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  1. TomHAVFC

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    As usual I am atrocious at this, someone give me a super tactic.
  2. What was MVG talking about then when he said to Mardle he heard about his recent news?
  3. TomHAVFC

    Francis Cole aka McMaster#28

    Very sad news this, I was aware he's been very ill for a long time but it's still horrible to hear this. Didn't interact with him much at all over the years but he was always a gent on here and was willing to help whoever asked for it. He was a staple of this forum for a long time and it's a real shame he was never able to finish what he started in regards to the NFL sim. RIP Fran.
  4. TomHAVFC

    Just Skimming Through The Board

    Bert is still around, he's very active in the Politics thread on OTF2.
  5. TomHAVFC

    Glastonbury 2017

    http://www.somersetlive.co.uk/glastonbury-2017-ios-apple-app-gives-users-better-chance-of-purchasing-tickets/story-29755616-detail/story.html God knows how much of a con this is.
  6. TomHAVFC

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    In fact they're up now https://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/iphone-7-deals/
  7. TomHAVFC

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    I imagine for a unltd texts, minutes and data contract for the 7 you're looking at like £50pm+
  8. TomHAVFC

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Just as long as they don't bend this time my 6 is bent and when I got my screen replaced it doesn't fit properly so I'm in desperate need of a new phone now anyway.
  9. TomHAVFC

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Ah sound, yeah I'll be sticking with EE.
  10. TomHAVFC

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Does it still take 2 days or whatever it used to be to switch your number over? I'm due an upgrade on my iphone 6 now so will just get the 7 but I want to keep my number.
  11. TomHAVFC

    Cod4 - Remastered

    Yeah think overgrown would be my number two. Just a brilliant game, I genuinely made friends through CoD4 what a time of my life that was.
  12. TomHAVFC

    Cod4 - Remastered

    Best CoD map of all time.
  13. TomHAVFC

    Cod4 - Remastered

    CoD4 :bowdown: Think my total gametime on the original was something stupid like 40 days really looking forward to this. MP5 Silenced, M16 and M40 :*****) Crash :*****************************) What a game.