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  1. Ah ok, might have a go with this if I’m in the mood again, thanks for all your great advice and will update in a few days with my thoughts and results
  2. Will have a play with the RMD/IF. Wait you can instruct to swap? How? Thought they removed that feature EDIT: Nevermind, found it online. Thanks for all your help and I’ll let you know how I get on in the next few days 😄
  3. If I could just get your view on my post just above about the roles of the wide midfielders and the sides of Dele and Eriksen I’d really appreciate it, then I will leave you alone 😂 Really appreciate your help btw, I’ve learned lots from this discussion
  4. Yes that makes sense, Jan also did this a lot last season, I often think our defenders could do this more than they do!
  5. Interesting point, more space between the lines. I will definitely also experiment with the stopper and dribble more PI on the CBs
  6. Maybe Son RMD on the left with Lozano as an IF (s) on the right. Not sure which side to play Eriksen (RPM S) and Dele (Mez A) as IRL Eriksen prefers to drift around the right so that he can swing balls in on his right which he seems to prefer to use. But here I’m worried that Dele will occupy one of the wide forwards’ space. Should I put Dele on the RMD side or the IF (s) side?
  7. And that was with overlaps selected as well as focus play on the flanks? Did sitting the IFs narrower allow closer passing then to create chances in the centre
  8. Might try one as a RMD and one as an IF, which out of Lozano and Son do you think would be best at RMD
  9. How can you tell whether you need to change formation or not?
  10. Interested to know where most of your chances come from, if the IFs tends to hold up the ball. Is it pretty much all from crosses by the wing backs?
  11. Interesting point, how would the raumdeuters movement differ to the IF, as I ideally want them to make lots of runs in behind to stretch the defence. And yes I will have a look at the defensive line, and select mixed crosses.
  12. Hello, apologies was busy so could only quickly drop in the screenshot, but thank you for these replies. Do you think it would be better for me to drop my defensive line by 1 or to increase the line of engagement by 1; as the others above have said, dropping your line of engagement can help draw out the opposition to allow for more space to attack on transitions, which is what I was intending. And yes I see what you mean about the “pass into space”, will change that as well as dropping the tempo to normal, and work from there.
  13. Have made some changes with TIs using your suggestions and to involve Kane in the buildup and have the two IFs make the runs in behind. Would you suggest a normal defensive line and line of engagement then? I have minor adjustments for matches against the top 6 that I would make, only played 3 so far but managed to beat Chelsea 4-0 using the original system but slightly more reserved, although the chances weren’t exactly from beautiful football.
  14. I have decided to begin FM19 with my team, Tottenham. I am a massive fan of Pep's style of football, so have included some of his ideas as you can probably tell, however, it's not meant to be a recreation of City by any means. Haven't play any games with it yet, but I would appreciate it if you could make any suggestions as to what I can improve/fix, as I am pretty new to the franchise.
  15. Very informative insights in this discussion so thank you Experienced Defender. When it comes to PIs, what would your strategy be for assigning those? Maybe you could give examples using his team?
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