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  1. Hi there, Google Play Game Save technology has been around for many, many years. https://developers.google.com/games/services/common/concepts/savedgames There are some really cool interesting reads on there and some really good intuitive videos too. Google Save Game technology has been implemented since 2015 in some of your competitors games like Top Eleven. Any chance we will see it in the next release after FM2020, I've trawled through the forums and noticed quiet a few threads that could of benefited from the technology if it was implemented in the game. regard
  2. Its fantastic to see a development team with a keen eye to play all sorts of sport simulation games. It just shows that with that kind of attitude that you are very passionate about what you assist in creating with your team of experts Thanks for filling us in with that extra info too about the other gaming studios. You know what be kinda cool to see. Quick brief 5-10 minute behind the scenes interviews from the development teams and other teams or departments about their favourite parts of the project, then you could also make fun and wacky and add stuff like I dunno Favourite Tv Program
  3. Hi there @Lillywhite Dean Please could you elaborate on, What you think are the most important factors with room for major improvement on are and why..? I'm interested and eager to know more on your views on this topic. Cheers,
  4. Good Morning, @KasatO You may have better luck with support with your type of post as it is an idea/suggestion from the following forum location, hope this helps, https://community.sigames.com/forum/681-football-manager-mobile-all-formats/ Best of luck!
  5. I did a search for game.cfg in the forums but unfortunately it did not yield any results using Chrome on my Tablet and I really cba to turn the laptop on to search for it as its late and I'm in bed and about to hit the hay. Upon closer inspection of the game.cfg file inside a file viewer or text editor it appears parts may be encrypted. IF I have no joy with obtaining a copy of the ("game.cfg") from another member of the community could I send you a copy of my ("game.cfg") file and you decrypt the file send it back to me I make my ammendments to the ("game.cfg") file then send it bac
  6. Hey Guys, Thank you ALL for your replies Today, I am most grateful. Again, sorry for the long detailed post but I tried to be as thorough as I could. I freely admit I may of waffled for a short minimal duration of time on said subject. Ok, You win, I did waffle for a long extended duration of time then, lol. Congratulations though if you made it through to the end of my starting post then fairplay and congratulations. @Footix @Alari Naylor After a much deeper look at the Huawei Tablet I discovered that it had some system apps installed by default. Tablet Manager by 360° Securit
  7. Hi there, Today I discovered some very, very very, bad news when I launched FMM2019. EVERYTHING was GONE! Including; 11+ years Career, Unlockables, Store Transactions, Achievements, History Etc. Instead I was presented with the Privacy Policies Disclaimer Notification Window. I thought to myself Aah Haa; DO NOT FEAR my BUGGED Game SAVE will SAVE me YeeeeHaaarh. I found my post titled "is it his Twin or is it a BuG?" Downloaded my Game Save. Unzipped it using "zArchive", I then used "File Commander" to Navigate to the game Save Directory/Path : ("Documents/Sports Inte
  8. I'm in the same boat now too Restoring Transactions had no affect either. Please help
  9. Here is a link to my other post that illustrates and evidently shows my achieved achievements to date which I think was around or just before a total of 30 achievements. I've also read through the FMM Android FAQ and read the guide on Restoring Transactions but unfortunately this had no positive affect either.
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