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  1. Kouame is such a good player, always causing me problems in my save as well.
  2. PARMA CALCIO 1913 2019 - 2020 SUMMER OF SECOND SEASON Some shocking news during the summer, Bruno Alves and Gobbi both announcing their retirements, in November.. Bruno Alves was still in my plans, whilst Gobbi was to provide cover. They were Captain and Vice Captain, so will be missed. That means, new captains were needed. I chose Stulac as my captain and Zeca as my vice captain. Not many options due to the age of some of my players and the number of loan players as well in the starting lineup. Coetzee will now replaced Alves, was planning to slowly introduce him to the first team. Without Gobbi, I don't have a first choice LB, so I may have to start Gagliolo more in that position. Inglese's goals will be important again (extended his loan). Transfers IN Now I mentioned that I made some Bosman signings without knowing that I will be playing CL football. This caused me problems as it overloaded my squad with players I was expecting to use to fight against relegation/middle of the table/top half of the table, but not for European games. Sprocati was a pre-arranged transfer before the game started, I'm happy he's coming back as he contributed a lot to our attacking play. Would I sign him personally? Maybe not but since he's here and had a great last season, I will be hoping for him to keep up his good form. Out of the 7 Bosman signings, 2 were for the futre and will go to the u20s (Ercolani and Johansson). Out of the other 5, I had initially plan to use Monte as rotation option to Bruno Alves (he was labelled as the next Bruno Alves) but he came to Parma injured, so Coetzee pushed ahead of him straight away. Krajnc was to replace Bastoni, since I couldn't get him back on loan at this time, as another option for left sided CB alongside Gagliolo. Piazon was signed with the idea he will challenged Xadas for the LW position, as I was toying with the idea of using Xadas in CM or changing my tactic by including an AM. Leo Suarez and Kleber were signed as squad players, backup in their positions. Lots of players, right? Not yet done.. . Now, the above signings were made before the summer, before I knew I was in a strong chance to finish in European position, before the reality of Parma qualifying for the CL.. Below was what I used with the new budget I got (I forgot how much it was, didn't screenshot it). I forgot how I got Da Graca to come as cheaply as this, but I think I was just randomly bidding for him after I saw a scout report with that estimated value for transfer. Initially I had no plan to buy Tonali as he is too popular of a signing in this FM, but when I saw that he was bid on, I just tried to match the bid and it was accepted. Birindelli and Lucas Ribeiro were recommended by my scouts, never heard of them before but I liked what I see for the prices given. Birindelli was to provide cover for RB, whilst Ribeiro will provide cover to Coetzee since Monte was injured. Bought Nandez as I wanted a combative presence in midfield, hoping he can be the next Lucas Torreira. En Nesyri was to challenge Ingles up front, and on both wings. I have high hope for him. Signed Mauri as he was HGC for Parma, to provide cover to Stulac. I got Valery on a 2-years loan after he scored that wonder goal against Man Utd in real life (My first 2 seasons were a while back) and he will be the new first choice RB for me. My scout recommended me Zeca for the LB position, and decided to splash the cash as I never had a CWB before. Gagliolo can now go back to center.. that is until Bastoni was made available on loan again late in the window. This time he agreed to come back for 2 more seasons (with 0% wages too since Inter is affiliated with Parma). Starting to see where my overloading problems came from? I bid to loan for Lo Celso without expecting him to accept but he agreed to join. One more player then. Chao, Fojticek, Justiniano, and Kovar were other signing for the u20s. With all these signings, some of the Bosman signings were pushed down the pecking order. I can already see I would have problems giving all of them sufficient minutes. Transfers OUT Kucka had to be sold due to his niggling injuries and my highest earner (£40k p/w). Gervinho sold abroad to make space for Coetzee. Wanted to keep Barilla but will all my new signings, I wouldn't have space for him. So had to move him on as he's 30+. Iacoponi was my starter last season but his form deteriorated badly. Dezi was a flexible squad player but had to sell him as well. Others were players returning from loan and no space for them in the squad or over 20s players not having a future at the club. £27m in, £29m out. Youth players of interest Brazao established himself as my number 1, Diakhate was a good rotation option but still couldn't figured out his best position or role. Botturi played 5 games last season and Hiekkanen played 9 games, will be hoping for them to push on more. Alessandro Minelli returned from loan and will have a place as a future squad player at LB. Cristian Casarini in the u18s is progressing well and will look to develop him as well. Nico Schiappacase wanted to cancel his loan (he's already here before I arrived, from Atletico Madrid for 2 seasons loan) but I decided I wanted to use him more as an option off the bench. My First XI Brazao Valery, Coetzee/Ribeiro, Bastoni/Gagliolo, Zeca/Gagliolo Tonali/Nandez Stulac/Mauri, Pereira/Lo Celso Sprocati, Xadas/Piazon Inglese/En-Nesyri WINTER TRANSFER WINDOW Spalek had been tearing Serie B and my scouts repeatedly recommended him. Planned to use him to challenge Sprocati. Found Guga who is similar Zeca, decided I wanted to mirror him for the RB position as Birindelli was not yet ready to challenge Valery. My First XI Brazao Valery/Guga, Coetzee/Ribeiro, Bastoni/Gagliolo, Zeca/Gagliolo Tonali/Nandez Stulac/Mauri, Pereira/Lo Celso Sprocati/Spalek, Xadas/Piazon Inglese/En-Nesyri As expected, some players barely played. Had to do heavy rotation, more than I would like. Tried to offer out on loan but no interests. Some players were affected by the non-continuity in their minutes like Piazon and Nandez. Everytime I gave them a chance, they didn't impress. One player who didn't lack any minutes was Lo Celso, but unlike Pereira, he didn't performed anywhere near his ability should. Though whilst Pereira was scoring goals, I found that he doesn't really make the team play better. Lessons learned. Always take off "cannot end loan" and Bosman signings should wait until the end of the season. If I remembered correctly, at this stage, Bastoni, Stulac, Sprocati, Xadas, Inglese were the best performers. END OF SEASON AWARDS 2019/2020 Parma Serie A End of Season Review and Thoughts Whereas in the first season we overachieved, in the 2nd season was a bit of a jumbled mess. The transfers situation and overloading of players played a huge factor in the inconsistent season. We didn't confirmed our Europa spot until the last game. What could have been a season of progression turned out to be taking a step back kind of season. On the other hand, I feel this is still our level. Even getting the Europa spot was a challenge. Must be a reason why I chose 'finishing in the top half' as my expectation earlier in the season. But I feel we will be stronger because of the experience this season. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2019/2020 Taught a lesson by PSG and Shakhtar in the first 2 games, showing our level. The home draw against PSG was a great game. Not a rearguard action, but actually creating chances to score as well. PSG was missing Neymar, I think. Part of the reason why I loved Stulac, that 93rd goal to put use through to the next round. A captain's performance. Liverpool was and still is the scariest team I had played against. The speed and the way they attack my defence was unbelievable. Even in the away leg I was expecting a hammering as they went 2-0 up in the first 28 minutes. They got complacent, I think, with progression secured. It was a great experience, a competition we want to go back into as soon as we can. In hindsight, can't be too critical. I learned a lot about the game this season. Better planning and managing expectations to reflect that is key. Lucas Ribeiro overtook Coetzee towards the end with strong performances, Bastoni also grew stronger as the season went on. Whilst Pereira got more goals than Stulac, Stulac made the team play better and provided more assists as well. The reason his average rating is lower was I had to play him the DM position in some games to accommodate both Lo Celso and Pereira together in midfield. Inglese was the best performer this season. I was happy with the addition of Spalek, he added a different threat when he joined the team, and some of his goals were importat as well. Below are comparisons of their performance in 2019/2020 vs 2018/2019 (which I didn't include previously). KEY PLAYERS Brazao (getting better and better, so comfortable on the ball), Ribeiro (best defender for me this season and great signing for £1.2m), Stulac (captain performances in lots of games), Inglese (still reliant on his goals) FUTURE PLANS Lucky to be even in the Europa League next season, but signings will be made to be better prepare for it. First, I need to moved on ALL the players that are not in my plans. So, signings might depend on how well I can do that. Hoping to reduce the players used next season (37 this season) and wanted better players registration planning this time. Lo Celso will be in his 2nd loan season with us but I'm not planning to use him much. Bastoni will also be back for the 2nd of his loan season (3rd season in a row) and he will hopefully be the leader of my defence. Not sure how I could afford to sign him permanently, though. Pereira is going back to Man Utd, and at this time I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue offering to loan him again. Inglese also going back to Napoli and my offer to extend was rejected as they planned to use him in their first team. Better youth intakes this year. Should have arranged the list by PAs. As of now, I'm in November of my 3rd season. During the summer, Juventus offered £12m+ for Carriero, whilst Milan offered £10m+ for Pandini. Both are duly rejected. If you noticed, lots of my signings are not local so far. This is because I'm planning to use my youth players to provide the Italian backbone down the line. (Lots of the quality Italian players are expensive as well for Parma). Zanioli from my previous intake will play for the u20s next season. Welcome any comments and feedbacks. Would be interesting to see other Parma saves as well. Will post the next update when I got to the Winter Transfer Window in my 3rd season, 2020/2021.
  3. Think this is a good topic to ask. Why does players retired a couple of months into the new season? Bruno Alves and Massimo Gobbi both retired in my Parma save on November 1st 2019. They announced it before the summer. Was weird as both were still playing regularly and Bruno Alves was captain and important first team player. Even asking him to reconsider retirement didn't work. Also, as a side note. Anybody ever managed to sign Buffon in the 2nd season? He retired on mine (Nov 1st as well). Tried to sign him.
  4. Is there a guide somewhere which personality is better than the other? For example, Da Craca was 'Driven' for me (not sure if he started with this, only realised in the 2nd season), then in the 3rd season he became 'Resolute'. Not sure if he got better or worse? I would assume Model Citizen > Model Professional > Professional > Resolute/Driven/Perfectionist/Resilient? > Determined > etc. ?
  5. PARMA CALCIO 1913 START OF FIRST SEASON Parma is my favourite Italian team. Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram, Nakata, Crespo, Veron.. Grew up watching so many great players and the club has seen better times then. First transfer window off, so will have to get to know the players before the January window. Decided to give Brazao the starting spot because I want to create another Buffon-like legacy for the club. Kucka unfortunately got injured in preseason and went on to miss lots of the season due niggling injuries. He would have been a starter. But his absence opened up the chance for me to trust Stulac as the main player in midfield and it was one of my best decision yet. Youth players of interest - Apart from Brazao, I'm looking to involve Botturi and Hiekkanen in and around the first team squad this season. Hoping to have the 3 of them as Home Grown Club players in 3 years time. Diakhate will be a squad player and he will feature frequently. My First XI Brazao Iacoponi, Bruno Alves, Gagliolo, Gobbi Rigoni Stulac, Barilla Sprocati, Gervinho Inglese WINTER TRANSFER WINDOW Only given £1m budget if I remember correctly. Decided to go after Xadas as I liked a left footer in that left winger position and as a replacement for Gervinho next season. Coetzee will get the non-EU spot from Gervinho next season. Tried raising some cash by selling some players who is running out of contract. Surprised that I got any money at all, to be honest. In previous FM, they would just get them on a Bosman instead. Pereira added much needed quality from midfield, loaned until end of next season. As a reflective note, the reason I went for Coetzee was because of the price and I had expected to be fighting for middle of the table/top half only this season and the next. I also made a few Bosman signings in this window and later on. In my next post for the 2nd season, I will indicate what I would do otherwise if I had known what the end result would be like. My First XI Brazao Iacoponi, Bruno Alves, Gagliolo, Gobbi Rigoni Stulac, Pereira Sprocati, Xadas Inglese Bastoni started to play more as well after coming back from injuries, replacing Bruno Alves or pushing Gagliolo to left back. Not a fan of Di Marco, he only get minimal minutes. Brazao was called up for South American u20 Championship, so he was missing for a bit. Sepe came in and did quite well. END OF SEASON AWARDS Parma Serie A End of Season Review and Thoughts As the league positions chart shown above indicated, I overachieved. This surprised me too much. Part of the reason was the top 4 kept losing to each other and those below them, bringing those in the top half of the table closer and closer each time. In fact, a few games towards the end, I was level on point or a couple of points behind Napoli. Only for me to drew all my games in May. Nerves and inexperience played a part, and also I think I lost 3 of my midfielders to injuries as well. Overall, better than expected, better than I could have wished for. Stulac was amazing for me, scoring important goals. His free kicks saved me in some of the games. He got 3 Goal of The Months as well. But the signing of Pereira helped to push us into the Champions League spot. I didn't expect to be in this position and some of my transfer decisions in January reflected this. Had try to renew Bastoni and Inglese on loans, to join Pereira next season. But Inter and Napoli said they wanted to try them for their first team next season.. Added more Bosman transfers because of this just after January. KEY PLAYERS Brazao (got into Serie A team of the season), Gagliolo (best defender for me this season), Stulac (player of the season), Inglese (reliant on his goals) FUTURE PLANS Are we ready for the Champions League? Will update the 2nd season later today. Below are my only promising youth intake (I didn't take a group screenshot for all of them). Welcome any comments and feedbacks. Would be interesting to see other Parma saves as well.
  6. What's your first XI? Signings? Any of the youngsters you're using?
  7. It messed up lots of my planning too. But I'm enjoying the challenge. How is your save going? How did you do in the first season?
  8. Hard to buy them early in the game, especially with first window off. Lot's of them went to China at a young age. Lisandro Martinez is on £82k p/w wage going there. Also found by having the Brazilian league playable, they are able to bring home Brazilians player still early in their career. Wanted to buy Neres and he had 30+ days left before getting EU citizenship, then he went back to Brazil. Gutted, especially if you're playing in Serie A.
  9. Yes, fellow Parma manager! I had asked similar questions earlier in this thread. You can look for my first post onwards. Anyway, you should be able to register one of them right? For both, you have to sell Gervinho outside of Italy. Unless, you also signed non-EU youngsters but not planning to register them? FM only count the first 2 signings you made each season as eligible to be registered. I will shared with you my current experience (I'm currently in my 3rd season). 1st season - First window transfer off, so I have Brazao and Gervinho. Both are starters for me. I'm planning to make Brazao my long term number 1. Currently on 2.5 stars with 4.5 gold PA. During the January window, I bought Coetze but since I can't register him, I loaned him back for the rest of the season to his original club. Diakhate doesn't count towards the restriction as he was bought from Fiorentina. 2nd season - Sold Gervinho to a foreign club (Austria I think) and was able to register Coetze now. I also bought Wuilker Farinez. Farinez couldn't be registered but I didn't loaned him back to his original club as I was hoping to loan him out to a Spanish club. Unfortunately nobody was interested. Both Coetze and Farinez counted as the 2 non-EU players I could sign for the 2nd season. I also bought Ivonei at the end of this season. Similar plan to Farinez, and again no club in Spain was interested to loan him. 3rd season - Here is where it gets interesting and different to the previous discussion we had in this topic. I was able to register Farinez as my 3rd non-EU this season! So my early understanding is correct, I think. That each season, you can add one non-EU player to your registration. Ivonei is now not doing anything and is with the u20s, hoping he can play some games there, friendlies at least. Will try to loan him out again in January. I also bought Mahlonoka from Coetze's old club and he counted as the non-EU signing of the 3rd season along with Ivonei. Same deal with Ivonei, can't register him but there was interest from Perugia who is in Serie A to loan him for the season. Decided to keep him as I wanted more trained at club players. Bought another non-EU, Ivorian regen to bring my it to 3 (over the limit). I loaned out Farinez after he played one Serie A game, as I had bought Joel Pereira as backup with the assumption Farinez couldn't be registered anyway. Farinez is on loan at Leganes in La Liga for 2 seasons. I had expected Farinez going out on loan abroad would open up the registration for Ivonei, but I am unable to do that unfortunately. Also, had a message telling me Diakhate non-EU situation changed because of his final year contract. Was able to register him regardless and renew his contract after the start of the season due to his excellent form. Not sure how this would have played out otherwise. So, this current season, my registered non-EU players are Brazao, Coetze, Diakhate, Farinez (before loaning him out), and Palacios (bought him from Juve as he was transfer listed - for £4.1 million! He was valued at £7.25m). Wanted him before I started my save before the non-EU rules came crashing down on me, so was really happy with this! It was my first experience dealing with Serie A limited non-EU rules. 4th season onwards- If my understanding is correct, here is what I expect to happen in regards to my non-EU situation next season. I will be able to register Ivonei (like Farinez) but not Mahlonoka (registration should be possible in 5th season) and the regen (6th season). If not, I will loan both Ivonei and Mahlonoka to Spanish clubs. Again, I'm only doing this by experience, not sure if it is the correct situation. Might be Farinez is a full international and that played a part in him being allowed to be registered? (As stated in the not-so-clear rules) Hope this helps! Will post more updates about my Parma save later!
  10. Does transfers from rival clubs happened too much in the game? Arsenal-Spurs, United-City, Liverpool-Everton etc. I know they happen once in a while but this version, seems to occur more frequently than older FM.
  11. As someone else said, there's the post match mentioned in the match report. Like someone who made their debut etc, but so far there's no landmarks info I think. Like player X scored his 10th goal for the club etc.
  12. My last FM was 15, I too was looking for this when I started FM19. It was cool to know who's making their debut or if some youngster on the bench will break the record for youngest player if they came on etc. Wished it is still around.
  13. This is the latest topic I found when searching about this. Anyway, has there been improvement since the latest update? I just got the game, so couldn't tell if there is any difference. But it is weird seeing Ronaldo only scoring 12 in the league. My Inglese got 19 as pressing forward, so not too unhappy with it. He does miss lots of 1v1s by shooting straight at the goalkeeper. Regardless, my question is, there's no placed shot or goalkeeper rushing out and getting lobbed in 1v1s like older version? Those varieties were great. Even my sweeper keeper doesn't really sweep forward, come to think of it.
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