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  1. He is an NFL fan and regularly pops up at the Superbowl. I'm pretty sure he has talked about watching NFL coaching sessions and what he has taken from that to soccer.
  2. Oh, was the poor management comment regarding Southgate bringing Sancho and Rashford for a penalty? Apologies if so.
  3. What on earth? You are saying Southgate shouldn't have allowed black players to take penalties because they could be abused if they missed? There is plenty to criticise about Southgate's game management, but that's a bit over the top.
  4. https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/06/20/the-hungarian-uprising-against-the-woke-west/ They aren't racists, they are taking a stand.
  5. I'm guessing it's been a tough day if you're reacting to Ryan. Have a beer, relax. You'll be back to ignoring him like the rest of us soon enough.
  6. Considering what it is, the video in the op is actually pretty crap.
  7. I believe this sort of thing can happen if you have anti-virus software running when playing FM.
  8. I'm pretty sure players and staff are less unclined to travel a large distance for a part time role. So getting Carrick to professional status may be your only option. Good luck.
  9. Club Vision is ludicrous. Got promoted with West Brom and they changed the vision to include defensive and counter attacking football. Complete opposite of how we got promoted. They completely refused to allow me to change it. Now, I get that a board may decide to attempt to impose a style of play, but the end result of my attempts to change it was basically 'this is it, like it or lump it'. I should at least have the option to say that I refuse to work under those circumstances, and give an ultimatum. Absolutely idiotic that after five years in the Championship a board would completely alienate the manager that finally got them up by demanding he play the complete opposite style of football he is known for. This is after leaving Celtic, after a new board splurted a third of the £200m I'd carefully built up, while still having success, on players I didn't need or want.
  10. That's not the point. They are judging the player on a transfer he had nothing to do with.
  11. It's more embarrassing than offensive to be fair.
  12. If a player is going to get a lesser wage at their new club, they can now ask you for a lump sum payment to make up for what they would have earned if they had stayed. I have usually had it happen when I have actively sold someone, rather than them asking to leave. As for the ghost release clause, I have no idea. Maybe get a new assistant manager?
  13. The teams competing in the Steel and Sons Cup are not top flight teams, so the top division derby days would not impact upon it.
  14. @SouthCoastRedCould you inform your friends at Oakhaven that we are not some backwater, third rate part of the UK in Northern Ireland. We have counties! That's twice now I've been searching up and down for County Down, only to find they've lumped us in with those other, peasant, counties as one combined Northern Ireland.
  15. £930? Okay folks, we can make it a thousand, I'm putting in another £20, so just £50 to find.
  16. Some old codger all excited to fire up FM 09, and take Werthers Wanderers to Champion's League glory, only to find it is already linked to another Steam account.
  17. Pretty sure I've described her worse to her face.
  18. I wasn't being serious, I know as well as anyone that £15 at the right time can seem like a fortune. I wouldn't judge anyone for taking it. What a pity the forum doesn't have a system to let people know you're joking when posting, like a little colourful face to show the emotion you intended in the post.
  19. It's the Princess Alice https://www.pah.org.uk/ I hope Darren doesn't mind, I already pmed him to donate.
  20. Mate, sort all those things out and you'll be beating them off with a stick after lockdown!
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