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  1. dashi112

    [Africa] Data Issues

    @Simon Tipple bbc sport recognises the new country name as well...
  2. any other ideas?
  3. dashi112

    Gibraltar league..

    thank you both @White Flag
  4. dashi112

    Gibraltar league..

    Oh I second this. As someone who doesnt want to edit stuff why is a fun league behind a thing I have to pay for?
  5. dashi112

    Gibraltar update doesn't work

    "This data file needs to be tested and verified in the editor before it can be used in the game" so...in order to play in a nation I enjoy...I have to pay?
  6. https://gyazo.com/5184cc722e271c7e5468b687d76fcf60 the losses this season are because i increased youth recruitment and junior coaching and also lost in the 1qr of the euro cup.
  7. no, the slider will not move
  8. no request to increase the scouting budget available well, not that i've seen anyway...
  9. Im playing as Cardiff Met Uni, through good euro cup runs i have 1 mill+ in bank. I want to increase my scouting budget. Is this possible or am I just stuck at 1.2k per season?
  10. dashi112

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Swaziland should be eSwatini? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-43905628
  11. dashi112

    New Save For FM17

    Well I think I will go with the Gibraltar Hero, take any 2nd Division team and lead them to glory, win the 1st division, turn pro, get them up to the champions league group stage, ya know...keep getting better n better until I'm naturally offered the Gibraltar international job. Then try n improve the nations prospects
  12. fm15, 3rd or 4th year as Gibraltan team Hound Dogs i get offered an interview for Jamaica. turned it down but still, rare...
  13. dashi112

    Best Testimonial Ever!

    in a fm15 Gibraltar save my testimonial guy got injured for 4 months
  14. with social media will i be randomly swore at by fans who think I am the worst, have random retweets with me tagged in them, sent little random gif clips of Heskey missing a sitter for England if my strikers are not scoring, my staff / player twitters hacked by fans or anything like that? Will our actual twitter accounts be linked into this? If so, I post about ( for example) upcoming opponents being rubbish ( to put it nicely) would the game / real life accounts be able to respond / be seen in game?