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  1. Moves into Channels, Plays with back to goal, Likes ball played to feet & runs with the ball often
  2. Makes sense.. Thanks for this. I am going to be focusing on my wings and expecting them to create and get at the end of the chances from midfield.
  3. Yep, Gimenez is okay as a BPD but I have seen too many mistakes costing us goals. Felix is just not producing the goods. No chances created by him and more horizontal passes to his near by team mates. That is not good as I am expecting him to combine well with Costa
  4. I have created this tactic aiming to play positive football but don't want to obsess on possession for the sake of it. \ My question is if the overall tactic has the penetration and do the roles reflect the positive mentality on the pitch that will create chances? @Experienced Defender @crusadertsar @Djuicer @OJ
  5. I have taken advice and below is the set-up. I am going to play a couple of matches and look for pros and cons. Mainly the link up at the top
  6. Below is my current set-up. It is still WIP and feedback to instructions/ roles and duties is welcome.
  7. I have loaded a new Barcelona save and got me thinking on how to set-up my front three combining to produce movements making it hard for opposition defense. While the standard 4-3-3 with wide wingers is not a bad idea with Grizi and Messi as wide forwards and Suarez at no-9 as a CF on support. the approach worked well and I won everything there is, but I didn't see that link-up play amongst the front 3 to be fluid as something similar to MSN. Hence I wanted to put them close to each other so that they form a strong partnership and can read each other's movement really well and react to it. All the three players have great first touch, technique, anticipation, composure, off the ball, flair, agility and balance. This should enable them to produce excellent link-up play with fluid movements and quick exchange of passes between them. I would like to get some feedback on the roles and duties in order to achieve this. Below is my current set-up. please share your thoughts. I have instructed both the strikers to stay wider.
  8. I have created a very fluid possession based system in FM20 but in 4411 formation as it suits my players better. Below is the tactic. I have deliberately positioned my wingers/ wide forwards at ML/MR position rather than AML/AMR. This is so that those players are more involved in the build-up play and also prevents the ball being moved to switch to flanks too early where they lack enough support. As part of total football I still press high but not counterpress. Instead, forwards and wingers along with wingbacks compress space and my midfield is mainly positioned to stay close to opposition midfielders. I have customized IW(S) on both flanks so that one acts as a creator primarily while the other is scorer/creator. The two roles I am not entirely sure are the MCL which is the DLP(D) and the AM(S). Any suggestions on how those two roles can be set-up in this system will be really appreciated. Also please critic the overall tactic too.
  9. What roles can be used to achieve high press while using 442?
  10. Below is my set-up PF(S) AF(A) WM(S) MEZ(S) CM(D) IW(A) WB(A) CD(D) CD(D) WB(S) I am expecting my PF(S), WM(S), CM(D) and WB(S) to my key pressers as they have the rounded attributes to do so. I have noticed that counter press seems to break the formation quite easily as players aimlessly run towards the opponent in the aim of winning the ball. Is it possible to set-up something more structured where I use a mix of closing down and marking to prevent opposition build-up?
  11. I want my team to defend in a 442 high up the pitch with the aim of winning the ball in the opponents half. Below is my defensive set-up. I am a top team so expect most of my opposition to sit back and play meaningless side ways passes with their backline and I want to stop that from happening. My players have good mental and physical skills; so I am expecting them to win the ball in opposition half. -- Can balanced mentality achieve high press? I think it can but with a 442 and 8 players stationed rather deep, can it work? -- What defensive TI's can help? -- Which players should I ask to close down more? wide players? -- counter press ? This often breaks the two banks of four and opposition easily play through my press. -- Marking specific players? - Can I use it on my midfield players to close opposition's midfield? What are the disadvantages to it?
  12. Below would be my choice of roles and duties if you are looking to emulate Fergie's 442. SK(S) FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) FB(A) W(A) B2B DLP(D) WP(S) AF DLF(S) You can either use DLF(S) or PF(S) down to your choice. Having the Wide playmaker and DLP on defend along with a support duty striker helps you keep the ball on the left and unlock the right flank. As @Djuicer mentioned, it is best to go with an Attacking mentality to gain quick transitions and hit teams before they organise their defence. As with any 442 the key lies with how your set-up your out of possession instructions. Your team of choice also plays a massive role in this set-up.
  13. Below is my current tiki taka set-up with Barca. End of august and have gained full tactical familiarity. Suarez currently playing as F9 but producing the goods I expected. Perhaps due to his traits.. Messi missed the pre-season and couple of league games due to injury, so slowly bringing him back to fitness. My question is do I slot Messi straight as F9 and remove Suarez to IF(A) and Grizi to IW(S) or get Messi to play as an IW(S) on the right flank. Hopefully in the coming matches, expect to see some nice short passing goals. Will keep posted on the progress.
  14. Below is my initial tactical 343 diamond set-up with Atletico Madrid. I have got excellent crosses of the ball in the form of Lemar & Correa (who also likes to cut inside to give me some variety to attack) and I want to make absolute use of it. Up front, Costa my primary target for goals paired with Felix who will look to play balls to Costa or spread it wide for a threatening cross. My field will look to basically keep possession and look to move the ball forward to create an overload on either wing. Against stronger teams, I will basically lower the LOE and hit early crosses into space without any changes to roles or duties. And against stubborn defences, I want to push the wingers further up and press high. I have a few questions which you guys can hopefully help me out. 1. is the overall set-up balanced and reflecting my ideas with the roles and duties? 2. Obviously, my wings are defensively vulnerable. How can I minimize this risk? Or is it having to choose between risk vs.reward? 3. Because this set-up a mix between Possession vs counter, I not sure how to set-up my training schedule which equally puts emphasis on both these aspects. 4. What variations can I add to this set-up when played against solo strikers? 5. I have kept my TI's fairly simple and Balanced mentality. Is that okay too? Do I need to push the mentality to positive or add instructions or may be change roles to create chances?
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