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  1. Was just wondering, what happens if you fail a required season objective? Because turns out FA Cup Objective was ‘required reach quarter final’ luckily I had already made it but I would’ve taken it a bit more seriously had I noticed that it was ‘required’. Is it an instant sacking no matter what or?
  2. I can’t say I haven’t seen others with the same problem though
  3. Haven’t conceded 1 set-piece goal yet and have scored from 1 free kick as well as a cross from a free kick, which is much less than I was pre-patch.
  4. Nope switch between playing a mid-block (standard d-line) against good opposition and a higher d-line against those that are worse than me. My centre backs are both rapid as well.
  5. Yup there are too many which is why I’m actually quite glad in some ways that they aren’t being converted at the rate they should be at. They need to improve defender’s abilities to track striker’s runs which would solve this issue.
  6. Played 10 games after patch. Pros: - Overall play seems so much nicer, better interplay and movement and I have scored a couple of cutbacks which 100% wouldn’t have happened pre-patch. - Defending seems improved as I am keeping many more CS’s than before (which was hardly any). - 57 fps locking glitch is gone (yay). Cons: 1 on 1s are now even less likely to be scored. Seeing about 3 of them a game (so around 30 in 10 games so far) and haven’t seen a single one scored. Once that gets fixed the ME will be hugely better compared to the BETA. Overall, very good patch.
  7. Yet again, I find myself incredibly frustrated with the Match Engine. Bug after bug after bug. I would genuinely be delighted if for one FM you decided that you aren’t going to add a single new feature, instead you are just going to spend an entire year creating a match engine that is as close as to real life as you can get it to be. Imagine how good you could get it if all of your efforts for an entire year went into simply the ME. Then for future FMs (at least say 5 or 6 before tech advancements can help to improve the ME even further) stick to the same ME that is the best it can be, and THEN you can add all the jazz e.g. club vision. Dress the game up with as many fancy new features as you want that will help improve game sales because they look good on promos (not a dig at SI as such because every company in this industry does it), but most of us I’m sure won’t find it as enjoyable as it would be if you simply made the ME realistic and polished. Only once that has been achieved should you then look on to add the extras (which actually do look very promising for FM20). I, and it seems many others, are fed up of ridiculous ME bugs year on year that ultimately make the game much less enjoyable and rewarding than it has the potential to be. I sincerely hope that you at least consider this advice, as I am just a passionate consumer who wants the product to be as good as it can be.
  8. Would you mind posting a screenshot of your 4231 tactic? Would be interested to see what is different to mine.
  9. Really struggling with any possession-based 4231 in FM20, unlike last year. I started FM20 with a Spurs save and played a 433 as I really liked the idea of a midfield 3 of Lo Celso and Ndombele ahead of a DM (I signed Florentino Luis who was incredible). Finished 3rd the first season, and 2nd the second season with ~95 points, Liverpool won with a ridiculous 105 points. However, I managed to win the Champions League that second season. So unless you’re fixed on using a 4231 for whatever reason, I’d look into changing to a 433.
  10. Anyone else finding it impossible to use the 4231 effectively? Was a gem last year. Creating virtually no chances through actual possession, only set pieces. 433 seems to be so much easier to use.
  11. Ah ok, might have a go with this if I’m in the mood again, thanks for all your great advice and will update in a few days with my thoughts and results
  12. Will have a play with the RMD/IF. Wait you can instruct to swap? How? Thought they removed that feature EDIT: Nevermind, found it online. Thanks for all your help and I’ll let you know how I get on in the next few days 😄
  13. If I could just get your view on my post just above about the roles of the wide midfielders and the sides of Dele and Eriksen I’d really appreciate it, then I will leave you alone 😂 Really appreciate your help btw, I’ve learned lots from this discussion
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