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  1. Over the summer Portadown had trouble with the IFA over illegal player payments, from what I remember they were given a points deduction, and there was some doubt they would be allowed to play their opening games of the season. It happened too late for it to be part of FM 16 on release, but if changes to the league system were added in a patch, perhaps Portadown's troubles were also?
  2. Just had Congerton pull off a bit of a coup for me. French u21 international winger transfer listed at £400k as he wanted to leave. Atletico, Chelsea, PSG, Man City, Juve and loads of other teams have bids accepted, yet somehow Congerton gets him to come to Sunderland!
  3. I've seen it about as often as I would expect. Had a newgen that did it regularly.
  4. I was always a little annoyed that even when you had a Director of Football, the players came to you to say they want to join another club, and got cheesed with you if they didn't get what they want. I've just started a Sunderland save and decided to play with Lee Congerton as an actual DoF (with me having final say on confirming transfers, just in case ;)), not a glorified personal assistant. I play with first window budgets off, so he couldn't buy anyone, but he did bring in some useful loans, not players who would start, but they did fill gaps in the squad depth. Halfway through the season I'm top half and Defoe has ten league goals already. Chelsea are interested and I get a news message from Congerton saying Defoe has come to him asking to leave, and asked if I wanted to handle it or leave it to him. I decided to leave it to him and got this response: Defoe is 33 with more than two years left on a massive (for Sunderland) wage so I'm more than happy to let him go if Chelsea stump up a fee. What really impressed me is there is a promise to sell for Defoe, but it is not on my list of promises, so he won't blame me if it doesn't happen. I was also worried he would have been transfer listed, therefore limiting any potential fee, but that didn't happen either. How long have DoFs been able to handle things like this? I had no idea they were this well fleshed out, I wish I'd tried using one properly long before now.
  5. I would imagine most of those players played on the "correct" side for their footedness throughout their youth career, and only became inside forwards as they got older and more tactically aware. Even past that stage Bale and Ronaldo, at least, played on their strong foot side for a lot of their career. In FM it is more than possible to take a 16 year old right footed player with 0 rating for the AML position, and have him as a natural at the position by the end of his teens. I think the issue is more with AI teams not retraining youth intake with the attributes for another position, when the player is likely to see the potential and act upon it.
  6. I've never had the option of doing that, I'm guessing it would only be an option for clubs with an eligible stadium, are you using the same club?
  7. Sorry to be pedantic, but it's actually been on since FM 08, though I think 08 may have been made available on Steam a few months after the official release. I now have ten versions of FM on my Steam account (including 17 pre-order), perhaps an unforeseen side effect of the Steam only policy, we can see how long we've been suffering the addiction, at least in the old days you could bin the old boxes.
  8. I stuck to my beta save for the first time ever. 960 hours in and only twelve seasons completed.
  9. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a goal quite like that in the entire time I've played FM 16.
  10. I have the last nine on Steam, I demand my 45% discount for unwavering loyalty!
  11. In my experience, this simply isn't true. Looking at my last u21 team's game, they played a midfielder from my u18s for the whole game, and left two players from the u21 squad who could have played that position completely out of the match squad. What made it worse is the u18 player is just coming back from a long term injury and I'd rather he not be played so often, and the two players from the u21 squad are both short of match fitness, so I'd have much preferred either of those playing.
  12. It all comes down to how you go about it. I've posted a few issues in the bugs forums with plenty of information, examples and uploaded saves/pkms. The response from the devs was always polite, informative and appreciative. If you simply come in to GD and say "game is bugz lol", what kind of response do you expect?
  13. I brought up goalkeeper match ratings in the me issues section a few months back.
  14. I haven't played an Athletic save in a few versions, but from what I remember you aren't restricted to Basque only staff, and the game is aware of the player restriction in scouting terms, so you don't need to worry. The one issue I do recall was scouting being restricted to Spain only, meaning you couldn't scout Basques playing abroad, but I believe that has been sorted. Give it a go, one of my favourite saves, you're actually putting me in the mood for a wee return to San Mames!
  15. Seriously? Great moderating, you've blatantly just lied to a user. Sure you can argue semantics and say that not "everyone" sees games with goals constantly being scored from crosses, but you know fine rightly a lot of users have issues with the number of goals from crosses, and SI have admitted there was an issue that couldn't be properly worked on at this stage of the development cycle without potential knock-on effects. So to reply so dismissively to a query on the subject is absolutely pathetic.