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  1. In my game last year happens always this year not só easy buy might happen i haver for sure last year Where upload
  2. Its like a player from other teams on loan Somewhere made offer for transfer offer contract and before you finish deal said player sign for 5 years Also works i under 18 player i haver the save from last year Also started now
  3. After get unlocked almost all game options buy players and actually the Money wasnt Taken . And players on loan possible possível to buy them and when comfirmation of contract shows they just say player l signs for free years and you dont pay. Happened last year and this year
  4. Sorry there is not any link to upload the save and normal files cant upload more than. 9 mb
  5. This shouldnt happen it wouldnt happen if instead of having leagues that novo e play would vê bettter to Haver u18/19 teams Youth teams of beat leagues or all of them
  6. Right but this shouldnt players quality and potencial BE independent of teams reputation or quality . This way we never know the exact quality
  7. Actually get News saying other teams won the Race but most of them dont actually happen. not on my team other teams
  8. Whats happened its we Need somotimes more time because we are waiting to get Money from a tranfer or player is injuried for some time but if we hás a delay or pause for a week that we could actually use as we want t without affeting the deal the deal done contract done but we would actually delay or pause the deal for weak at each time
  9. Other clubs are bidding many players you want but then they won but they Sony actually buy the player its just to stop you
  10. The players are actually ficticious Youth promoted player they Sony exist that ONLY happened to ficticious Youth players
  11. What happened many Times is actually say some clubs are bidding a player and they Wim the battle for a player but after that they Sony actually buy the player its like they Sony ler you buy players
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