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  1. Yes, planning to. But I usually buy them around the Winter Transfer Updates, that's when I feel the game is at it's "complete" stage. On the downside, I will be missing on a few months of playing time, though.
  2. I still haven't given up on my current Parma save, just couldn't find the time to play it at the moment. Might do so soon but will just make a simple update instead of my usual comprehensive-where-people-might-not-read-anyway updates. haha
  3. Good job! Napoli was too strong in my first season as well.
  4. The non-EU rules should keep you from making too many Brazilians signings! I would say signing them is natural for Italian clubs, so don't limit yourself too much. (Italian only save can be boring as well).
  5. When do you request it? I find that during the summer, when there's no fixtures for the youth teams, the board are more open to finding affiliates during those time.
  6. Been busy and haven't played in a while, but news of Darmian joining reignited my interest to play again despite busy schedule. Looking forward to him in Parma for FM20, that's a good signing.
  7. Will you accept? Nice CL group, should be a fun group.
  8. Thanks, I would have signed him earlier if his coaching attributes weren't that helpful to develop my players.
  9. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - 2021/2022 FOURTH SEASON MAY Not sure if there's even a "Title Race" anymore, but we started the last month of the season in 4th place. 4 away games and only 2 home games made this another tricky month. After a straight forward win against LAZIO, we stayed in Rome to play ROMA 3-days later. Xadas took over Olaza's penalty duty to give us the lead.. before Vazquez equalised in the 91st minute. At this point I was really worried that my season will go down on a whimper. Back in Parma, we got the needed win to keep our CL spot but it wasn't an easy game against TORINO, who scored in the 91st minute (again) to end the game on a nervous note for us. We at least confirmed a Europa League spot with this win. Togola and Trezza made their league debuts in this match. 2 days later, JUVENTUS beat TORINO 3-1 in the COPPA ITALIA FINAL. Playing against FIORENTINA, the first fallen giant in my save, I decided to rotate most of my team. Comfortably leading 3-0 in the first half before Simeone got a consolation in the 69th minute. This win confirmed our CL participation next season, and sending Fiorentina down to Serie B. Now, CAGLIARI. The best team and most exciting team of the season. Them playing at home. We are fighting for the automatic CL spots. Them ahead of us in 2nd place. And we win 7-0??? By far the best performance for us, totally unexpected! The red card did helped us, but considering the situation and our patchy form, I'm not taking anything away from the players their credits. A special match to mark Bastoni's 100th game for Parma! This result saw us jumped to 2nd place, 6 points behind Juventus with a game left. Asking a bit too much to get 3 assists in the last game, though? This tunnel interview (To be honest, I had forgotten it would be Inglese's last game (as shown by not starting him), and I might have not subbed him in otherwise). With the game tied at 1-1 after Ajeti had equalised in the 37th minute and without us creating many chances, Inglese came on in the 62nd minute to replace Sprocati, with En-Nesyri moving to the RW. Perfect FM script if any. Inglese scored 2 goals to win us the game and secured our 2nd place finish! Verdict: Almost a perfect month! Only a Vazquez's 91st minute goal spoiled things. But the 7-0 more than make up for it. The board was on point as well, ALMOST a title challenger! SERIE A - END OF SEASON SERIE A AWARDS 2nd year running the 'Best Player' awards goes to a Parma player. Much deserved and his performance is not even a surprised to me anymore. Might as well have come from one team due to the similar jerseys.. 4 out of 11 is a great testament to our progress! A shame not one of the CAGLIARI's players made it. Mandorlini did get 'Manager of The Year', though. 6 out of 12 nominations for 'Best Players' in their positions? Although, Leao got in for his loan performance for FOGGIA. VERDICT SO FAR It was a salvageable season in the end. We recovered enough to secure 2nd place and only finishing 6 points behind Juventus. The 7-0 is definitely the highlight of the season! Now need to figure out to sustain a title challenge. Players: En-Nesyri has played himself into being almost undroppable. Question marks over Gomez and Sprocati as they were underwhelming throughout the season. Vignato also hasn't impressed me yet so far. THE CLUB - OFF THE FIELD Contracts Ribeiro signed a new contract before the Torino game going from £16k to £28k per week. Now need to sort out Birindelli, Coetzee, and Diakhate, in the summer since they didn't create any fuss after talking with them about an improved deal. Transfers Plans I need to think what I want to do with Gomez and Sprocati, especially the latter since he wants another new contract despite a below-par season. Leao had an amazing 6 months at FOGGIA. 20 starts, 12 goals, 2 assists, 2 player of the match, 7.22 ratings. It is unlikely he will feature in my plan, though. Despodov will be my main target coming in, and apart from that I don't really have anybody I desperately I want to bring in. As Bologna was his last game, Inglese's stats for his Parma career: Total Appearances: 127 Serie A Appearances: 105 Total Goals: 57 Serie A Goals: 47 Seasons: 2018 - 2022 Internationals Ivonei missed the last 3 games of the season due to the Toulon Tournament, despite it only starting 2 days after the season ended.. Others Some interesting movement on the managerial front after the season ended, with Mourinho (Roma), Luis Enrique (Napoli), Valbuena (Lazio), Inzaghi (Fiorentina), all sacked. Henry is the new Atlanta manager. Got a message from Zola saying that I don't have enough coaches. Yes, finally I have space to get Buffon in.. and there's no option to 'approach to sign' Reload my last save point after the Bologna game.. The other save was all the way in April.. 1st of June.. I completely failed in both my pre-save mission to bring Buffon back to Parma, as a player and as a coach Failure. Next update will be for the month of June, since I haven't received the 'Club Awards' yet.
  10. I'm still in the summer before my 5th season haha always spending a long time during the summer
  11. You're ahead of everyone who's still playing in this topic, I think! Well done! Yao looks amazing!
  12. Some senior players can play for the u20s (just make them available). Apart from that, loan players out to reduce the numbers.
  13. How did you get that loan fees in? I only had one success offering out for £250k per month loans, even then it was dropped down to £160k Another great update, I can feel that it is an enjoyable save as you're doing good jobs in developing the team. Interesting that Olmo is capped by Croatia as well.
  14. Did City came in or you have to offer him out? Diouf does look really good though. Good half season so far
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