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  1. I am looking to get some feedback on the below 2 set-up's for a new save. please note I haven't played any games using the tactics. I just want to get an initial view of the roles/ instructions and help me point out glaring tactical mistakes. The first tactic is the one I will be starting most of my matches and against certain opponents, I will counterpress. When I am trying to keep hold of the ball, I switch to shorter passing and change CF(S) to DLF(S). The second one is of a counterattacking one. wing the ball in the middle of the pitch and use the striker movements to
  2. To add, I am training the team mainly on keeping the ball ,chance creation/ conversion and counterpressing. My first X1 is mostly set to half intensity ( normal intensity if there is only one match a week). Bench players are by default set to double intensity.
  3. Yep, nothing has changed. A bit annoyed with Felix. I am training to improve his quickness but not seeing any outcome despite his good progress in training making himself hard to get a place in the forward line. I am seeing a slight increase in his balance but nothing on teamwork & workrate.
  4. Everton plays AML. I am continuing the save and Treq is producing good results for me. I wanted a good back up for my midfield who is versatile to play both roles and wanted some cheap and found Naby Keita transfer listed and got him for 10m. He is loving the role and making good off the ball runs and driving forward with the ball in the final third. His attributes are perfect for this style of play.
  5. Alright, It was the opening match week of the season and to be honest, I was a little nervous going into this match against Bilbao who always bring their A game against strong opponents, It is half time at Metropolitano and this is where we are. Just WoW.. All goals from open play. Quick passing triangles, pulling the opposition to one flank and unlocking the other. One of the goals shown below. @04texag - I did tweak TI's ever so slightly and toned down the mentality to Attacking. I also moved AP(A) to forward strata and played him as TQ. My new signing Everton Ceb
  6. @04texag - Great work mate. A good season for Atleti playing total football. As you mentioned a couple of upgrades in certain positions will do wonders to this squad. Do you mind sending over the save as it is currently? I would like to run few simulations on it.
  7. Well, it certainly falls under the Final Third tab But it has always been hard for me to understand BME in the match engine. I haven't seen extravagant roaming, flair or vision when using BME as opposed to when not using it when the same set-up. Hopefully someone show some differences it has made to their set-up.
  8. To say Xavi was more conservative might not be true to its full meaning IMHO. Yes, Xavi was conservative with his dribbling but highly expressive with the way he orchestrated the midfield, his passing. No player in Pep's team was allowed to do anything on the field except for that little man up front. In fact, Pep is so obsessive about each player's position on the pitch and what actions they will do. Watching him on the sidelines during matches, he gets very annoyed when his player is not at the right position right from build-up to attacking third. Henry talks about Pep's positional pla
  9. You are playing out of defense with three BPD who are all instructed to take more risks. Their general inclination is to look a riskier pass than a safer/ conservative pass to a near by team mate. Composure & Decisions are key for BPD when it comes to the type of pass they will play.
  10. Great thread this. Lemar is truly a beast. I was trying him in the LCM as a MEZ(S) and Saul playing the Xavi role on the right and Koke at the base. If anything, his off the ball ,compsure & decisions could be slightly better for this type of football. Agree with your evaluation of Felix. He is too good to be left on the bench though More than his below average physicals, I am mainly worried about his low team work. It affects the fluidity in the final third and subsequently puts a dent to our attacks.
  11. the IWAB(A) for Alves was just a hunch and to be frank it works decent. There is a lot of fluidity between the LB & LW & LCM as shown in the posts above. I decided to go with IF's to mainly have those aggressive runs into the box. Pep used midfield trio + Messi to move the opponent and let Villa & Pedro make those runs. He never wanted the wide forwards to take on opponents unless they are on counter.
  12. Here is another goal from the same match. Just a switch of play from Saul makes the opponent loose their defensive shape. I like how Suarez could have played that lobbed ball to Correa earlier but waited for Lodi to make a run into the box and then made that pass to Correa for him to finish.
  13. Just loaded an ATM save and in the middle of the first friendly against our B side and I am like what I am seeing. Those movements during transition and in the final third are very pleasing and sometimes unpredictable. In the below screenshot you will see Lodi our IWB(A) receiving the ball against the byline and an easy 3 vs 2 to progress the ball up the field. And I also like how the opponent's (in yellow) no 9 is almost jailed by our CB's and DM and there is no way a ball could be played to him in the event we loose the ball. Few passes later and after we kept moving the o
  14. IMO Xavi's role should include these traits - Dictates tempo, Comes deep to get ball, tries to play out of trouble and switch ball to other flank. To me these traits are fundamental of Xavi's play. Traits like Killer balls & long range passes are nice to have but players with good passing, technique, vision and decisions will do this regardless. For Iniesta, similar traits as Xavi's but comes deep to get ball is not necessary as Barca's left flank has enough support during build-up and in transition. Moves into Channels is good for Iniesta's role as well. In terms of other attribute,
  15. You can check the pass combinations to see how your progress up the field. Looking at the passing stats, it's good Llorente is seeing a lot of the ball, that means much of the play goes through your pivot. And because Llorente has the trait "Switch ball to wide areas" your wing backs are receiving a lot of the passes from him. And since you use aggressive wingbacks, they will bypass the midfield and drive to the byline for crosses only to be met by Inter's 3 man defence aginst 5'8" Felix . 15 crosses from your wing backs and merely few met by your players. Understanding the oppositio
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