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  1. This isn't a single issue, it's several inter-related issues in how the AI doesn't manage long term squad building and planning effectively. It's also an issue with human player expectations, which can often be unrealistic even if they appear reasonable on the surface. A players value is a number comprised of multiple cumulative parts His reputation, age, ability, potential, wage demands etc. When you list a player you are saying I no longer want or need him, at which point it becomes a buyers market. His value is driven by what other external clubs are prepared to offer for him And yes, this will often be lower than his "quoted value" If it was a player you did not want to sell, or had no intention of selling then you are in the position where it is a sellers market. His value is driven by the value you are prepared to let him leave for. And this can often exceed his "quoted value" This differentiation is often completely ignored by people when they start complaining about the workings of the in-game transfer market. Although we are talking about simulated human beings with simulated aspirations and individual personalities they are equally a commodity whose value is driven by both internal and external market forces and in many regards the laws of supply and demand are very relevant.
  2. When you take over a club you also inherit ALL of the squad status settings of the previous manager. Before you hit continue on Day#1 you need to see what idiotic things have been done by the moronic 3 legged donkey before you. You need to check Which players have been transfer listed and do you want to keep them. Which players haven't been transfer listed and do you want to keep them. The value that has been set for them and do you want to change that. What instructions the DoF has been given for when a bid is made and do you want to change that. If YOU are initiating the 'sale' of a player giving the DoF the "sell for half value" may be overly optimistic. You could try the 'sell for value' setting but you may not have much success, after all it's a player you don't want anymore and you're asking the other teams to do you a favour and take over his wage payments. For past their prime unwanted deadwood the DoF can be instructed with "Sell or Release" which will quickly free up some wage budget (iirc loyalty bonus payments will come from your transfer budget though) If it's a player you want to keep then set his asking price at 2-4x his value and that should discourage some offers (but you'll get some regardless) You need to check the youth squad too Those with potential can be on the development list & set to hot prospect Those without can be set to not needed and their contract can be allowed to run out
  3. RodentofDoom

    Another GM question - Hiring staff

    It could be a reputation issue. Have a check on the reputation rating for the hired staff and compare it to the club & leagues
  4. RodentofDoom

    4-2-3-1, what is your experience using it?

    Maybe that's just the players you had available to you ... I've had some reasonable success with the formation in LL2 with Cowdenbeath, and the quality available at this level isn't too dissimilar to that found in the VN/S My most effective players were generally the 2 wide players & the striker I don't always use the same role/duty combination from one match to the next, offhand I've used 4 roles in the striker position with this formation DF, DLF, P & AF and I've done similar changes with other positions too on a match by match basis.
  5. One of the problems with FM is things often don't mean what you think they mean. The mentality and shape settings being prime examples. Many people have posted 'defensive tactics' and complained that they can't make them work. Their tactic has not performed how they thought it would, because it's not actually very defensive at all. A Defensive mentality setting does not make it a defensive tactic. I think that what makes a tactic defensive or attacking is :- The duties you have assigned to the 10 outfield players. The overall shape of the formation. If you want to build a balanced tactic then the duties given need to reflect the intent behind the tactic, whilst also considering that some formations are better suited to one style than another, the popular 4231 being a good example, with 4 very advanced player positions it is naturally suited to more attacking based styles. Below for reference is usually how i try to balance my role assignmentsd based on intent for the formation im trying to build a tactic for. Defend Support Attack Defensive 6 3 1 Balanced 3 4 3 Attacking 3 1 6
  6. RodentofDoom

    4-2-3-1, what is your experience using it?

    To be fair this is pretty much true for any formation, not just the 4231. I enjoy using it because it gives a lot of options when moving forward. the 2 mc's, amc & striker enable pushes through the centre with 2 wingers you also open up the potential for overlapping down either flank and with 1 wide player as an IF you start overloading the centre instead it's very non-1-dimesional it is a fairly offensively minded formation though, even if you only have 1 attacking duty so defensively it can be quite weak at times, oddly mostly from the flanks.
  7. RodentofDoom

    4-2-3-1, what is your experience using it?

    It can struggle. Most of the time I have problems with it is when the opposition is playing a defensively minded flat 451 formation. Sometimes changing the IF role to a W one makes a difference, but not always.
  8. For a long time I thought media interviews were just eye-candy. Until I had a pre-match interview just before a game with the clubs fierce local rivals whose manager has me listed under disliked people. I took the aggressive & dismissive answers to every question. The match started and the opposition body language was "looks unsure" with a couple of "looks very nervous" the match was literally won before the players even got on the pitch (final score was 3-0 to me) It's the first time ive seen the media part of the game have this kind of result on how a match plays and ive not been able to recreate it, which sometimes feels very frustrating there needs to be a much larger pool of both questions and the responses to them you do see the same things a lot right now
  9. RodentofDoom

    Question about scouting...

    did you select a scouting package ?
  10. # Nope. Only play the latest version I own (FM18). # Nope. I will often tab out to check on the forums though. # Yes. When I'm using a new tactic for a few matches. So I can see how individual players move, how the team moves as a whole, where the issues are with roles/duties i've given etc. # Pretty much all my starts are made in the lowest vanilla league for any given nation, I don't use extra datafiles. Getting the "signing of the season" shout-out at the end of season, gotta love those for free higher league rejects. Generally I play career saves, so I'll start with 1 team until I'm poached by another, imo that's success right there .. I rarely ever play Tier1 leagues as I find the financial stability & quality of the players just makes it boring.
  11. RodentofDoom

    Why don't AI managers rotate?

    True but at some point you have to look at it as a game and decide when realism needs to go for the sake of improved game play admittedly this is something that people who only play MUFC for 2-3 seasons never experience and those people make up a very large part of the playerbase but theres also people who enjoy watching the in-game world develop uniquely for 20+ seasons with each individual start-up and there's more of them than you might think
  12. RodentofDoom

    Why don't AI managers rotate?

    I think the AI needs to differentiate based on sharpness & fitness separately from each other, and it should be driven by the managers Rotation attribute this would let the ai managers pick their matchday squad based on Sharpness - above a minimum value Fitness - below a maximum value So if you have manager A (Rotation 5) and manager B (rotation 15) a players fitness would have to drop much lower for manager A to pick him than it would for manager B, sharpness should work the same way but just with reversed values. not sure how to tie squad status into this ... unless that is just used for the players in determining if they are happy or not with the number of starts, or even complaints of too much competition for places.
  13. RodentofDoom

    3-6-1 A Logical Step

    Many versions ago the AI would switch to one of 2 formations during play 424 to score goals when losing 361 to defend leads iirc the 361 was built using 2 halves The Attacking half ST ST AMC or AMCL AMCR MCL MCR MC The Defending half WBL DMC WBR WBL DMC WBR CDL CDC CDR or CDL CDR SW It was always a pain to break it down and score goals.
  14. I use praise when the team scores their first goal in a match, after that I don't use it again. The rest of of the time I use Encourage, Get Creative, Concentrate, Push Forward or Tighten Up depending of whats going off on the pitch. These ones get used far more often for me ...
  15. RodentofDoom

    Help with 4 3 3 narrow

    451 is not a 433 It's a point of confusion with some people who post in the tactics/training forum. But the flat &/or narrow 3 striker formations do exist, and have been used by real teams at various points over the years.