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First of all, I want to thank the who SEGA and S.I team for making FMM 19 another memorable experience. 

The game is fresh and I love the new Training and Transfer system and I love that we can now customize squad numbers (it got weird in FMM 18 seeing Neymar wear no. 21!)
In order to make the game more interesting here are some suggestions i think would help:-
1. Tactic System Overhaul
(It's not just In-depth enough)
I have FM 19 on my Laptop and I LOVE thus years edition (Love is an understatement) and the tactics system is PHENOMENAL as always. FMM needs that PHENOMENAL touch in the tactics system. We have been using the present system for years and its getting old.
Also I feel like the tactics don't impact my team well enough, like how I would like it too. So if we can get the tactics system of FM Touch 19 or something similar, it would be PHENOMENAL.
2. Press Conferences
(How on earth did you guys overlook that!)
We need pre-match, post-match and mid-week conferences in FMM. Sure, we have the times the journalist ask questions about player transfers but we need more. Just like FM or something similar, Please SEGA. 
3. A 3d match engine would be nice.
That's all I can think of at the moment but those are the important ones. Pleas Sports Interactive help.
- Ebun

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