pass is going, with the weighting it will need to get to Vardy he has every chance of blocking it. That's before you even factor in the difficulty of the pass.
  8. Where did I say players don't try is it in real life, or are you saying calling the central through ball the most difficult pass in football is nonsense? I'm not denying there is an issue, but most of the examples I've seen her are 2d, where users expect their players on the pitch to play as if they also have a god mode view of the game, or like the above, where a through ball has perhaps a 5% chance of being successful.
  9. I think people greatly underestimate how difficult the central through ball is, it's probably the hardest pass in football to pull of regularly. The pass in the shot above is far from simple, there is a narrow gap to place the ball through and the pace needs to be exact. The ball out right is much easier and could be considered the correct pass.
  10. Do you have an assistant manager? I think you need one to filter out the unrealistic options.
  11. It came about because of an update during the beta, it was noticed by users of the beta, then fixed pretty darn quickly to be fair to SI.
  12. Should probably post it over here:https://community.sigames.com/forum/722-pre-game-and-in-game-editor/
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