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  1. RodentofDoom

    Analysing squad

    The player will still be able to do it, just not as well as a player who does have decent values in those attributes. He might lose control of the ball, he might be easier to tackle or be forced off the ball, he might not see a good passing opportunity and instead make a less effective back pass. To be honest, the more attributes you're looking to have at a "decent for the level of play", the less likely it is that the player will meet those criteria as you drop down the league levels. E.g. look at a Central Defender picked to play in a role based structure In the Technical attributes Marking, Tackling & Heading are essential, First Touch, Technique & Passing are just nice to have. In the Mental attributes Positioning is vital, Aggression, Bravery, Decisions, Determination, Team Work & Work Rate help to round him out. In the Physical attributes Strength & Jumping Reach are important, with Stamina, Pace, Acceleration and Agility/Balance again being nice to have. A premier quality defender will most likely have ALL the above attributes and a few others at a good to exceptional level, where a Conference N/S level player may even struggle to have just the role based attributes at decent levels. If you decide that you want to play a fast paced flowing style … then that changes the attributes that are considered important for the players to have with Pace, Acceleration, First Touch, Technique & Passing being more important than the 'role based' attributes.
  2. RodentofDoom

    Analysing squad

    You need to look at the stats the players have, whether that's the existing team members or ones you plan on attempting to recruit. If you want to use 'creative' roles like playmakers & 'named' striker roles, Creativity, Vision, Flair & Decisions will help those roles. If you want to use a more 'technical' playstyle First Touch and Technique will be needed across the whole squad. If your squad only really excels in attributes like Strength, Jumping Reach & Heading then a direct long-ball system to a Target Man is the way to go. Even if your squad has good values in Passing for their position, using it effectively will need attributes like Anticipation, Decisions & Vision. Team Work, Work Rate, Stamina & Determination are good for teams that can play for 120 minutes Don't get too hung up on what the role % circle says a player can do. Different attribute spreads between players mean that those different players each have a different way of playing that role (even if it says they are bad it, they can still do well in it).
  3. Look at the positives - We reached the Semi-Final - We won a Penalty shoot-out !!!!!!!! Yes it was a largely young and inexperienced side, but over-all they did well. It wasn't lack of desire or determination that lost them the game, Croatia just had more experienced players who were better able to conserve energy for when it was really needed. Kane is still most likely going to be the winner of the Golden Boot, an award he looks to win by a comfortable margin.
  4. I prefer to get players with at least decent ratings in as many of the following as possible; Bravery, Determination , Decisions, Teamwork, Work Rate, Natural Fitness & Stamina. I like my players to be committed & hard working even if they aren't technically awesome.
  5. 2 things stand out in the info shown to you. Too many mixed Personalities, specifically Professionalism levels. Think of the people you work or go to school with How many of them do you get on well with, how many do you dislike a little, how many do you dislike a lot. The players now have those kind of relationships, which has much more impact than it used to. Most of the attributes responsible are hidden, except for Determination. Adaptability, Ambition, Controversy, Loyalty, Pressure, Professionalism, Sportsmanship & Temperament are the hidden ones. Basically it's telling you you hired both Trump & Hillary .. and that you're asking them to play nicely together.
  6. RodentofDoom

    AI Tactics

    Oops, in my defence it looked like a yellow-card icon without my reading glasses on. The change there is I'd want to reduce the opportunities he has to get the ball, so I'd focus play through the opposite flank instead. Again Im still not sure if that would be the right approach, but it seems sensible to me.
  7. RodentofDoom

    AI Tactics

    There's a chance that Gaya has the instruction 'ease off tackles' from the outset due to yellow cards .. So i'd look to force play down that wing as one option If I have a formation in my rotation that uses 2 DM's I'd switch to that to counter the Silva/Jesus combination I'd definitely want to keep a deeper d-line, just to reduce the space that they would try to exploit it's probably all totally wrong .. but it's what id try to do
  8. I find that Regista's are bit on the rare side anyway. SW position familiarity seems to be one of the hardest to find naturally. As for the Segundo Volante Cleon did an excellent write up on it I think it's going to be a weirdly unconventional formation that makes use of several 'named' roles at the same time
  9. Positioning & Anticipation can help where absolute speed is an issue. It's not going to be a complete solution, but if your slower players can read the game well and consistently, and correctly, judge how a play might unfold they won't need to cover as much ground.
  10. RodentofDoom

    International Experience

    From what I've seen with in-game changes is player reputation is affected the most. And that can have a range of knock-on effects.
  11. I would expect age to have some role in the formula somewhere as well A player in their early 30's is going to start declining A player in their mid 20's can still improve in many cases
  12. screen resolution difference most likely
  13. afaik this is the some of the hidden personality ratings showing through. You need to move the poorly rated players on and replace them. It's not just about Determination, Sportsmanship & Professionalism play an important role as well
  14. RodentofDoom

    Off Field Events

    Neither have I … but it sounds like a good thing. What's happened recently at your club in the last few weeks of the game?
  15. RodentofDoom


    To be honest I haven't used them since FM 12 and I could never get them working very well then (though I have thought about it a few times). The AI always seemed to manage however They are at their heart defensive formations so highly aggressive risk taking doesn't really suit them. The way the AI used them back then … I'd say Fluid + Counter/Defend/Contain The lone striker could just as easily be given the DF role, an AMC could be given a playmaker role .. nothing in the image is definitive, it's just my interpretation of what the AI used to do 6 years ago using a completely different system from what we have today. Play was mostly through the centre .. and long probing/clearance balls were common. TI's and PI's are as always going to be dependant on the players you have available. I didn't buy 13-17 so the changes from sliders to roles & duties was a bit sudden for me.