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  1. No rush pls We need it as perfect as possible😁❤️👍💯
  2. Then consider a tactics change. That works sometimes. New but not completely new. You've probably become too predictable
  3. I suck at lower league management. Nothing frustrates me more than the lack of a HUGH or sizeable transfer budget to work with and inability to get good players on loan. I rarely go lower league except for the Sky Bet Championship and sometimes a League 1 team. I'm kinda an amateur at FM But 1 thing I have noticed is the formation is very important. I dunno which style you play but maybe you should get more defensive. Now, I absolutely hate the whole "Sit back and defend. Hit on the break" idea. But maybe it'll work for you. I use a 3-1-2-3-1 system with a balanced mentality and it works to an extent. Maybe you should try it
  4. IdtSadly... None! 💔 I honestly don't know why S.I always wait till like 2 weeks before release before they reveal anything. It's really annoying sometimes. At least just a list would do but no, nothing. I guess it builds up excitement so ik not completely opposed😁
  5. Do what I do and just resign when the going gets tough and you keep losing every game😆😆 (I actually go this 40% of the time) But actually I'm a FM novice and I'll leave the in depth suggestions to the pros. But one thing I do know is that since you just came of the back of a transfer window, you need to check your squad harmony and make sure you don't have too many unhappy players, I mean it's hard not possible not to have at least one, but you need to make sure the key and first team players and those with great influence in the team are very happy. I think if you have and happy squad you're results will improve. That's my advice.💯
  6. What is then? I feel like I could go another year with 2d if they changed the tactics system and added more off the pitch realism
  7. Poll to see the mind of the people who buy this game yearly.
  8. I'm all for 3d also😪 And a new tactics system
  9. Tbh we need it as soon as possible. I was all for patience and the rest but after seeing short short clips of 3d Gameplay in Club Soccer Director 2020, which runs perfectly on my device, I realised its a little bit overdue. And I like the suggestion of being able to switch on or off the 3d engine. That'll solve the problem on Low end devices.
  10. I dunno y people saw this and didn't reply🙄 Well.. To do it simply go to player search and in the one the filters select the country you're managing. Make sure the "Include Called Up Players" is on It will then show you a list of all the players you can call up. Simply click the player and go to actions then select "call up to nation" NOTE. If you have the required number of players in your team, it won't work. To remove a player you've called on... Select on the player, go to player actions and select "remove from nation".
  11. He says more leagues but how many leagues will you play between Fmm20 and FMM21😂😂
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