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  1. Uh... 😑😑😑 I could give you a screenshot of the transaction if you want. 🙄🚮🚮
  2. Why can't I see the star rating for my players in my national team in FMM20? I was able to see it from the get-go in FMM19, but now I can't see it unless I scout the players. Why?
  3. Oh and I think I somehow had the Become Unsackable option on
  4. Yes it is. And it's still happening BTW... I even got another son with a name of a son I had released before😂 It's both funny and annoying at the same time. Oh and a friend bought it for me... With the the game editor and sugar daddy and some other stuffs.
  5. Fmm20 is an amazing creation and to be the best since FMM17. But ever since I started coaching Real Madrid, I've had a new son like almost every other day... I'm just a friendly into the season and I already have 7 sons! Which aren't even any good. So is this a bug or is there a way to switch it off?
  6. It gets boring in less than a year to be honest... Only FMM17 has me going back to play everytime. There's just something about the game...
  7. Reserve leagues are a welcome idea. But the tactics system and agreed the scouting need just a little more oomph to make it more fun and realistic.
  8. Or is it just me? I mean the new major features don't look to bad, but I was expecting something more and bigger like last years Transfer negotiations revamp. I think rather than add new features, S.I should focus on improving the ones we currently have. Like the tactics system. We need a new tactics system... Something a bit more in depth. Well... I still appreciate the work and effort put by all into the game and I can't wait to buy the game On Tuesday😁
  9. Guess we hv to wait a bit longer for 3d😪 Which is a bit sad because Soccer Manager 2020 which is a very laughable Manager Sim implemented it this year. Albeit its not perfect and still has a LOT of adjustments and tweaking to be made. It's still 3d. I guess this is what S.I are trying to avoid. They want it to be perfect before release. Oh well, we'll enjoy 2020 and see what happens in 365+ days.
  10. No rush pls We need it as perfect as possible😁❤️👍💯
  11. Then consider a tactics change. That works sometimes. New but not completely new. You've probably become too predictable
  12. I suck at lower league management. Nothing frustrates me more than the lack of a HUGH or sizeable transfer budget to work with and inability to get good players on loan. I rarely go lower league except for the Sky Bet Championship and sometimes a League 1 team. I'm kinda an amateur at FM But 1 thing I have noticed is the formation is very important. I dunno which style you play but maybe you should get more defensive. Now, I absolutely hate the whole "Sit back and defend. Hit on the break" idea. But maybe it'll work for you. I use a 3-1-2-3-1 system with a balanced mentality and it works to an extent. Maybe you should try it
  13. IdtSadly... None! 💔 I honestly don't know why S.I always wait till like 2 weeks before release before they reveal anything. It's really annoying sometimes. At least just a list would do but no, nothing. I guess it builds up excitement so ik not completely opposed😁
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