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  1. I would need some help in establishing the roles to create the patterns shown in the image below. My idea is one striker moves vertically and the other horizontally and the space vacated by strikers will be occupied by a winger cutting in and a central midfielder bombing forward. Both full backs mainly support the midfield and provide cover for when we loose the ball. I have gone with Positive mentality with a narrow width & a lower tempo to get these movements.
  2. There is a natural overlap on the left with FB(A) and WP(S). I don't think you need the TI as it will only bring the mentality of the WP to cautious. Change WP's role to attack and FB(A) to WB(S) and see how that works. you will have the WP having space behind the AF and play balls to your forwards. Also CM(D) could be BWM(S) to have the midfield defending in a flat 4 shape.
  3. Good read. For opponents coming at you, this set-up will surely be potent. How has it played against teams that aren't interested in coming out of their block?
  4. Deportivo La Coruna.. see if you can bring the glory days back to the club.
  5. Thanks @Rashidifor your feedback. I have the roles and duties finalized but unable to decide on how to defend. My centre mid's are hardworking but my wide wingers aren't. Backline is relatively quick so I suppose I could defend slightly higher but positive mentality means the DL is already high. I am tempted to go with standard DL & LOE but with urgent missing. Will this work bearing in my mind I am one of the teams expected to push for the title. Appreciate your feedback.
  6. I guess having WP(A) and AF on the same side and WP(A) and CF(S) on the same side having their own advantages and disadvantages. The latter will help me overload the left side with WP, CF & WB to unlock the right side with my AF and winger waiting. May be I can use both the approaches so that I don't become predictable game to game. Another question I have is how I can defend with this set-up? I don't think I can press high, would a middle block work here? If so, how do i set it up?
  7. Thanks always for the feedback.. My thinking behind having the WP and AF on the left flank was so that the WP will directly feed the AF with through balls + passes from CF. Can you guys please explain why the AF should be on the right?
  8. The idea behind the tactic is the WP, WB and CF will supply the balls to AF and winger on the right arriving at the far post. The FB will cover for the winger on the right flank and the CM(D) will hold position in the middle to cover for the left flank. I am unsure about the role for RCM. Will a CM(S) provide enough attacking and defensive support on the right flank? In terms of instructions, below is the set-up Mentality - Positive Ti's - Play out of defence
  9. I am looking to get some feedback on the below 2 set-up's for a new save. please note I haven't played any games using the tactics. I just want to get an initial view of the roles/ instructions and help me point out glaring tactical mistakes. The first tactic is the one I will be starting most of my matches and against certain opponents, I will counterpress. When I am trying to keep hold of the ball, I switch to shorter passing and change CF(S) to DLF(S). The second one is of a counterattacking one. wing the ball in the middle of the pitch and use the striker movements to create goal scoring oppurtunities.
  10. To add, I am training the team mainly on keeping the ball ,chance creation/ conversion and counterpressing. My first X1 is mostly set to half intensity ( normal intensity if there is only one match a week). Bench players are by default set to double intensity.
  11. Yep, nothing has changed. A bit annoyed with Felix. I am training to improve his quickness but not seeing any outcome despite his good progress in training making himself hard to get a place in the forward line. I am seeing a slight increase in his balance but nothing on teamwork & workrate.
  12. Everton plays AML. I am continuing the save and Treq is producing good results for me. I wanted a good back up for my midfield who is versatile to play both roles and wanted some cheap and found Naby Keita transfer listed and got him for 10m. He is loving the role and making good off the ball runs and driving forward with the ball in the final third. His attributes are perfect for this style of play.
  13. Alright, It was the opening match week of the season and to be honest, I was a little nervous going into this match against Bilbao who always bring their A game against strong opponents, It is half time at Metropolitano and this is where we are. Just WoW.. All goals from open play. Quick passing triangles, pulling the opposition to one flank and unlocking the other. One of the goals shown below. @04texag - I did tweak TI's ever so slightly and toned down the mentality to Attacking. I also moved AP(A) to forward strata and played him as TQ. My new signing Everton Cebolinha from SLB has certainly lit up the half.
  14. @04texag - Great work mate. A good season for Atleti playing total football. As you mentioned a couple of upgrades in certain positions will do wonders to this squad. Do you mind sending over the save as it is currently? I would like to run few simulations on it.
  15. Well, it certainly falls under the Final Third tab But it has always been hard for me to understand BME in the match engine. I haven't seen extravagant roaming, flair or vision when using BME as opposed to when not using it when the same set-up. Hopefully someone show some differences it has made to their set-up.
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