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  1. You have literally no idea what you are talking about if you think that's what tomorrow is
  2. Most English people seem to loathe their football team though
  3. Well done guys. Good luck for the final
  4. Austria in October, can't wait New thread for the new campaign, Moldova in September it begins Just read through this thread to see where we have come from and what this means We were in match 3 and we were in match 49 of 51, we rocked this competition from start to finish. It was everything I ever dreamed of and more, absolutely bursting with pride #TogetherStronger
  5. Not sure the atmosphere will be as good from us tonight. Lot of bandwagon day trip rugby boys I think
  6. On the tram to the ground. Early but I'm going to see Wales in the European Championship semi final
  7. Haha excellent I think I'd go Collins, have changed my mind based on the fact we would be changing 3 players around - Chester would have to move to left of the 3 What about Rambo's replacement? Think I'd go King to start, then bring Jonny on to run at them around the hour mark I'll message you when I'm in Gregg
  8. Think it was 3 hours before the game the other day Yeah holiday approved here too. I am physically, emotionally and financially spent The most unbelievable month of my life
  9. heard a lot of mentions for hoddle, are those comments he made supposed to be forgotten about now because it was a long time ago has he said he thinks differently now ?
  10. told my manager on friday i'd have to be off weds and thurs if we won but couldnt put an official request in because that would obviously jinx it, seemed ok with it at the time so hopefully they'll be ok with it tomorrow few cocky belgians before the game tbh, think they thought they just had to turn up. one seemed delighted to have changed dont take me home to sending them home vast majority were great before,during and after. same as in brussels and cardiff
  11. ticket and travel sorted, should be in lyon about 3 on wednesday afternoon rob, want me to bring a wales shirt or tshirt for you ? have an extensive collection to choose from
  12. wont find any Welsh people saying we are gonna smash Portugal
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