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  1. The TQ has 10 accelerations and 10 pace, the Poacher has (roughly) 12 acceleration and 13 pace - off the top of my head
  2. Yeah I do. I think I may need help beating the high press. It’s always a 4231 that I come up against. So I’m thinking about dropping the TQ to the AM strata so he drops deeper and offers a long option for the CBs and FBs when the opposition are pressing high. Also, we lack speed so I think my “pass into space” instruction is being wasted. I’ve left things unchanged the last few games against those teams and have struggled
  3. I forgot the Treq is a playmaker!! Thanks for that Would you say a PF could work well in a counter attacking system alongside a TQ?
  4. Really glad I asked this question, I've learned so much from this thread. Thanks to all of you who replied and contributed!!
  5. Hi everyone I started a thread regarding tempo and how it affects the team and got some great responses. I wanted to post my tactic here rather than on that thread as this is no longer regarding tempo. Here's the tactic: I am aiming to play counter attacking football where we soak up pressure then hit teams on the break. Looking for opinions on it. After two games it seems to be working well. Before the change, we had went 8 games without a win! I previously used a DLF-S instead of the TQ, however @Experienced Defender suggested I change him to a DLF-A. When I went to do this I realised I had a player capable of playing as a TQ and Experienced Defender has said before if he had a player able to play that role he would definitely be using it. Before I used Shankland as a TQ he hadn't scored in 28 hours of football. After this change he's now scored 4 in his last 2 - he has great off the ball, anticipation and composure attributes. I was actually close to selling him when he wasn't performing, little did I know it was actually a tactical problem. He also has the traits "plays with back to goal", "comes deep to get ball" and "moves into channels". All which, as far as I'm aware, suit this role perfectly (?) Keane has very poor aggression (4) so I'm reluctant to use him as a PF, does anyone suggest another role which could benefit the tactic? I also changed Hendry to an AP-S as his attributes in vision, passing, composure and decisions and traits (tries killer balls) were getting wasted (in my opinion) as a BBM or CM-A. Is an AP-S still suitable for a counter attacking tactic? Or could this slow down the play at all? Thanks in advanced for your help Thanks
  6. This is actually they tweaked version. This is what I had originally P-A T-A IW-S BWM-S CM-D W-S FB-A CD-D CD-D FB-S GK-D Dribble less was selected to, hopefully, encourage them to play the ball up further and I thought I noticed us losing the ball a lot during games from dribbles Any changes you would make to the original screenshots role? Or even the ones I’ve wrote above? Thanks
  7. I So here's the system I've been using. The aim was to: pull the opposition forward, soak up some pressure then get the ball through to the IW-A or for DLF-S to knock on to the P-A or BBM-S when he makes an underlapping run. I did question whether "More Direct Passing" was the right instruction for this rather than "Pass Into Space". The W-S was there to cross and make runs from deep and the FB-A to overlap him and provide crosses. Anyway, relating back to my original question, the team are poor in work rate, pace, decisions, anticipation. Would a shorter and slower passing game suit that type of team? My thinking behind this is if I use "Higher tempo" I'm worried my players are being rushed into making decisions and therefore making a poorer one. When I say this tactic was doing poorly, I'm talking 2 shots in a game against the oppositions 22. Also, I'm wondering if I could get some help on what to look for during games in terms of analysing my tactic. I let a tactic play out for 3-4 games but don't know what I should be watching, I get a bit overwhelmed by watching the ball and everything else that's going on. If anyone could provide some tips or point me in the direction of another thread/blog/guide that would be great. Thanks in advanced for all your help!
  8. My plan originally was to play counter-attacking football, however it wasn't working at all. I had (in my opinion) all the right roles/duties and a well balanced system however we couldn't get out of our own half most of the time. That's what made me wondered if my teams lower ratings for the mentioned attributes were playing a part in my players before rushed into a decision therefore making a poorer one. I'll load up FM later on tonight and provide a screenshot of the system. Thanks I will admit my transfer policy during the last window was poor. Instead of bringing in players who had the attributes I wanted to replace the ones who had the attributes I didn't, I just replaced the "poorer" players in the team based on their star ratings Thank you for your response
  9. Hello all Just a quick question before I post my tactic for help later on today. My question is regarding the tempo team instruction: If my team are lacking in decision making, vision and anticipation, would a lower tempo be a sensible choice of TI? For example, does the lower tempo tend to give the player more time to make a decision on the ball therefore leading to a higher chance of them making a good (or better) decision? Thanks
  10. Typically, what would you recommend in lone striker formations? A runner or creator? I know context matters but I’m just curious about the options For example would you use an AF-A in a counter attacking system since he is a runner? Or would you leave him to a 2 man partnership? The creators on attack would obviously suit for a possession based tactic but it’s the counter attack I’m more curious about. If I wanted someone to focus on goals in a counter attack system, for example
  11. This seems like a common case of over worrying about the way your team is going to play or them doing things you don’t want to see I think a lot of people want wing play (for example) but are worried that their players will start taking long shots all the time unless they tick “Work ball into box” so they do which then conflicts with the style of play they want and their other instructions. The same goes with you choosing “focus play down middle”, you’ve said you want wing play but you’ve only chosen this team instruction because you’ve seen it work on the plug & play tactics. You need to really think about what instructions match with the way you want to play and leave out the ones that contradict this. Also it’s never usually recommended to use 2 playmakers in the midfield right next to each other. I would recommend changing the AP to more of a runner, the BTB was a better choice in the first screenshot you posted - especially for the style you’re trying to achieve.
  12. Just realised this, my bad! Just for teams in general that possess players who can play DLP. I assume if you wanted to use a DLP you would change the TQ to something like a DLF for example? Thanks for replying!
  13. This is really interesting! I’m currently using a 442 after just being promoted that I would like to have counter attacking football with. I never knew a sweeper keeper would work with a lower defensive line? Shorter passes is something I didn’t expect to see either What’s the reason for tackle harder PI on Llorente? Seeing as OP is a top team, would you consider using a DLP-S instead of the CAR in the central midfield pairing? Always interesting to see your take on things @Experienced Defender!
  14. Mate it sounds like you’re having a cracking time to be honest! A striker scoring 36 goals and finished 3rd in the league plus promotion! Sometimes if you’re losing silly games or silly goals it can be down to other factors than the tactic! If it’s working majority of the season then don’t change what isn’t broken!
  15. That’s another problem then mate - using key highlights! You don’t get the full picture watching on key, comprehensive is the best but extended at the very least. From key highlights you can’t see where the opponent is leaving space, where you’re struggling to cope, if you’re creating good enough chances. For all you know in those games you might have been lucky to score the goals you did and should have lost. It’s tedious but you get used to comprehensive highlights, when you’re doing well in the game and are happy with the way the games going I suppose you could go to extended to speed things up but you must really know your tactic in and out
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