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  1. Playing Experience translates into Mental Attributes .. which rarely if ever decline through age. His 'skill' will be based on Physical & Technical attributes and at 35 they will definitely have dropped. There's also a good chance that he's more likely to be consistent and not get nervous in high profile matches, these are hidden values but a coach report will highlight them if they are either very low or very high. The only experience value is for partnerships with other players, it's not exactly hidden, but it isn't labelled anywhere as a stat that's directly viewable either.
  2. My experience with previous versions of the game is: A large (3 *'s or more) difference in current and potential ability needs to be addressed during the players early career (16-24yrs) This is the key development period for a player, if they reach this age and still have huge amounts of untapped potential they will rarely ever make it. After 25 a player will rarely get more than 1-1.5 *'s worth of improvement and this development is typically in the Mental areas. You can break development down into 3 categories, Physical, Technical & Mental, each has optimum age bracket for best effect Physical 16 to 18 Development is good, 19 to 24 Development is poor, 25 to 29 Possible decline, 30+ Decline Technical 16 to 24 Development is good, 25 to 29 Development is poor, 30+ possible decline Mental 16 to Retirement Development is good So at 27 your player is likely to decline physically, could improve a little technically, and is very capable of increasing mentally However he will never reach his peak potential as his youth opportunities were wasted This is "general" observations, some players will peak early, others later it's not 'set in stone'
  3. Yeah, I'd sign him for 2-4 yrs. Even if his Quickness does decline he should still excel as a more stationary creative focal point for your team. At that point, just reduce his pressing & roam options and either have him either stay back or forward all the time. Even if much slower he's still worth building a supporting tactic around.
  4. RodentofDoom

    How much does player stats matter

    Whilst the individual attributes do matter they aren't the only the thing to consider. How a player performs in a specific role & duty will be affected by the attributes they have. Each player will bring something different to a particular role depending on the values they have in different attributes. You can't really look at just finishing in isolation when comparing 2 players. All the other attributes make the player who he is, and they collectively influence his game. It's a very organic, holistic thing .. which is why it can be so confusing at times.
  5. RodentofDoom

    Useful hints on roles and duties in 4-2-3-1

    Phear my amazing art skills. … The red & green arrows are how your (S/A) duty players will most likely move as your attacking phase begins Green is before/as it starts Red is afterwards Should help you visualise potential gameplay. The TI's Why direct, v.high tempo & work into box ?? Why exploit left-flank when there is only a IF who will cut inside as the FB on support is a late runner and may not advance very high up the pitch Why pass into space, you're compressing them into there own goal area, what space ??? iirc Work Ball into Box does the following - Reduces tempo - Reduces passing length Hope this helps
  6. RodentofDoom

    Useful hints on roles and duties in 4-2-3-1

    OK, there's a lack of reasoning given for the hints, but I'm going to look at the comments given above. These hints mirror my own approach to tactics, not just the 4231 but pretty much all of them. So #1 why have a minimum of 3 defend duties. Firstly, even with an aggressive attacking tactic it still needs to be defensively sound, your own goal needs to be protected. By utilising a 3rd Defend duty in the DM/CM strata you provide the minimum adequate cover to your 2 central defenders, without this 3rd defend duty they are vulnerable and exposed, especially to counter attacks made using a long direct pass overhead. So on point #1 - it's a solid piece of advice that only lacks the explanation of the thought process behind it. #2 why is 5 defend duties the most to assign. The 4231 is in concept an attacking variant of the 451 with 4 players (almost half of the outfield team) in advanced threatening positions There are better 451 options for defensively minded tactics (ie the 2DM variant) This I feel falls more in the "Use the right tool for the task in hand" area for guidance to people So on point #2 - I can see where the OP was heading, but fundamentally the advice given doesn't say what it needs to say. #3 Not having both fullbacks on attack Again I think this is about providing an adequate level of cover to the defending parts of the team A player in the DM/CMR position with a defend duty will cover to a limited extent the right flank allowing that FB/WB to be given an attack duty However as the other DM/CM is usually assigned either a support or attack duty having the DL position also utilising an attack duty will leave the defence exposed and vulnerable to attack & counter attacking play So again on point #3 the advice makes sense. This is my take on it anyway Yes the OP would have been better with an explanation of the thought process behind each statement But that lack of explanation doesn't necessarily negate the validity of most of the content
  7. Because it reduces player agency. If a team used the formation in real life they are choosing 3 things To have less influence over wide areas of the pitch. To have less influence over the midfield strata of the pitch. To have a higher influence in the oppositions area. The limitations of the ME notwithstanding, but it IS a viable formation. imho certainly more so than "strikerless" or asymmetric ones, so lets have those blacklisted too ... just because.
  8. RodentofDoom

    Useful hints on roles and duties in 4-2-3-1

    One way to look at the OP ... And it's less of a "this is the right/only way to do it" post then.
  9. RodentofDoom

    Useful hints on roles and duties in 4-2-3-1

    When I first started using this formation I made a very symmetrical role layout AF(a) W(a) AP(s) W(s) BWM(d) BBM(s) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(a) This gave me overlap on one flank, and underlap on the other When I changed some roles the the symmetry went, but the intention of overlap+underlap was still there AF(a) IF(s) AP(s) W(a) BWM(d) BBM(s) WB(a) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) The overlap is now provided by a very aggressive WB setting. After checking the comparison stats my team is rank 9/12 for jumping/heading ability, so I set "whipped crosses" rather than float. The IF & W held the #1 & #2 spots on assists in the last season. Typically the AF & AP get heavily marked & pressed, the sudden interventions by the IF & BMM help open options in the central areas of the pitch whilst the W, WB & FB cause chaos on the flanks. Usually makes for entertaining highlights.
  10. Ever heard the expression "run until you puke" HoT1 - you'll never get to the puking stage HoT20 - why are you stopping? it's only puke, KEEP RUNNING!! pure guestimation of course, but that's how I see it. As to how that affects training overall .. I would guess it will have 2 major impacts - possible player development due to training - risk of injuries due to training workload So obviously with HoT1 … both would be around the none/minimal level
  11. RodentofDoom

    Tactical Advice and briefing

    IN FM18 the advice offered by the assistant is biased towards HIS preferences and does not consider yours at all. Think of it as a "this is how I would do it" list of instructions. As an example he always recommends switching to a flat 451 for every match. His preferred formation (on his profile) is 451. Take the advice offered with a pinch of salt. Some of it will be useful, some of it not.
  12. It's a different type of training. Sports Scientist is nutrition & exercise plans i believe. Physio(therapist) afaik mostly deal with muscle, ligament, tendon & bone related injuries and their prevention. Doctor sounds like MD to me .. so 8-12yrs+ of schooling In FM18 i had a choice on an injury treatment from Doctor, Specialist or Physio The expected treatment time was different for all 3, not hugely but Doctor was the shortest & physio was the longest.
  13. RodentofDoom

    How to improve this tactic?

    The delete button would be a good start. Bad role choices, poor duty distribution, TI overload. Standard, Flexible DLF(s) P(a), AF(a) MEZ(s), CM(d), MEZ(a) or BBM(s), BWM(d), AP(a) F/WB(s), CD(d), CD(d), F/WB(s) TI's: Close down more, Use offside trap, prevent GK dist. Gives better support to different layers of the team as the ball moves around the pitch and has a more supported back line.
  14. RodentofDoom

    Help with a 3 striker tactic

    No, this is faulty logic. It like me saying ALL Englishmen are hate spewing, oxygen stealing EDL members because all EDL members are English. *True - all exploit tactics use 3 strikers False - all 3 striker tactics are exploits A venn diagram will show you how you are wrong to the OP You need to use roles that support and compliment each other The attributes each player has will modify how they play each role. I currently mostly use a DF(s), TM(s), P(a) combo I sometime switch 1 (s) role to DLF(s) and the (a) role to an AF(a) one but that largely depends on which players are selected and how I want them to play and how they seem to interpret the role(s). I have 1 player 100% rated for Poacher duty, but when I play him in that role he acts more like a winger He runs wide with the ball, holds up play and then crosses to the the TM/DF or CM(a) who have advanced into the box His PI's are left at default, this is just how he plays the role, none of my other strikers (2 of which are also Wingers) do this. *Possibly only partly true, I am slightly suspicious about the "Strikerless" tactics.
  15. It's not a bad thought, and chances are as time passes you will forget that you had it Which means that you wont post it feature requests Even if at the end of the day SI decide they dont like it/cant use it It was there for them TO decide on