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  1. August/September 2017 Fixtures- We have started off much better than I expected, with 10 out of 12 points taken from the first four matches, then lost to Dag and Red. After the Barrow win, teams started to park the bus a la Mourinho, and we could not penetrate these defenses. After the Macclesfield win, we finished our period with a bad slide, where we just could not score. The Hinchcliffe goal was even a total fluke, as the goalkeeper cleared the ball right to him. League Table- Obviously much higher than the board was expecting, but I'm not as happy due to our
  2. Transfer Update- As a small interlude between fixture updates, I wanted to update on our status in the market. Archie Edwards was brought in from Charlton to give Francis-Angol competition at the left back spot, as we do not have anyone besides him to really cover the position. ZFA struggles with a recurring injury, which caused me to worry even further. Edwards should be able to provide more than adequate cover. Ben Hinchcliffe is a winger from Hull brought in to provide cover for the left wing, as Jonny Smith, even though he started hot, is not really ready for this leve
  3. Friendlies- A mixed bag for us, the bigger sides were always going to be tough to overcome, as we were trying to rotate our players and get everyone match fit. I like the goalscoring shown by people that aren't playing up top, but I would like to see Danny Rowe score. He is out for the start of the season with pulled ankle ligaments, so we will have to go with former Lincoln man Jack Muldoon to lead the line. Expectations- I feel that these expectations are very reasonable for our first season in the top flight of non league, but I think we can maybe push on a littl
  4. A.F.C. Fylde is a professional football club based in Wesham in the Borough of Fylde, Lancashire, England. Originally known as Kirkham & Wesham following a merger of Kirkham Town and Wesham in 1988, the club adopted its current name in 2008 after winning the FA Vase. They are currently members of the National League, the fifth tier of English football, and play at Mill Farm in Wesham. They have lots of ambition, rapidly rising up the leagues after their FA Vase win, and even building a plush new 5,085 seat stadium, Mill Farm, in Kirkham. They had plans to be in the Football League by 2022,
  5. Excited to see how this story goes. Do you have any real life connection to Davidson College?
  6. Great work winning the FA Cup final! Anything you did different tactically to beat those three big sides?
  7. Wonderful work beating those nasty Gooners! Hopefully you can get some more cup magic against Roterham!
  8. Thank you! I really like my idea, hopefully others like it as well. They really are, thanks for following! Definitely lesson learned. Thanks for following!
  9. Wow! Exactly as you say! Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter anymore. I'm sorry to say my save corrupted as I was on the way out the door this morning. It might've had something to do with me slamming my computer lid closed, but I'm really not sure. To the few people that read this, thank you. You have inspired me to play FM more, and given me a boost everytime you replied. I will be back soon with another save, as it is one that I hope the forum will read and enjoy. P.S. Does anyone make custom kits? I am looking for some for this next save.
  10. Very great start so far- do you have a link to the league database you are using?
  11. Shame you've lost the save, but I eagerly await your next one!
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