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  1. @yellowsweatygorillaIs FM21 going to stick with the Spring/Fall seasons from 2021 on or will it be fixed to go to a full season? I see someone posted a couple weeks ago, but no response and I don't see any change in the official release.
  2. Episode 6: Canada U23 North American Olympics Qualifying - Part 1 In this episode, we face two easy opponents (El Salvador U23 and Haiti U23) in the North American Olympics Qualifier. The goal here is to be able to beat Mexico U23 or USA U23 when it comes to the semifinals and final.
  3. Episode 5: CONCACAF Nations League Group Stage Roundup 6-0 last time against Cuba...what will it be this time around? Can we make it through the group stage and into the semi-finals?
  4. Episode 4: CONCACAF Nations League vs USA Tough group stage matchup against the USA. Odds have them winning and I'm thinking that we'll be defeated here, but hoping for a close game.
  5. Episode 3: CONCACAF Nations League vs Cuba In this episode, we face Cuba in CONCACAF Nations League action and we also get a surprise on match day!
  6. Episode 2: Does Evan Bush Deserve A Call-Up To CanMNT? Episode premieres on YouTube today, August 5th at 6PM GMT. Evan Bush has recently become a Canadian citizen. Do you think he should be added to the Canadian MNT before our two friendlies?
  7. Episode 1: John Herdman Fired From Canada MNT
  8. Yes, definitely a nation on the rise!
  9. O'Canada Trailer Brand new Football Manager 2020 series, where I take over Canada's Men National Team to lead them to the 2026 World Cup and beyond! The goal over the next few years is to elevate Canada's ranking in the world of soccer/football to the Top 50 countries and ultimately to get into the Top 25. Is it a lofty goal? Perhaps, but doable. Canadian or not, you'll love this series!
  10. EP3 Atletico Ottawa Goes Streaking? Can Atletico Ottawa start a winning streak? The team is currently 1 win and 1 draw in their first two games of the season.
  11. The preseason is over and we're ready for our inaugural season in the Canadian Premier League. The odds have us in 3rd for winning the title this season while the 4 other expansion teams fall in the 9th to 12th range. How will we do in our first two games vs Force FC on the road and then our home-opener against Pacific FC?
  12. In this episode I talk about how I'm able to sign some U20 guys and then send them to Uncle Sam's USSDA for development. @yellowsweatygorilla Did you give Ottawa more money than the other fantasy expansion teams? CPL Title Odds have be in 3rd while the 4 other teams are 9th to 12th.
  13. I've used this mod with Yellowsweatygorilla's Canada Megapack - Fantasy Edition mod (add Atletico Ottawa and 4 other teams). It works great together and gives more depth to North America. I've been able to sign both Americans and Canadians from some of the lower leagues, such as USL and USL2. FC Manitoba in the USL2 is a great resource for finding Canadians to poach for the Canadian Premier League. Here's the first episode in my series with Atletico Ottawa:
  14. I was just hired by Atletico Ottawa as their new Head Coach in the Canadian Premier League in Football Manager 2020. With a clean slate, how will we build the team? I'm using Yellowsweatygorilla's Canada Mega Patch - Fantasy expansion version with Uncle Sam's U.S.A. Real Life Expansion mod.
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