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  1. @Callummack Me too. I am looking to build a fresh Barcelona side only retaining 3 or 4 players in the current squad. Let me know what set-up are you going to go with..
  2. Mainly due to his below average playmaking skills. I am thinking IF(s) instead of IF(a).. Would that make sense?
  3. I will try few matches with default tempo and see how it goes.. thanks for your input
  4. I want to play positive football and play to my player's strength. Felix & Suarez are my desired goal scorers.. but Carrasco has been banging in some goals mainly from solo dribbles. Defense is solid and able to win the ball back fairly quickly.. In attack, we are lacking link-up play and very wing heavy
  5. To all tactical experts, I need some help to figure out why my tactic with Atletico Madrid is lacking progressive play and any meaningful chances. Below is my tactic. When Luis Suarez is fit, he plays as a CF(s, Saul as DLP(s) and Koke as CM(d). I have played friendlies and three league matches, I have won almost all of them but goals are coming mainly from long shots or set-pieces.
  6. Thanks for this. Could the below be another alternative to the same set-up? PFat AM(A) WMat CMde CAR WPsu WBsu CDde CDde WBsu SKsu The wide playmaker cutting in to make passes to the two forwards and RWB taking over the space vacated by WP. How do I ensure the PFat and AMat don't make the straight runs as they play in the same vertical line? It is only during transitions the PFat will move into channels and regain his central position as the ball moves into final third. I am thi
  7. Thanks for your assistance as always.. Where would you play Saul & Koke in this system? They both are well rounded midfielders.. Saul is creative + runner while saul is breakdown attack & launch counter attacking balls.. Also what;s the difference between IW(A) & WM(A) in context to this tactic?
  8. I am looking to play a quick passing game and below is current set-up. Please suggest how it can be improved as atm i am only scoring goals from set pieces and long shots. Appreciate your help.
  9. Moves into Channels, Plays with back to goal, Likes ball played to feet & runs with the ball often
  10. Makes sense.. Thanks for this. I am going to be focusing on my wings and expecting them to create and get at the end of the chances from midfield.
  11. Yep, Gimenez is okay as a BPD but I have seen too many mistakes costing us goals. Felix is just not producing the goods. No chances created by him and more horizontal passes to his near by team mates. That is not good as I am expecting him to combine well with Costa
  12. I have created this tactic aiming to play positive football but don't want to obsess on possession for the sake of it. \ My question is if the overall tactic has the penetration and do the roles reflect the positive mentality on the pitch that will create chances? @Experienced Defender @crusadertsar @Djuicer @OJ
  13. I have taken advice and below is the set-up. I am going to play a couple of matches and look for pros and cons. Mainly the link up at the top
  14. Below is my current set-up. It is still WIP and feedback to instructions/ roles and duties is welcome.
  15. I have loaded a new Barcelona save and got me thinking on how to set-up my front three combining to produce movements making it hard for opposition defense. While the standard 4-3-3 with wide wingers is not a bad idea with Grizi and Messi as wide forwards and Suarez at no-9 as a CF on support. the approach worked well and I won everything there is, but I didn't see that link-up play amongst the front 3 to be fluid as something similar to MSN. Hence I wanted to put them close to each other so that they form a strong partnership and can read each other's movement really well and react to i
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