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  1. TOPIC: DETERMINATION. I am playing with a small side in Sweden, but is improving alot. But when I start to sign good and determinated players. But now, they all go down in determination! Is it something new witgh the new game? How important is determination for player development?
  2. And the bigger clubs still keep crazy amounts of players who are left at reserves.
  3. Completely agree, hope SI fix it for the next game. We have never seen this kind of dominance after SAF left.....
  4. Hi! My game has started running super slow lately. Its only a sertain save we are talking about. To click and move players in the formation it almost takes half a minute to work. And also if you click "autopick squad" it takes up to a minute. It has worked fine for a lot of hours before this. All other saves are working great just that one. How to fix this problem?
  5. I usually play my first game with my local scandinavian team Friska Viljor! If you translate the team name it is called Healthy Wills
  6. Hey! I have the OnePlus 3. It has over 5 gb ram so I have a question. Can I install FM Touch on my phone? or FM Mobile the way to go?
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