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  1. What if Jose Mourinho came across the pond to manage in North America with a MLS team? In this FM20 experiment, we send Jose Mourinho to the Montreal Impact as their new head coach. His contract is just under $20M USD (that's roughly 288,000 pounds per week) for 5 years. He will have Thierry Henry as one of his coaches. Can Mourinho turn this Quebec club around? Will he still be around in 5 years? Can he get a contract renewal? Find out in this FM 20 experiment!
  2. Is it possible to take advanced rules from two different databases and merge them into one? I'm trying to create a database with the new CPL and add U-Sports from Uncle Sam's 2019 USA/Canada Expansion rather than recreating U-Sports myself.
  3. EPISODE 4: The 401 Derby vs TFC Things heat up as TFC visits Saputo Stadium for the 401 Derby!
  4. EPISODE 3: Hosting Vancouver Whitecaps & Chicago Fire Coming off a 2-game road trip, can IMFC end their goal drought as they host the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Chicago Fire at Saputo Stadium? In other news, Bojan doesn't really fit the team's tactics. Can we find him another home?
  5. EPISODE 2: Road Trip To San Jose Quakes & FC Cincinnati After a goal-fest at Saputo Stadium for the season home opener and our managerial debut, it's time to fly to the West Coast to face the San Jose Quakes, followed by a game against FC Cincinnati before coming back home to Montreal. How will the team handle the road trip and the congested schedule? Premieres tonight at 7:30PM ET / 12:30AM GMT
  6. EPISODE 8: We continue with 2 group stage qualifying rounds of the 2020 Finnish Cup. We face JS Hercules and FF Jaro. NEW SCHEDULE: MONDAY: Tous Pour Gagner - A FM 20 Story with Montreal Impact (7:30PM ET / 12:30AM GMT) TUESDAY: FC TPS (Finnish Save) (12:00PM ET / 5:00PM GMT / 7:00PM Eastern European Standard Time - Finland) WEDNESDAY: Tous Pour Gagner - A FM 20 Story with Montreal Impact (7:30PM ET / 12:30AM GMT) THURSDAY: FC TPS (Finnish Save) (12:00PM ET / 5:00PM GMT / 7:00PM Eastern European Standard Time - Finland) FRIDAY: Tous Pour Gagner - A FM 20 Story with Montreal Impact (7:30PM ET / 12:30AM GMT) FINNISH SAVE: MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER SAVE:
  7. This series will have a new episode premiere on YouTube each Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 7:30 PM Eastern Time (12:30 AM GMT).
  8. EP1 - Wilmer Cabrera Fired | Impact de Montreal - MLS | Football Manager 2020 Wilmer Cabrera has been fired by the Montreal Impact. His replacement, Sizzling Popcorn, brings to the club a wealth of knowledge from his professional footballer career at the national level and has a Continental Pro Licence. Popcorn has put pen to paper on a two-year deal worth $805K p/a. His attacking mentality and his knowledge of youngsters will help him develop a young and entertaining squad to watch. Montreal Impact's first game of the season takes place at home at Saputo Stadium against the Minnesota United FC. Playing Major League Soccer in FM 19 - Uncle Sam FM - https://youtu.be/A7QDRv9AWxA
  9. EPISODE 7: It's the beginning of 2020! I new dawn! FC TPS have a hope in promotion to the Finnish Premier Division, but before they play some league games, they have group stage matches for the Finnish Cup Finnish First Division Qualifying round. After winning every preseason match up to now, it's time to face IF Gnistan in the Finnish Cup qualifying round. Can FC TPS continue their current form?
  10. The Off-Season: End of the season awards: TPS 2019 Season Review: Finnish First Division Review: Brexit update: Some great signings for the 2020 season: Wow! Rule changes for the 2020 season! The league will now have 12 teams, with the top 6 fighting for promotion in a group stage while the bottom 6 risk being relegated. Number of league matches goes from 27 ->>> 22. TPS' 2020 First Division fixtures released: Finnish Cup (First Division Qualifying):
  11. YEAR IN REVIEW: GOALS COMPILATION After completing my first season with FC TPS, let's take a look at the goals scored in the 2nd half of the season, when I made my managerial debut.
  12. EPISODE 6: It's the season finale! It is the last time we'll see the likes of Espinosa and Hernandez in a FC TPS jersey, but we have much to look forward to in the next season, when we should be promotion hopefuls!
  13. EPISODE 5: Our fate in the Finnish First Division will be decided! Can we continue to fight for promotion to the Finnish Premiere League or will those hopes die out and have to wait another season?
  14. EPISODE 4: It's a rainy day in Finland. 5 matches to go in the season. Our fate can be decided in this match.
  15. EPISODE 3: Down to 7 games left in the Finnish First Division season. Do we still have hope in a promotion? Video premieres at 5PM ET / 10 PM GMT tonight! (In less than 2 1/2 hours from now!)
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