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How to improve this tactic?

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Hi, I’m here for an important question for me

I’ve built a tactic 4-3-3 that is good in leagues, but not in Champions League that I won only 1 times in 20 years.

Problem is that when I fight against a good team, better than me (like Barcelona, Real Madrid etc) I win in home but I lose away... and often I go out from Champions League for 1 goal difference or for away goals rule.

Now, I post the tactic and the team instructions... I haven’t set any individual instruction.

Can you tell me what i can modify to improve this tactic and most important improve defense that take too much goals? Thank you very much

ps I post good results in Italian Serie B league too




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3 hours ago, Cahill90 said:

Can you tell me what i can modify to improve this tactic and most important improve defense that take too much goals?

Of course you concede a lot of goals when you play on Attacking + Very Fluid (plus Close Down More). And if you play on Attack mentality against teams such as Barca, Real etc., it's no wonder that they are beating you (even without the very fluid shape you are using, let alone with it). In fact, your results are pretty good given how imbalanced your tactic is, but that's probably due to the "exploit nature" of your extremely attacking 3-striker system. Btw, inverted wing-backs make little (if any) sense in a formation without wingers (i.e. wide players in front of them).

Another problem is the use of needlessly too many TIs. And if you want your tactic to be more solid, it first needs to be more realistic. For starters, try lowering the mentality to Control (and Standard for tougher matches) and Flexible shape. Distribution of roles and duties also needs a lot of adjustment. So consider this example, but just as a suggestion, not a definite solution:

DLFs   DFs   AF

CAR   CMa   DLPd

 WBa   CDc   CDd    WBs


The only TIs I would start with are - pass shorter, play out of defence, prevent short GKD, low (or whipped) crosses (as it seems your strikers are fast and technical but not especially good in the air, given that you set them all to AF). Some additional TIs such as Pass Into Space and/or Work Ball Into Box (or even a deeper d-line, if you note that your defence is vulnerable to the balls into space behind them) can be added later in a match, depending on how things on the pitch are developing (watch your matches on Comprehensive HLs at least).

Do not adopt these ideas blindly. Just think about them carefully and feel free to ask anything that might be confusing you.

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How are you even surprised that this tactic is poor defensively? Especially against good sides? It is clearly either a downloaded tactic or one that has been inspired by the 3 AF(A) exploit. The only reason this tactic is successful is because the AI cannot properly deal with 3 AF(A) together, hence the number of goals you score. 

There simply put is not a way you can make a tactic like this defensively solid, it is extremely aggressive and will always ship goals. In your screen shot I can only see three teams with a worse defensive record than you, and two of those are relegated. 

If you want to be more defensively solid, you have to start from a more defensive base. The only way you are going to win away against big teams with this tactic is to outscore them, so if you want to stick with it, I'd suggest to focus on why you do not score as well against them. 

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It's what is widely seen around these forums as an exploit tactic that works by reaching critical mass and overloading the opposition's backline.

There's not much to improve as it doesn't follow any tactical concepts or sense, for that matter.

You could try giving attacking duties to your midfielders and see if that makes it easier to outscore the opposition.

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The delete button would be a good start.

Bad role choices, poor duty distribution, TI overload.


Standard, Flexible

DLF(s) P(a), AF(a)

MEZ(s), CM(d), MEZ(a) or BBM(s), BWM(d), AP(a)

F/WB(s), CD(d), CD(d), F/WB(s)

TI's: Close down more, Use offside trap, prevent GK dist.


Gives better support to different layers of the team as the ball moves around the pitch and has a more supported back line.

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