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  1. This. But you need to keep in mind that the movement you're expecting from the player is an advanced and somewhat counterintuitive play, players in general will naturally converge towards the opposition's box. So there's also the question of that player's attributes - anticipation to identify the opportunity, vision to perceive his teammates movement, decisions and teamwork to pick the option from the alternatives, off the ball to actually execute it. I think a player would need above average ratings in these attributes to expect this kind of play from him. Cuts inside does nothing for central players, you cannot even train it unless that player can play wide positions as well.
  2. SD

    Bugged Squad View

    I second this, trying to set up custom views is an exercise in frustration.
  3. SD

    [Italy] Data Issues

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to bring this up, but Italian staff appears to be grossly overrated in-game, Juventus staff in particular. I don't know most of the people in real life, but their attributes seem highly implausible when compared to the staff from other top leagues and teams. The situation with Juventus is simply grotesque. The team is not particularly known for unearthing hidden gems yet most of the scouting team is 17+ in both JPA/JPP. Meanwhile, their HOYD is god among men, all while having a single academy graduate in the first team, and that on the outskirts. Now, compare that guy with the HOYD of teams known for developing youth, such Dortmund, Ajax, Barcelona or Benfica and tell me what has he done to justify those ratings. Same situation with their coaches, take a look at Juventus coaches and compare them with those of other teams like Barcelona, Bayern or City. Have Juventus players in recent years seen that much faster progress than players at these teams? Have Juventus players been that much quicker to reach their potential? Relative to other top teams, I'd say hardly so. I honestly hope SI makes a pass with a critical eye over these research discrepancies between nations, they also exist for players to an extent, but for staff they're simply farcical.
  4. Makes more sense now, but that kind of LoE is not really deed at all, it's +1 notch on Cautious or +0 on Balanced, and any striker role should naturally drop deeper than the LoE regardless of mentality. I think it may be more of an issue of player attributes. LoE is straightforward, it determines how high up the pitch your team is going to press. Urgency is a bit more convoluted but it can be best summed as pressing "range". How intense and effective a player's pressing is will be determined by his attributes - workrate, determination and aggression primarily, pace to cover ground quickly, and stamina to fuel it all.
  5. The narrow 343s setups are ridiculous, I don't dispute that. This is why I was surprised about the wide IF variant, it's a lot more balanced and plausible than the others. One attacking forward plus two supporting wide players is not anywhere near as absurd as three attacking central forwards.
  6. Scout him all the way and check his other attributes, particularly his injury proneness. His estimated potential might also change drastically, he can become a 50 recommendation or a 80 recommendation. His ability seems to be high for his age, so expect your scouts to overrate his potential slightly. But it really depends how much you can get him for, if you can get him for cheap then definitely go for it as a speculative signing, other than his low fitness he doesn't have any visible weaknesses. If it's a significant portion of your budget I would pass, it's true he's still young so he can gain 2-3pts in Natural Fitness by the time he's in his 20s, but DM is not a position you want to sub 70 mins in.
  7. A player with low natural fitness will see a steeper natural decline of his physical attributes past his peak. He will also lose more physical attributes when injured or not training(on holiday). When still young players usually recover those attributes once they resume playing, but past their peak any physical decline is irreversible, so injuries will take a bigger toll on this player. Low natural fitness does not make a player more injury prone, at least not directly, a high rating in the hidden injury proneness attribute does that. In practice the two are often correlated and many players with poor natural fitness are also rated high for injury proneness. During matches it's stamina that governs a player's condition, natural fitness governs the recovery of his condition between matches. A player with lower starting condition will see his condition dip lower during a match, all else being equal. The lower a player's condition, the higher the chances of injury, so in practice a player with low natural fitness will need to be subbed or rested more often.
  8. The guy is a very active contributor to the Tactics Sharing forum where most tactics are variations of exploits, but this particular tactic of his looks legit and is in fact surprisingly similar to what I use myself. The TIs are what you'd expect for a possession style, the formation is reasonably common in contemporary football, while the roles and duties are well balanced and actually make some sense. On the offence it's straight forward, it works by overloading the flanks. It defends with a flat 5 man def line plus 2 midfielders right in front, it's what FM Antonio Conte uses and while it can be countered it requires non-standard adjustments that I don't think the AI is capable of making.
  9. I'm not saying it's not doable, I'm sure people have done it, but there's one significant aspect you need to keep in mind. Teams such as Ajax or Benfica have the luxury of playing in leagues markedly below their level, so with the exception of two rivals each and a handful of teams on temporary peaks in form, they can get away with giving ample playing time to their youth players. A more realistic goal for the Prem would be a SAF era Man U - or to a smaller extent present day Spurs if I'm allowed to be biased , where every year there are a couple of prospects in the orbit of the first team, but the club also makes the occasional dip in the transfer market to stay competitive at the top.
  10. You can select the person in charge from the Staff Responsibilities section - it doesn't necessarily have to be the U18 manager and there's nothing stopping you from having the same person handle senior, U23 and U18 training. That staff member wouldn't create schedules, though, but rather pick one of the pre-made schedules based on his tactical preferences then adapt it to the fixtures list. In the case of U18 schedules the default options are limited to just a handful of generic ones, but at that age I players do not need focused training anyway.
  11. SD

    Tottenham Save

    Sure, best of luck, mate. Looking forward to hear how it worked out for you.
  12. SD

    Tottenham Save

    You can still do it from the Players tab in the tactics screen, select the position and there's a drop-down at the bottom. I can't say I've found the feature that useful, though, as the two players wouldn't swap dynamically depending on where each phase of play finds them, they'd just take turns at filling eachother's role in spells of 10-15 mins. And if you do this to shake off a man-mark, the AI seems to react immediately, but I need to test this some more before I draw a definite conclusion.
  13. SD

    Tottenham Save

    Glad to hear you found this helpful. Personally I prefer the attacking central forward/support wide forwards route, and I'm also not a big fan of the RMD role as I find it too rigid, so I don't have much experience with it. Intuitively, though, I'd say the MEZ should be on the same flank with the RMD, as the latter would often find himself making runs in the box, although I would consider changing the MEZ duty to support in this case. Other than that, I can't say I've noticed any difference to what side of the partnership Dele and Eriksen are playing as both of them are capable with both feet. You could even try instructing them to swap positions if you're feeling extra cheeky .
  14. SD

    Tottenham Save

    About the stopper adjustment, it goes without saying that: 1. Your defenders need good mentals and decent passing/technique. Not necessarily dribbling, a bit counter-intuitively, as they will never actually take on anyone, just advance with the ball the way the way many modern defenders do IRL(Sanchez often did this tonight IRL). All four of Spurs starting defenders are more than capable of this playstyle, but it's not something I would use with someone like Smalling. 2. It work best against isolated strikers with poor mobility. Do not try it vs Liverpool's 4 man high press.
  15. SD

    Tottenham Save

    Yes, overlaps and focus play on both flanks. Both CBs were on stopper duty and instructed to dribble more. IFs were positioned by default, I usually instruct them to sit narrower when the opposition doesn't field a DM, for instance in a flat 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1.