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  1. Sorry to hear that. Don't let yourself start to feel bad that you haven't started to process it yet. The brain sometimes just won't let you feel it until it thinks you're ready, with the state of the world at the minute, it's no surprise it's trying to protect you from more negative feelings. +1 to the comments on counselling, talking is such a big help.
  2. To be fair, I thought that was much improved this time round. I do get different offers, having to weigh up which combination of up-front fees, monthly, clauses and add ons are the best bet. I haven't played much the past few months, so did that regress?
  3. It's ridiculous they keep peddling that line. I'd hate to guess how often examples of players going to other teams for a quarter of what they demanded from the player have been posted on GD and explained away with vague 'Oh, they must have offered better incentives' nonsense.
  4. Everybody you know is fine with it, but there is an atmosphere where you feel people are almost encouraged to be LGBTQ? Your posts don't really match up. I'm not accusing you of anything, just trying to understand your point.
  5. Borderlands? That's generous. I'd say Goldeneye, after you'd had a pencil shoved through one eyeball.
  6. Cloughy was right, the manager should be the highest paid person at a club. Players are a bunch of lazy overpaid wasters these days.
  7. Nah mate, when we do it, it's just a technicality, a bit of bureaucratic red tape. When somebody else does it, then it's proper naughty,
  8. Okay. Just stay stay inside so the conversion gangs can't get you.
  9. We don't encourage people to be LGBTQ+ ffs, we encourage people who are LGBTQ+ to know that they can be open about. This may be the worst post I have ever read.
  10. Of course the atmosphere matters. When I look back to some of the things I said in my teens, early twenties, I'm embarrassed. Using gay as an insult, making fun of people who had more feminine interests or mannerisms. The worst thing was, if someone had actually asked me if I thought there was something wrong with being gay, I would have said no, and meant it. But somehow I thought it was okay to act like that. I think I only really started to think about it when I was in a group that included a gay guy, and he said the f (bundle of sticks) word in an angry manner. I realised I'd used the word
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