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  1. Zanellato. That requirement will go away in the 2nd season if you're doing well enough.
  2. Haven't touched it, playing console games a lot more at the moment Will go back to it though, I promise
  3. Try to extend/bring back Kulusevski and Radu on-loan if you can. Try to do it in the summer instead of January, so you can extend for +2 more season instead of just another season. Alastra can be the #1 long-term if you want to commit to giving his the opportunities. Don't be afraid to use the older players, some of them can still do a good job for Parma. Bruno Alves, Darmian, Scozzarella, Gervinho can still perform quite well. I had trouble getting Kucka and Kurtic to perform as B2B, but their physical presence are much needed. I prefer Kucka over Kurtic as well. For youth, Adorante and Palmucci were my top 2, with the latter securing his spot in the first X1. I think they have some random attributes though, so not sure how they are on yours? I would build my Parma side short to mid-term around Darmian, Gagliolo, Pezella, Hernani (check out his optional fee before it expires), and Inglese. With loans and other older players or new signings as you would like to build your squad as you like. If you're planning to get Buffon, don't bring him in January. Let him come in the 2nd season, most likely on a free transfer. I brought forward his Bosman signing to January and he retired after 6 months That mentoring from him will do wonders for Radu and Alastra especially! Other than that, looking forward to see how you get on and do your own Parma save! Do keep us updated! I'm planning to get back to mine, but not sure when Kept delaying it!
  4. Welcome! Interesting spreadsheet! What position did you finished for each season? (Missing on your sheet) Same! Longer hiatus than planned but I'm itching to get back to it.
  5. I had him for 2 seasons on-loan with Parma, I had to shunt him out wide since I was only playing one upfront. My initial plan was for him to play AML. Didn't help that Martinelli was available after he arrived at Parma, so I tried Esposito both at AMR and AML without much success. IRL he does play more off-center to the left (mostly because of Lukaku and Martinez), but I think in theory it should be a good position for him at AML. I just couldn't get him to perform since Martinelli played better there since he was more natural at AML.
  6. My Spanish team is Valencia, haven't done a save since Mendieta was there. I actually had been contemplating doing a quick save (without doing updates here) in Spain or France, but I'm leaning to Valencia more as I don't really have a team that I support in France. Going to resume my Parma save soon, and will see if I can juggle 2 saves on the go.
  7. Agreed, I found that the bigger your squad is the harder it is to play any of your youth. So, I tried to leave 2-3 spaces for any number of youths to fill in as necessary. I followed it since day 1, and more than anything, his writing style was amazing. I think he did say that after the relegation he wouldn't be able to make his side competitive anymore, especially due to the drop in quality after retirements. It would be hard to find amazing regens with the attributes and personalities he was looking for. Still one of the GOAT stories out there. Shame he didn't post it here. Last I saw he commented he's thinking of doing another save, focusing on other things as suggested by others like route one with only slow and short players. Not sure if he will do it though.
  8. I don't think so, since in real life Inter doesn't have a side like Juve in the lower leagues?
  9. Did you mean something like the filter on the right hand side? You can include the B team and youth teams whilst at the first team squad page? Unless I'm misunderstood what you meant
  10. You need to balance it with your own self-impose rule. Unless you don't mind 'gaming' the game, which I'm not a fan of myself.
  11. FM20 Calcio Thread Stats Total Number of Players - 82 Number of different saves started - 113 Managers Movements in the same save - 8 Monza>Napoli>Chelsea>Juventus Pescara>Atlanta Sampdoria>Real Madrid Cavese>Unemployed>Modena Liverpool>Lazio Lazio>Leipzig Managers Movements from Abroad: 1 - England Managers Movements Abroad: 1 - England 1 - Spain 1 - Germany ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leagues chosen at the start of the game: Serie A - 80 Serie B - 11 Serie C - 17 (Palermo holidayed first season - 2) Serie D - 6 (Palermo - 4, Foggia and Avellino) Abroad - England - 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clubs: 14 - Milan 12 - Roma 9 - Parma, Inter 7 - Atlanta 6 - Palermo 5 - Brescia 4 - Juventus, Lazio, Bologna 3 - Bari, Modena 2 - Perugia, Venezia, Sassuolo, Cagliari, Pescara, Torino, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Napoli 1 - Cantanzaro, Lecce, Foggia, Avellino, Pro Vercelli, Reggina, Monza, Cesena, Frosinone, Chievo, Crotone, Udinese, Genoa, Catania, Empoli, Cavese, Ascoli, Hellas Verona, Albinoleffe, Piacenza, Reggiana, Vicenza Total = 120 different Italian teams managed As of 04 June 2020. +10 new teams into our thread!
  12. We welcome 5 new players (another +2 if we include all from the network game), but we also lost #52 to Germany and #53 who ended his 5 seasons save. On the good news, we welcome back 2 older players, #6 who resumed his Bari save (older DB!) and #27 who started a new Bari save after his Pro Vercelli save earlier on in the thread.
  13. Welcome, @Kostropaty! Definitely something different and looking forward to how it goes for you.
  14. I followed this, great story and an even more amazing write-up!
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