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  1. Nothing to do with bugs and I said lets move on especially as the hotfix is out and I started again and took Rashidi's advice and offered contracts to anybody under 17 and just waiting to see what happens and for the record you cant ask for anything extra as it is a compensation figure as he was on a youth contract even though he had a contract offer and could sign it from aged 17. I appreciate all the feedback and as I said probably just blowing off steam but people posting unnecessary comments is the reason why I don't post very often but read it most days and have played every version of the game the guys have ever released.
  2. I also appreciate that Rashidi and as a long time player it is a welcome addition and maybe I was blowing off steam but I just wanted a couple of weeks to see if I could change his mind, anyway moving on!
  3. I don't think my post deserved this comment and it may be it wasn't meant as it reads but the guy was 16 not an established star or wonderkid and I fully expect to lose players to bigger clubs but the game did not give me a chance to speak to him, play him and I had to say he was a squad player before he would even talk to me and that was on day one. Please read my post properly next time and chose your words more carefully. I agree with some other posts it is now more realistic in terms of poaching and also see that as a plus but if the club is known for producing and nurturing talent and then selling that fine but at least give the manager a chance to keep the player and not make it impossible on day one.
  4. So far so good and enjoying the game except for a three issues and I am afraid its penalties and VAR use and poaching of youngsters. I am playing as Ajax so a club that promotes youth and Man City have poached my best player aged 16 for £800,000 and I offered squad time and £20K a week when he turned professional and he would be in the first team starting next year and worth millions and a side like Ajax should not lose youth to other clubs in my opinion. Secondly penalties are an issue even in bigger club saves and I have already had quite a few for and against and I understand its the same for both sides but watching a game with baited breath every time there is a tackle in the box is not good fun. I also see a lot of VAR use in Holland and the referee must visit the monitor at least three or four times a game which is pretty annoying especially when you know the incident was outside the box. Other than that a good move forward from 2019 and I think SI are on the right track.
  5. Decided to try an Ajax save for the first time and only got Buitnik in so far and trying to sell de jong. Going with a 442 with wingers and looking forward to the save and see how it progresses. lots of good young talent in the club and will send the scouts out to find some more.
  6. All looks really good and I started a beta save even though I was going to go a different route this year and set up a tactic and then went on holiday and after four seasons we had one the league three times but they were close and only by a few points and two champions league. I am not sure about the club vision as it seems broken in terms of what the board want and the marks they give you. A lot of the youngsters look good and diddydaddydoddy has done an excellent job this year and thanks very much. Off to start a proper Beta save with Liverpool to see how we get on playing myself.
  7. Its a bit sad that a guy in his early 50's is waiting for a game to be released and sitting trying to decide who to manage this year. I have always started as Liverpool and then struggled to get past five or six seasons and I usually try to bring in youth and then when I have I get bored and I am not keen on managing in the lower leagues so have never done a journeyman save. One of the best ones I did was a Napoli save way back on Champ manager Italia and I am now looking to do something different this year but again with the emphasis on youth. I have looked at BVB, HSV, Benfica, Lyon but nothing really stands out and I want to use the club as a stepping stone into a bigger club in a different league once I have taken them as far as I can. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  8. After a few months of not playing I decided to have another go at my Liverpool save and have started to enjoy the game again and I have a good mix of experience and youngsters and I have some excellent players coming through and also just picked up a 19 year striker for £48M. Looking to move a few on and I am gradually bringing in the youngsters for games and I thought I would give this a go before FM20 comes out. I also have just £500M in the bank as I don't make too many big money signings and try and get a youth bargain but the guy below was the exception. Thanks to all on the forum that made me start again as I got the bug on holiday whilst reading some of the stories.
  9. I have the following: i7 4790 16 go Ram Windows 10 Gtx 745 i load all leagues including database down to German league 8 and all players which is around 350,000 and it works fine and speed is good.
  10. 45, playing since original Championship Manager on an Atari ST As as per the above and I am 51 and still have the machine and the boxed game.
  11. I am actually enjoying the latest build and have seen some good changes as the new ME builds are released to us. better goal types, good passing football which sometime end in good finishing or a quality save, less goals from crosses, different range of headed goals, downward, bullet or near or far post headers. yes it could still be better as still too many red cards in games and some dodgy decisions when defending but I am thinking of using the current build for a full save now instead of waiting. keep up the good work SI and I am a supporter as I have every game released from Atari/Amiga onwards (old I know) and it was a lot simpler with 2d but I do enjoy 3D games.
  12. Thanks for the response and it was a substitution and it has happened again further into another match but not every time.
  13. Started on the public beta yesterday evening and notice a great improvement and I am playing as Liverpool and I had Clyne get the ball on the right and he hit a lovely pass to Mo who took it on the volley just inside the box and scored. The tactics I have are based on Liverpool and they seem to play the way I want them to, with overlapping and quick transitions to the from three. defending seems a bit hit and miss as VVD keeps giving the ball away but overall I have had a good mix of goals and I am impressed. Its not only the goals but the blocking has improved along with the hunting down of players and I am sure it cant be far away from release now.
  14. Not sure if this is related to ME but as it happened during a match possibly it is. Set up preferences changed during the game from key highlights to full game and both speeds changed as well, only minor but a bit annoying as it took me a short while to figure out why the players were in slow motion. I have uploaded file Liverpool Public Beta.FM
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