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  1. Possible things to adjust on the fly WB(s/a) FB(d/s) combo whilst removing the underlap instruction(s), this will alter play on differently sides of the pitch, Asymmetry works well. Vol(a) creates more attacking opportunities, and bridges your Def/Att gap. Move the AP(s) to the central spot and put the SS(a) on an outer position, this should help them look for different bits of the pitch to occupy rather than the same one. give the AMC(s) some PI's .. roam, wide with ball, stay forward, more freedom the feeling about width domination .. it's a real thing
  2. - Shoots wide at goal - Shoots high at goal - Aims passes at teammates back - Throws ball directly to opposition player - Aims freekicks at corner flag - Switches off - Ignores ball - Always man marks loosely
  3. Where do you want your goals to come from The striker, or the AMC's If the striker, then you need to setup your AMC's to both create the space he needs and the chances he will take. If the AMC's, then you need to setup your striker as a holding creator whilst your AMC's move into scoring positions Sorry it's a brief reply, but you have supplied so little information to base one upon. Hopefully it will help you work something useful out anyway.
  4. Work Ball into box means players are more likely to shorten passing and/or dwell on the ball for longer looking for possible passing options. check that fits with the rest of your instructions. Also, it appears that your setup is very one dimensional, which makes it easier, much easier, for the AI to shut you down which i'm guessing is what is happening to your lonely sole up-front player.
  5. Its relative .. but how a player performs is based on more than just the visible info Using an England centric point of view you can add the following information to your list (for a quick general, "im looking for a decent xyz type player") .. i'll point out this is just for reference and not an absolute "this is what players at X level have for stats" 8-11 : Conference 11-13 : L2 13-15 : L1 15-17 : CL 17-19 : PL As with all things random (especially football related) there's a lot variability A defender needs more than just Marking &a
  6. Whilst positional familiarity is nice It isn't totally necessary. Due to budget constraints and injuries I had to play a DC in the ST position for several matches. Whilst his off-the ball and finishing & passing were bad, his heading, strength and jumping attributes were good (for his division) I gave him the TM role and used 2 wingers instructed to float in crosses He scored several goals in nearly a dozen games and carried the squad through a crisis. And yes, he complained about being played out of position, so it's not all roses and rainbows
  7. Think holistically. How do the instructions you've given affect what the players do on the pitch? You've told them "Pass into Space" Where are you creating space for them to pass into? If the opposition is parking the bus, that means they have their whole team back in their own third of the pitch, combine that with your aggressive attacking mentality pushing players forward ... There is no freely occurring space to pass into, you have FORCE space to open up. If you cant visualise player movements when you're team transitions into an attack, make a sketch.
  8. Playing Experience translates into Mental Attributes .. which rarely if ever decline through age. His 'skill' will be based on Physical & Technical attributes and at 35 they will definitely have dropped. There's also a good chance that he's more likely to be consistent and not get nervous in high profile matches, these are hidden values but a coach report will highlight them if they are either very low or very high. The only experience value is for partnerships with other players, it's not exactly hidden, but it isn't labelled anywhere as a stat that's directly
  9. My experience with previous versions of the game is: A large (3 *'s or more) difference in current and potential ability needs to be addressed during the players early career (16-24yrs) This is the key development period for a player, if they reach this age and still have huge amounts of untapped potential they will rarely ever make it. After 25 a player will rarely get more than 1-1.5 *'s worth of improvement and this development is typically in the Mental areas. You can break development down into 3 categories, Physical, Technical & Mental, each has optimum age
  10. Yeah, I'd sign him for 2-4 yrs. Even if his Quickness does decline he should still excel as a more stationary creative focal point for your team. At that point, just reduce his pressing & roam options and either have him either stay back or forward all the time. Even if much slower he's still worth building a supporting tactic around.
  11. Whilst the individual attributes do matter they aren't the only the thing to consider. How a player performs in a specific role & duty will be affected by the attributes they have. Each player will bring something different to a particular role depending on the values they have in different attributes. You can't really look at just finishing in isolation when comparing 2 players. All the other attributes make the player who he is, and they collectively influence his game. It's a very organic, holistic thing .. which is why it can be so confusing at times.
  12. Phear my amazing art skills. … The red & green arrows are how your (S/A) duty players will most likely move as your attacking phase begins Green is before/as it starts Red is afterwards Should help you visualise potential gameplay. The TI's Why direct, v.high tempo & work into box ?? Why exploit left-flank when there is only a IF who will cut inside as the FB on support is a late runner and may not advance very high up the pitch Why pass into space, you're compressing them into there own goal area, what space ??? iirc Work Ball
  13. OK, there's a lack of reasoning given for the hints, but I'm going to look at the comments given above. These hints mirror my own approach to tactics, not just the 4231 but pretty much all of them. So #1 why have a minimum of 3 defend duties. Firstly, even with an aggressive attacking tactic it still needs to be defensively sound, your own goal needs to be protected. By utilising a 3rd Defend duty in the DM/CM strata you provide the minimum adequate cover to your 2 central defenders, without this 3rd defend duty they are vulnerable and exposed, especially to cou
  14. Because it reduces player agency. If a team used the formation in real life they are choosing 3 things To have less influence over wide areas of the pitch. To have less influence over the midfield strata of the pitch. To have a higher influence in the oppositions area. The limitations of the ME notwithstanding, but it IS a viable formation. imho certainly more so than "strikerless" or asymmetric ones, so lets have those blacklisted too ... just because.
  15. One way to look at the OP ... And it's less of a "this is the right/only way to do it" post then.
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