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  1. He's Venezuelan, though He made waves when he made his debut at a really young age (18 I think) in the 2016 Copa America. He had been part of the national setup since he was 17. He played exceptionally well too, hence him making the news at the time.
  2. You've never heard of Farinez before this?
  3. I remember reading about him when he first got capped for Venezuela. He was really young then (16?) but was already impressing everybody. I saw a match of him against Argentina and he had a good game if I remember correctly. I signed him in FM19.
  4. Some good find there. Appolis developed quite well in my FM19 save (I didn't buy him). Strellec is my kind of signing, though.
  5. Agreed. His attributes won't come amongst the top in your scout reports. I had watched him 20+ times for Cagliari and Bulgaria before I decided to buy him. Below is him now at the end of the 7th season for me (FM19). I just love how good he is in scoring his goals. He is now an 'Icon' at Parma after 3 seasons, and was a 'Favoured Personnel' at Cagliari He wants to become the captain at the club as well as his future long term plan.
  6. Told ya Despodov would be great Can I see a screen of him?
  7. Very rarely we can break the oldest appearance and goalscorer record anymore compared to older CM/FM If the record is at 40+ years old, I would say no chance. Whilst there shouldn't be 100s of players playing into their 40s, there should be some playing at the highest level.
  8. You didn't want to restart the game then? Since it was still at the beginning.
  9. Are the asterisks next to the players name for new players or LMA players?
  10. Only £2.1m towards your budget?
  11. Yes, but not as straight forward as you think. One is without restrictions, whilst the other one have to be involved with their national teams recently (u21s and above). You can remove the restrictions by selling another non-EU player abroad (though just one new additional allowance allowed per season) You can, but they won't be able to play in your youth teams. You can loan them out but they are risks no club would want them. I think clubs in Italy won't be able to play them anyway, so your best bet is foreign loan or if you have an affiliate abroad.
  12. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.10 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES MAY Sampdoria was a team in good form towards the end of the season and we really struggled but did enough to come away with all 3 points. Definitely in our hands! This jumped at me, what a turnaround! Could we afford to be dropping points at home this late in the title race? Convincing away win and a Bastoni goal! The news conference said it was a "miracle" to see Bastoni scored a goal Six different scorers! I thought this would be the hardest game in the run in! A goal and 2 assists for Our Boy! With 2 games left to play as well! You know it's serious when team meeting is called! Focus! Thought you would never see this kind of headlines involving Juventus, eh? Despodov and Kean again! With an own goal in between We did it! It took longer than anticipated but we secured it in the final 13 minutes of the game! Milan deserved plaudits for challenging for the titles 3 seasons in a row consistently! Paulo Fonseca is doing an amazing job for them. Our 2nd Serie A title! I think we deserved it a lot more this time around as we played really good football throughout the season. With a game left? That's a hard ask! Despite him already scoring 4 times twice this season Can he do it? At least it gives meaning to our last game despite already clinching the title. Almost!!! It was a really lucky 3rd goal as well, but it was amazing how the games work and he was within a goal of breaking the record in the last game of the season! I even changed to very attacking and demand more for the last 12+ minutes of the game Wished I had known earlier as I had rested Despodov for a game or two (as a sub) in these last month. SERIE A - TABLE, STATS & NEWS 5-points win in the end but it wasn't easy! Milan lost against Cagliari 1-4 was when I knew it would be our year, and in the next game Klassen scoring a 94th minute winner in the Milano derby just to show how much Milan didn't give up in their chase. Respect! 90 goals! Best attacking season so far. Aided by best season in the goalscoring department by not one, but two of our players! Surprised to see Caio Felipe held on to the assist rank, as he was unavailable for the last two games due to the u20 World Cup call up. Happy with that! Definitely something you don't see everyday or expect to see! At the end of the day, they were never really in troubled as the bottom three were really poor this season as all 3 teams only spend a season in Serie A after getting promoted last season. They did have more fights in the 2nd half of the season to make it more interesting. Despite only equalling Icardi's record in the 2019/2020 season with 27 goals, his final day hat trick was enough to have his name in the record book ahead of Icardi. Was this because it was the latest entry or because of his Surname (D ahead of I)? CLUB NEWS The reason why I think it is because of the Surnames are because he also equalled Crespo's 28 goals in a season for Parma (1999/2000) but Crespo's name is still in the records book ahead of Despodov. That said, I just realised despite Despodov 27 goals in Serie A, he scored zero goal in Europe this season in 6 appearances! His other goal came in the Suppercoppa 2-3 lost against Palermo in the USA. Definitely needs him to contribute more in Europe if we want to progress any further next season. Ever since the 2nd leg of Barcelona game, Kiyine has been majestic in his performances. Always prompting and driving forward from midfield and a huge factor in our upturn in goalscoring form this season. Well deserved extension! INTERNATIONALS There you go again.. Italy calling up Caio Felipe AND Hamza Bennis! Three of my more senior regens, the 3 best and the future of this Parma team! 3 in a row is a great achievement for Parma u20s! Next update: June, Awards, and Regen's Watch!
  13. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.9 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES APRIL The Inter win made it 8 matches on the bounce without losing for us. Good momentum! You can see why I love him? Another hat-trick performance! Good win! Upon checking, Hysaj is a legend for Napoli? Had considered looking at signing him. Pandini starting to control the game more and more when he plays. 14 seconds is the new record, though will miss Inglese's name in the records book! Just as I was saying about Pandini.. A bit of petulance on his part, but he is young! Poor result against a relegation candidate! Decisive month and apart from Palermo, I'm quite confident with the remaining games. SERIE A - TABLE, STATS & NEWS Only a point ahead though with a game in hand going into the final month! His hat trick against Fiorentina means he broke the 20 goals barrier this season! Will Kean follow? No changes on the assist front. Stark contrast to Nagelsmann's results at Juventus! Good to see 3 out of 4 names were of Parma! Kulusevski made his first appearance here amongst the contenders. COPPA ITALIA - NEWS & REVIEW Two of Parma's players contributing to Sassuolo's Coppa Italia win! Will hope to do better next season! CLUB NEWS Won't be making too many signings as I'm paying attention to the finances due to our impending new stadium move. Will use this summer to renew most of the players' contracts instead. The new stadium really took a hit for our finances, but it will be worth it! He's progressing really well! But some of the goals he's conceding were a bit too soft in my eyes! The Menace signed his pre-contract! This is why I never considered Pellegri.. No way I can afford him! He would have been perfect for the 'Pressing Forward' role, though! Ait-Nouri is progressing well at Sassuolo! He might be ready to replace Olaza as first choice in the future. He will spend a 2nd season at Sassuolo before coming back to Parma when Olaza will be 33. Next update: Final conclusion of the end of the season.
  14. I've decided to stop posting my updates here and made my own thread at FM Career Updates. Here is the link, if anybody still want to follow it. Hope to see some of you there. [FM19] Parma Calcio 1913 - For Crociati's Sake! I guess this means this thread will died out now. Been nice knowing some of you! This was my first thread that I really follow and I met some good people here.
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