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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the Premier League FFP, if you fail it's just a fine of a percentage of how much you were over the limit.
  2. It basically means instructions that were active but hidden from the UI. Edit: replying to Icy.
  3. There are two types of 'permanent' deal, one where the affiliate cannot gain promotion to the same league as the parent club, and another where the deal is cancelled upon playing on same league. The affiliate screen will tell you which it is.
  4. B and C squads are not useless, the B team will play in the third tier (assuming you have it active), and the C team play in the fourth tier which is not in the game. This means the players in those squads play actual competitive games, and are useful for development purposes. The matches for the C team (and the B team if their level isn't selected) will be simulated, so they'll get match experience, even though the actual matches are not played through the game. So depending on the player, their route to first team would be u19 - C - B - first team, or you could bypass the C and possibly B teams for exceptionally talented youngsters, though personally I would always give players at least a season of B team football. I also find the B team generally gets promoted to the second tier relatively quickly in my saves, though I've never had the C team come into a playable league, I don't know if I'm just unlucky or they have too low a reputation for it to happen.
  5. You're better off starting on unemployed and applying for the job (make it vacant through the editor if necessary), giving you the option to lower the salary in the negotiations.
  6. Sounds like there is plenty of awareness to be fair. Agent and player are looking at it that you are getting a bargain in transfer fee, so should have plenty left to pay them. If not, then you're not the team for him, he's happy to sit on the bench with his big wage.
  7. The issue with that is the problem isn't individual moments, it's the same thing happening again and again. Looked at in isolation, a single instance can easily be argued away as a bad decision. We can hardly upload every single match to show the issue of wide players dallying to allow a defender to close him down. Or defenders playing find the scarecrow.
  8. Have you promised your current club's board you won't apply for other jobs?
  9. In FM terms: CCC = Completely Chaotic Conjecture HC = Hopeful Conjecture
  10. I'm intrigued by this cup for reindeer, is it held in Lapland? How do you qualify?
  11. On the AI parking the bus, as League One Sunderland I've just had Premier League Brighton come to me and play 4-4-1-1, defensive football almost all game. 5 minutes before full time I saw the message 'Brighton are playing a little less defensively now'. I had been thinking as I go up the leagues teams may open up a bit, now I'm not so sure...
  12. They are a farce and have been for years. I uploaded lots of examples a few years ago and was told it was under review. Nothing has changed.
  13. Seeing a better variety of goals with this patch, including the one above. I don't think I've seen a player in that position head the ball back across goal for five or six years, they would always head it wide.
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