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  1. Check his PPM - this looks a lot like Plays his way out of trouble. Could also be just his attributes failing him, if his role is similar to his partner on the other side I doubt it's his instructions that caused it.
  2. The DLF can easily co-exist with a BBM, if there's anything that would recommend against a BBM are the two IF(A)s. Between them and the DLF you have plenty of goal scoring threat, so you do not need two midfield runners. On the other hand, I think the setup doesn't have enough creative chops - the two IFs are essentially strikers, and while the DLF will be your creator to an extent, most of the times he will look to move into channels to receive the ball and will not drop deep enough to link up with the DLP(D). Personally I would play as BBM the player you were planning to use as BWM, and pair him with a plain old AP(S). Tiki-taka looks to win the ball by pressuring the opposition into an interception not by attacking the ball decisively like Gegen does, and every player has maxed out closing down anyway. This makes a BWM redundant at best, possibly even counterproductive. As a bonus, the AP(S) will make it easier for you to switch the DLP to a HB when up against two forwards formations such as the classic 442.
  3. Learning a new position does not cost CA in and of itself, but does change the CA weights of attributes. From experience, that only happens upwards, so in practice you should expect a small decrease every time you re-train a player - the fewer key attributes his new position shares with his existing ones, the bigger the decrease. Whether it's worth it it's a whole other discussion. With the exception of key players, I'm generally okay with a slight attribute decrease in exchange for increased versatility.
  4. I criticize or praise player performance after every official game. Every 5 games I do the same for form. Every two weeks I do the same for training performance. Every month I comment on form/development for players out on loan. This is borderline exploitative, after 6 months I'm close or very close with all players at the club.
  5. I raised the issue on the Bugs forum shortly after release, feel free to contribute to it.
  6. On the contrary, a BWM is the opposite of a restrained player, and not only that, but his positioning in the DM strata is problematic as you want to pressure and win the ball high up the pitch. You are correct about the ball magnet part, playmaker roles have a hardcoded modifier that makes them more attractive passing options for their teammates. About Dele, it's too much to say he'd struggle without underlap, but it does help mitigate one of his weaknesses. However, training him to Move into Channels had a bigger impact for me, as instead of receiving the ball then looking to dribble his man, he will more often try to beat his man through movement and then look to receive the ball.
  7. I'm quite familiar with Spurs myself, and even though I'm yet to start my full release save with them, I played them quite a bit in Beta and had reasonable success with the default Vertical Tiki Taka style you're using and the same 4-1-4-1 DM formation. I think the source of your problems comes from your choice of midfield roles. First thing I notice is that you do not have any holding midfielder. Now, this role doesn't necessarily need to be a defensive duty player, but you definitely need a restrained player to serve as a deep passing option, especially since in a VTT the def line does not push up to the max. I personally use a DLP(D) at DM, but I reckon a DLP(S) or Reg can work as well - I prefer this role to be a playmaker type of role for the ball-magnet modifier. Then, between Eriksen as AP(A) and Dele with his Forward Runs PPM, you have two attack-minded players who will often find themselves high up the pitch, further exacerbating the issue. You don't need another holding player here, as in a VTT tactic the midfielders making runs from deep is a key feature, but you definitely want a more restrained choice of roles and players. I personally used a BBM+MEZ(S) combo here, but the BBM was usually a defensive profile player such as Dembele or Wannyama. This would mean that one of Dele or Eriksen needs to play wide, which is okay despite their lack of pace, as a underlap instructions will cause both your wide players to hold the ball more instead of cutting inside. What made a huge difference was getting Dele to stop Running with ball and instead Move into Channels.
  8. What team do you manage? Depending on the country, some B squads are distinct teams but with affiliate ties.
  9. Between getting to know the squad and deciding on a tactic that suits it, finding new staff, setting up training, looking up transfer targets it takes me at least 10 hours to get started on a new save. Granted, with plenty of breaks in between those 10 hours, but still...
  10. @Russell Hammant Hi Russel, would you mind removing the More Info Provided tag off this thread, as there multiple accounts of users having the same problem, and it's a quite significant one for me at least. To sum it up, we cannot delete saved schedules. You instructions showed how to delete exported schedules.
  11. Started my annual Tottenham save and as expected two hours in I'm yet to hit continue. From a squad point of view, a first season Spurs manager faces a couple of dilemmas. - cash in on Alderweireld or extend his contract. In FM18 the decision was a no-brainer as he was our best defender and one of the defenders in the game. In FM19 his attributes have been reduced in key areas while his injury proneness was increased to Very High. At 29 he's still in his prime but he's not getting any younger. Sanchez has potential but is not yet on Toby's level, and even so, just him and Vertonghen will not cut it. Possible targets: Pavard, Manolas, Skriniar - backup for Kane. This is something that's plaguing Spurs IRL as well so we need to find a way to break our over-reliance on Harry Kane. Llorente a sub-par option, on huge wages and moody to boot, ideally we want to sell him as soon as possible.This FM both Lucas and Son are natural at ST position, but they're far better when used on the flanks. Plus, unless you're okay with changing your tactic every time you play them at ST, you need strikers built on Harry's mould, that are capable of both scoring an creating. Last, any good backup will expect starts and not just game time off the bench, so personally I prefer a player who's accomplished in at least another position so I can rotate him easier. Possible targets: Fekir, Schick, El Shaarawy, Dabur - 2nd keeper. Lloris is our captain and easily our first choice, but with Vorm's declining quickly and having one year of contract left, we need to secure a solid backup to keep up with the other title contenders. Gazzaniga is only a last resort, but he's nowhere near Spurs standard(which is a shame, because IRL it seems he is) Possible targets: Areola, Horn, Onana Those were the short term issues that require immediate attention, medium and long term there are a couple of other areas that require an answer. Attack: a world class AML/AMR on par with Kane, Eriksen or Alli. Son and Moura are both excellent players, but they're unlikely to be that world class player we need to to compete with the likes of City or Liverpool. Midfield: Dembele's contract has one year left, but unlike Toby there aren't any affordable targets on the market that are also on the same level. Wannyama is a bit one-dimensional but a solid option nonetheless, however between his injury proneness and discipline problems we should expect him to be out quite a few games. Winks is a versatile and has room to grow, but it's unlikely he'll ever be more than a squad player, with some fitness problems to boot. Defence: similarly to our attack, we have solid options in Rose, Davies, Trippier and Aurier(to an extent), but if we are to bring this club to the next level and start winning silverware then we are going to need world class fullbacks(think Marcelo, Carvajal, Dani Alves in his prime)
  12. @lblanc @plcarlos In-game Troy Parrott will be tough to turn into a quality player due to his attribute spread. This is what he looks like in the save I've just started and most of the values appear to be fixed. His he has good dribbling and decent technique on the one hand, but on the other his acceleration and flair are below average, while his agility is terrible. He has good heading but at 178cm it's unlikely he'll develop the jumping to use it. His passing and vision are decent, but his decisions and anticipation are poor even for a player his age. He has good finishing and composure, but poor off the ball and anticipation mean he's not suited to be a poacher. I don't know much about the player IRL, but in-game he'll turn into a Championship player at best, unless in the hands of a human player, and even then at 4 stars potential I reckon some people are not going to put the effort into developing him. It appears that Oliver Skipp is still our best prospect this year.
  13. Interesting, must be due to the new training system. I find Kane and Eriksen fine as they are, but Dele could use a couple of points in pace and accel.
  14. @Cupjake @Dwells2015 All this talk and your accounts that Spurs is pretty challenging in FM19 made me start that full release Spurs save I kept putting off. I have the rest of the week off, although between training and player search it will probably take me a whole day before I press continue for the first time
  15. I played Spurs almost exclusively on 18, I can tell you beforehand that wouldn't work unless you plan on replacing Eriksen, Dele and Kane. Once a player is past 18-19 it becomes increasingly harder to train pace. Spurs squad is far better suited for a patient, possession based approach, tiki-taka or vertical tiki-taka in FM terms.