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  1. Yeah I think the suppprt my CB's have is my biggest problem here. For some reason I'm struggling to get my team to give enough support options AND be effective in attack.
  2. Yeah I knew TM attracted the long ball forward but I wasn't using one at the time. I think it's possibly more down to my CB's having a lack of decent options if I'm honest!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm using control mentality (sometimes standard) and was seeing a lot of hoofs so I wondered what the reason was. I'll definitely try using some of the things you mentioned!!
  4. Hello, Just a quick question regarding using a playmaker in midfield. Does using a playmaker (deep lying, advanced or roaming) stop the defence from bypassing the midfield when on the ball and lumping it to the strikers? For example, say I'm watching a game and when my CBs have the ball we are lofting it forward to the strikers 90% of the time instead of passing to the CM-S or CM-A (play out of defence is active on TIs), would changing one of the CM's to a playmaker encourage the defence to stop lofting the ball forward? Any help would be great! Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice mate (and everyone else). I'm going to give these chances a shot as they seem logical, however I also think a problem I may have is not slightly altering my tactic depending on the opposition. I keep forgetting that FM is the most realistic version yet and if a team plays with an AM, for example, I have to counter and react to that. Thanks again, I'll update with my progress soon.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions guys. Nothing I do seems to work with this game though which is disappointing because I love playing it. I've now lost 5 in a row and won 2 games in the last 14. It's not the game's fault, I'm clearly just a terrible player! I've not had success on this game yet, unfortunately. No matter what team I try. I'm watching games but not knowing what to look for, nothing I change (formations, roles, TIs) ever seem to work. Maybe it's time I just gave up. The game isn't working for me at all
  7. Okay so since the last time I posted about my success with the tactic I have played _ games and things have went downward. In typical Chip fashion I got ahead of myself after 2 games and thought I was invincible. Since the opening post we have won 2, lost 4, scored 13 and conceded 14. Nightmare. I've been using the same tactic as the one in the opening post. Let me take you through our last game... Probably not the best game to analyse but we conceded 5 so there's lots for you to know about. We also had a man sent off after 75 minutes but even then the defence was a shambles throughout. As you can see we created a good number of chances (1 CCC and 4 half chances) so the attacking intent was there, however when you look at Barnsley's chances they created 3 clear cut chances and 4 half chances which is simply not good enough for us. Here's what happened... This is the picture not long before Barnsley's first goal. Their CM (James) has come deep to receive the ball from a freek kick. Our TM (30) has went to close him down. But notice the gap between out two strikers and our midfield line. As you can see our midfield and defence are really compact - which is what I want - but theres so much room for Barnsley's no. 6 to get on the ball and take his time. The ball moved out to their right fullback (29) who knocks it first time into Kent (right midfield) who takes it for a run inside. At the moment I don't see a huge threat. Remember their no. 6 (Scowen) who had all that space earlier? He receives the ball with acres around him. Our no. 36 is our BWM and 14 is our left FB. No idea why our BWM is deeper than our FB but this would only be a problem if the ball got played to Barnsley's right FB who's pushing forward. Scowen (6) played it to Riera (RM) and he knocked it first time into Marley Watkins (ST) Watkins slides it through for Bradshaw (ST) who my CBs just decide to leave. So there's how we conceded the first goal. I don't have time to post the other goals right now but I will upload them later tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime I would love for someone to have a look at these screenshots, maybe let me know what they think is going on in terms of my structure, shape etc. and suggest improvements. Are my strikers to far apart from the rest of the team? Do I need a DM? Should I change to 5 in the middle? I really don't know so I need your help! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Okay so this is a little awkward... Before posting this topic I had been using a similar tactic which used counter and a normal d line with pump ball into box and more direct passing selected. Since posting I have played 2 games, won both and scored 8 goals using attacking and dropping the d line so deep has restricted the opposition to so many long shots it's unbelievable. The AF scored 4 of those goals (1 hat trick) and the TM links up really well with the wingers and AF. Some of the football when attacking is great to watch too! We're always hungry to win it back and when we do we're ruthless and attack unbelievably quickly. However there is one problem. Throw ins. When the opposition get a throw in, for some reason we leave a man left free to pick up the ball, dribble towards goal and take a shot. This ended up costing us 2 goals in the second game I played. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice regarding defending throw ins? I'm assuming this will end up being a recurring theme in the next few matches I play. Apologies for needing advice in the OP, you can maybe now try the tactic out if you're struggling instead! Thanks
  9. Hello! I'll try to make this as quick as possible to stop anyone from getting bored. I've recently started a save on FM17 with Burton Albion in the English Championship. Now, to be honest, I haven't had much success this year on FM (sacked by Man City thanks to being 13th in the table in February) so I'm not the greatest of players. One thing I'm really bad for is changing my tactic as soon as it loses a game or two but this time has been different. Let me show you my setup... I know there have a lot of topics on 4-4-2 in the forum recently (and for years) which I have read so apologies for the same formation but I thought I would benefit more from some personal advice. Couple of player instructions: FBs - run wide with ball Left WM - dribble more, cut inside with ball Right WM - stay wider So here's what I'm trying to do. Since I'm Burton I don't have the strongest of squads for the Championship and I certainly do not have the budget other teams do. Because of this I'm looking for a quick, direct, counter attacking tactic. Again, I know so many people have asked for help with this recently but I would really like some help specific to my tactic. My thinking is this: Attacking - quick transitions and quick attacks as far as I'm aware, will probably switch between this and control Flexible - did think about choosing fluid instead and I don't really have a reason not to but I'm not exactly sure what shape to go for Deeper D Line - looking to draw teams forward and, hopefully, leave space in behind for us to exploit Exploit Both Flanks - since I'm using 4-4-2 there's obviously a lack of players in the middle so I thought it would make more sense to use the wings as a means of attacking. Would it be better to take these off and allow the team to attack as they wish? Pass Into Space - well I've dropped the d line to create space so it would make sense to pass it into that space, right? Hit Early Crosses - links in with exploiting the flanks, since we're going to be using the wings I thought it would be smart to hit some crosses when the opportunities there! I've messed about with More Direct Passing but to be honest I don't see a huge difference other than we lump it towards the Target Man more. At the moment I'm rock bottom of the league after 10 games so things are not going too well. In my next post I'll upload screenshots of how it plays and what happens during a match. If you have any initial concerns about the setup then please, please let me know. Also if there's anything else you would like to see just let me know and I can upload screenshots. Thanks in advanced!
  10. Looks like you've been given some great advice here but something I've not seen anyone say (and fair enough it's a tactics thread) is about the players. Maybe it's time to look at recruitment and improving strikers' off the ball etc. Of course there may be changes needed to the tactic to make it even better but it seems like you were getting good success with the players you have at your disposal. I would recommend taking off "play out of defence" if you're wanting to play a quick, direct and counter attacking game as this won't help you launch quick attacks when opponents are unsettled. Experiment with this though and see how it affects your chances.
  11. Check your defenders' pace and acceleration. Since you're on control your d line will be pushed up and this could lead to balls over the top, especially since you use 2 WBs - the opposition will exploit these wide spaces. If your defenders and full backs are slow then they will get caught out with balls over the top and your CBs might not be quick enough to cover for the WBs. It's hard for WBs to get up and down the field so quickly so make sure your CBs or CMs are anticipating the counter from the opposition and covering the WBs
  12. To be honest I've never actually got far enough in a save or looked into player development enough to try out different things Using Man Utd at the moment to get used to this years version so hopefully I can get hooked and go for a few seasons.
  13. Yeah I like the sound of this. I've always been a fan of players who fit into certain roles but aren't all round great players. Will definitely start developing more players than just the ones with "highest" potential.
  14. Just wondered what everyone's take on Youth Development is on FM17. I've read a few different articles from Cleon etc. regarding the issue but was wondering what other people's process is. Do you develop every player the same way regardless of potential? Do you only focus on one or two hot prospects? Sorry if been discussed before, would be good to get updated opinions!
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