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  1. You can't disable Brazil because it's an integral part of men's football ecosystem, but there's very little overlap between the men's and the women's sport when it comes to the things that are within the scope of the game - player pools, staff, development infrastructure, finances. And yes, it's well possible to disable countries from the gameworld, Japan from example.
  2. That you think equal outcome(equal preeminence, in this case) are a moral imperative is very much a political stance, I don't find anything morally wrong with women's football being a lot less popular than the men's sport - nobody's wronging women's football by not supporting it, people are simply voting with their wallets and with the eyes against it, the same thing your mod colleague @XaWsuggest we do with FM if we don't like it, ain't it?
  3. I was indifferent to the original announcement on Friday, but with the stances it took since SI has lost any presumption of good faith with me. I am skeptical that the women's football will be entirely optional and I will be able to disable it from the gameworld entirely, and furthermore I am skeptical this newfound woke fervor won't lead to further gameplay compromises at the expense of realism and immersion.
  4. Well according to SI director Miles Jacobson that line isn't drawn at abuse as you claim, but mere concerns and criticism. I've already crossed that line and apparently the game is no longer for me.
  5. My concerns with the announcement are two-fold. 1. By all indications it's not as simple as adding a custom league - new animations, ME tweaks, AI, perhaps entirely new mechanics(Miles was hinting about the effects of periods on women athlete performance). I wouldn't be surprised if for the next couple editions a sizeable portion of the flagship new features are going to be related to the women's game - so yes, those of us who have little to no interest in women's football have every right to be concerned if that development effort is going to be at the expense of the main game. Ok, there's a chance that my concerns turn out to be unfounded, but that kind of righteous entitlement from Miles recent "we don't need that money" statement lost a lot of goodwill points with me. 2. There's an undeniable political undertone not as much to the announcement itself but mostly to the way SI handled the ensuing criticism, I've seen plenty of other game developers making that shift from politically agnostic to activist, and people are correctly intuiting this shift - it's not like you're the first developer to take their fanbase for granted and start treating them like unwashed masses in need of educating.
  6. The OI advice during a match is particularly grating, like when he identifies a particular player as "pulling the strings" just because he has a high rating owing to a 40 yards 1 in 100 shots worldie. But there's just enough useful advice for me to not disable them from the settings.
  7. His Attacking mentality and Dribble More PI will make him dribble a lot regardless of Traits, but you are correct that this particular trait is one of those things where the graphical engine makes it hard to notice it in action and we're left "trusting" the devs that it does what it claims to do.
  8. On a related note, I see that everyone has Dribbling high up their list, but my understanding is that Tries Tricks does not necessarily refer to dribbles and a trick could also mean a flick, a trick pass or a fancy finish. For me personally the three key attributes in order of importance are Flair, Technique and First Touch.
  9. Looks promising, player interactions were long overdue a re-work, but it appears that the Tactics Creator work they hinted at about a year ago got pushed back for FM22. By no means I am disappointed, my expectations for this edition have been toned down, SI is not the only game studio whose development work was disrupted by covid. To be honest, the only reason I'm bummed about FM21 is that just about every single one of my go-to wonderkids has moved this window
  10. I'm not too worried about features. I'd gladly pay for a polished version of FM20, with an improved match engine and an updated database.
  11. As a Spurs fan, this sounds to me like an excellent representation of real world football.
  12. I think that is an excellent representation of real world football.
  13. I will likely still buy the FM21, even though I've barely played 20, because at the end of the day I think SI remains one of the few good guys in gaming. The last thing I'd want is for them to change their design philosophy from a sim that tries to be as faithful as possible to real football, to some micro-transactions fueled arcadey nonsense to appease as large a demographic as possible. But you can tell from recent editions that the lack of a competitor is making them complacent when it comes to QA.
  14. @Welshace A couple requests if you don't mind. Erling Haaland Japhet Tanganga Emi Buendia Fede Valverde
  15. I'm at work so haven't fired up the game yet, but I'm willing to bet Haaland is a -10 or 185+ PA.
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