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  1. Yeah, those bits of gameplay seems promising. Need to watch more of it. At least they are crossing before allowing the defender getting too close Isn't Open Arms, Shake Heads etc just a replacement for Aggressive, Passionate etc. ? I wonder how new of a feature it is. The recruitment is my most interested part of the video, though I have the same worry if all of it already exist under Scouting but just under a different section of the game now.
  2. Something related to how much income tax a player would pay playing in Italy. In theory, it would make it more attractive to come to Italy as the tax would be lower thus creating an advantage for Serie A as an attractive destination. This mean clubs will pay players less money but the players will get to keep more of it anyway so it would still equal the previous amount under the old tax system. Think Monaco's situation, but not quite exactly the same @ParanoidBuddha can always explain it better than me I would do this, easily and more. But only on the greats of FMs.
  3. Spoken like a true loyalist, RB I do respect that, even if I don't necessarily agree with the sentiment. As the ME seems to be the most complained by others, something definitely "broke" that would need fixing. That said, the ME was never a problem for me. Anybody who had seen my posts or read my updates, I never complained about them and I had even suggested using the public beta version sees a better ME performance (though I admit this might just be me wanting to believe it) So, I wouldn't agree with the saying "if it ain't broke then don't fix it" - especially in regards
  4. So, unlikely you will buy it? Don't think there's been any mention of them including that right? I haven't seen it mentioned at least by SI staff. Besides, will you play it this time? You still haven't played FM20 despite owning and editing them for a year now!
  5. First info for FM21 @john1@WilsonJuve @Muttley84 @ParanoidBuddha@Matt_1979@Ronaldo Beckham Not a great deal of new info so far, would have thought the first mention would be the ME improvement
  6. Depends how different it will be. Definitely not on release, earliest is my usual after Winter Transfer Update if I do decide to get it.
  7. So, my last update was May 5th and I last opened FM on June 4th. Didn't really played it that day, just to check where I left off or some details. The recent closure of transfer window hype and the soon to be finish NBA Finals, has seen me got the itch again to start my Parma journey. After 5+ months hiatus, tonight I will continue my Calcio adventure Not sure if I will do much updating here, maybe not as in details as previously allowed. Anybody else still around? I know @john1 is Nantes, France now
  8. Maybe 1 or 2 especially in smaller post, but the rest just one blacked out line.
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