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New save with Atletico Madrid

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I always play with Atletico Madrid and this time I have just started a new save with them trying to play a 442 and 424. I don't have a particular style of football in m mind coz I really haven't used 442 before in fm.

I am struggling to line up a 442 with right roles and duties. Below is the 442 I have set-up for tough games and a 424 for games where I am chasing a goal. 

Any help with players/ roles/ duties/ instructions is highly appreciated.



P.S. I have not played any games with the tactic.

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6 hours ago, nidhar.ram said:



6 hours ago, nidhar.ram said:

Any help with players/ roles/ duties/ instructions is highly appreciated

Given the higher tempo and lower LOE in your 442 tactic, it seems as though you basically want to play counter-attacking football as your primary style?

If so, here are my suggestions (but keep in mind that such a strategy could well fail, simply because ATM is considered a top team, which means you'll face defensive opposition most of the time):

First the roles and duties:

TQ   AF/PFat

IWsu    CMde   CAR    WMsu

FBat    CDde   BPDde   WBsu


Starting team instructions:

Mentality - Positive

In possession - play out of defence, shorter passing, higher tempo, hit early crosses (and optionally/occasionally - run at defence)

In transition - counter, distribute quickly

Out of possession - lower LOE

Player instructions:

ML/IWsu - Lemar - sit narrower

MCR/CAR - Koke - take more risks, close down more

MCL/CMde - Llorente - tackle harder

STCL/AF(PFat) - Costa - close down more

Any questions?

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