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  1. He's Venezuelan, though He made waves when he made his debut at a really young age (18 I think) in the 2016 Copa America. He had been part of the national setup since he was 17. He played exceptionally well too, hence him making the news at the time.
  2. You've never heard of Farinez before this?
  3. I remember reading about him when he first got capped for Venezuela. He was really young then (16?) but was already impressing everybody. I saw a match of him against Argentina and he had a good game if I remember correctly. I signed him in FM19.
  4. Some good find there. Appolis developed quite well in my FM19 save (I didn't buy him). Strellec is my kind of signing, though.
  5. Agreed. His attributes won't come amongst the top in your scout reports. I had watched him 20+ times for Cagliari and Bulgaria before I decided to buy him. Below is him now at the end of the 7th season for me (FM19). I just love how good he is in scoring his goals. He is now an 'Icon' at Parma after 3 seasons, and was a 'Favoured Personnel' at Cagliari He wants to become the captain at the club as well as his future long term plan.
  6. Told ya Despodov would be great Can I see a screen of him?
  7. Very rarely we can break the oldest appearance and goalscorer record anymore compared to older CM/FM If the record is at 40+ years old, I would say no chance. Whilst there shouldn't be 100s of players playing into their 40s, there should be some playing at the highest level.
  8. You didn't want to restart the game then? Since it was still at the beginning.
  9. Are the asterisks next to the players name for new players or LMA players?
  10. Only £2.1m towards your budget?
  11. Yes, but not as straight forward as you think. One is without restrictions, whilst the other one have to be involved with their national teams recently (u21s and above). You can remove the restrictions by selling another non-EU player abroad (though just one new additional allowance allowed per season) You can, but they won't be able to play in your youth teams. You can loan them out but they are risks no club would want them. I think clubs in Italy won't be able to play them anyway, so your best bet is foreign loan or if you have an affiliate abroad.
  12. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.10 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES MAY Sampdoria was a team in good form towards the end of the season and we really struggled but did enough to come away with all 3 points. Definitely in our hands! This jumped at me, what a turnaround! Could we afford to be dropping points at home this late in the title race? Convincing away win and a Bastoni goal! The news conference said it was a "miracle" to see Bastoni scored a goal Six different scorers! I thought this would be the hardest game in the run in! A goal and 2 assists for Our Boy! With 2 games left to play as well! You know it's serious when team meeting is called! Focus! Thought you would never see this kind of headlines involving Juventus, eh? Despodov and Kean again! With an own goal in between We did it! It took longer than anticipated but we secured it in the final 13 minutes of the game! Milan deserved plaudits for challenging for the titles 3 seasons in a row consistently! Paulo Fonseca is doing an amazing job for them. Our 2nd Serie A title! I think we deserved it a lot more this time around as we played really good football throughout the season. With a game left? That's a hard ask! Despite him already scoring 4 times twice this season Can he do it? At least it gives meaning to our last game despite already clinching the title. Almost!!! It was a really lucky 3rd goal as well, but it was amazing how the games work and he was within a goal of breaking the record in the last game of the season! I even changed to very attacking and demand more for the last 12+ minutes of the game Wished I had known earlier as I had rested Despodov for a game or two (as a sub) in these last month. SERIE A - TABLE, STATS & NEWS 5-points win in the end but it wasn't easy! Milan lost against Cagliari 1-4 was when I knew it would be our year, and in the next game Klassen scoring a 94th minute winner in the Milano derby just to show how much Milan didn't give up in their chase. Respect! 90 goals! Best attacking season so far. Aided by best season in the goalscoring department by not one, but two of our players! Surprised to see Caio Felipe held on to the assist rank, as he was unavailable for the last two games due to the u20 World Cup call up. Happy with that! Definitely something you don't see everyday or expect to see! At the end of the day, they were never really in troubled as the bottom three were really poor this season as all 3 teams only spend a season in Serie A after getting promoted last season. They did have more fights in the 2nd half of the season to make it more interesting. Despite only equalling Icardi's record in the 2019/2020 season with 27 goals, his final day hat trick was enough to have his name in the record book ahead of Icardi. Was this because it was the latest entry or because of his Surname (D ahead of I)? CLUB NEWS The reason why I think it is because of the Surnames are because he also equalled Crespo's 28 goals in a season for Parma (1999/2000) but Crespo's name is still in the records book ahead of Despodov. That said, I just realised despite Despodov 27 goals in Serie A, he scored zero goal in Europe this season in 6 appearances! His other goal came in the Suppercoppa 2-3 lost against Palermo in the USA. Definitely needs him to contribute more in Europe if we want to progress any further next season. Ever since the 2nd leg of Barcelona game, Kiyine has been majestic in his performances. Always prompting and driving forward from midfield and a huge factor in our upturn in goalscoring form this season. Well deserved extension! INTERNATIONALS There you go again.. Italy calling up Caio Felipe AND Hamza Bennis! Three of my more senior regens, the 3 best and the future of this Parma team! 3 in a row is a great achievement for Parma u20s! Next update: June, Awards, and Regen's Watch!
  13. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.9 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES APRIL The Inter win made it 8 matches on the bounce without losing for us. Good momentum! You can see why I love him? Another hat-trick performance! Good win! Upon checking, Hysaj is a legend for Napoli? Had considered looking at signing him. Pandini starting to control the game more and more when he plays. 14 seconds is the new record, though will miss Inglese's name in the records book! Just as I was saying about Pandini.. A bit of petulance on his part, but he is young! Poor result against a relegation candidate! Decisive month and apart from Palermo, I'm quite confident with the remaining games. SERIE A - TABLE, STATS & NEWS Only a point ahead though with a game in hand going into the final month! His hat trick against Fiorentina means he broke the 20 goals barrier this season! Will Kean follow? No changes on the assist front. Stark contrast to Nagelsmann's results at Juventus! Good to see 3 out of 4 names were of Parma! Kulusevski made his first appearance here amongst the contenders. COPPA ITALIA - NEWS & REVIEW Two of Parma's players contributing to Sassuolo's Coppa Italia win! Will hope to do better next season! CLUB NEWS Won't be making too many signings as I'm paying attention to the finances due to our impending new stadium move. Will use this summer to renew most of the players' contracts instead. The new stadium really took a hit for our finances, but it will be worth it! He's progressing really well! But some of the goals he's conceding were a bit too soft in my eyes! The Menace signed his pre-contract! This is why I never considered Pellegri.. No way I can afford him! He would have been perfect for the 'Pressing Forward' role, though! Ait-Nouri is progressing well at Sassuolo! He might be ready to replace Olaza as first choice in the future. He will spend a 2nd season at Sassuolo before coming back to Parma when Olaza will be 33. Next update: Final conclusion of the end of the season.
  14. I've decided to stop posting my updates here and made my own thread at FM Career Updates. Here is the link, if anybody still want to follow it. Hope to see some of you there. [FM19] Parma Calcio 1913 - For Crociati's Sake! I guess this means this thread will died out now. Been nice knowing some of you! This was my first thread that I really follow and I met some good people here.
  15. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.8 2024/2025 7TH SEASON MARCH Since there are only 3 matches this month, I want to try a chronological order (as it happened day-to-day) format just for this update. 1. Here comes Barcelona! 2nd leg of CL 1st Knockout Round. (2-2 in the 1st leg) Heart-wrenching! I was so nervous that when I decided against subbing on Caio Felipe during the penalty kick (he missed 3 already! ), I didn't make any substitution at all as I was worried Barcelona might score if I did.. They did anyway exactly at the 90th minute! It happened after a Parma corner was cleared up the field.. And there was nobody (ZERO!) player defending in our own half! Hyso even saved the attempts twice, and almost kept it out at the 3rd time of asking.. After going behind in extra time, Pandini took charge of the match by prompting our attacks! His goal came after he dribble forward in central midfield and beating two defenders to thump in the equaliser. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the winner in the remaining time. Losing 5-5 aggregate to away goal was really something else 2. Sarri was a guest at Ennio Tardini! Hopefully he enjoyed the match a bit more than us Hyso seems to have done enough to get his new attention 3. So, I randomly attended Sassuolo-Inter's Europa League 2nd Knockout Round 1st leg match.. I liked to follow the progress of my players when I can! Farinez, Ait-Nouri, Ivonei, and Kouame are all at Sassuolo this season. Then I pressed continue.. Which brings me straight to.. 4. New Intake of Youth Players for 2025! Geez, always out of nowhere.. Looks promising! Interesting to see 2 of my recent new affiliates are already contributing their players as well. After Caio Felipe last year, I had expected a random range of poor-decent ability players only! Another 2.5 stars CA and 5 stars PA! Cool name as well! Meet Hamza Bennis of Morocco (for now anyway, Italy will call him up regardless of his first nationality ) At 15 years old, he's younger than Caio Felipe was! Very promising! A striker? Just what we needed! Exciting! But his personality is 'unambitious' and he's only 179 cm tall. Hopefully he will grow taller a bit so he can be an effective retrained 'Pressing Forward'. I have dubbed my latest amazing academy product as 'Bennis The Menace!' The next best youth to come through this year. 5. Only our 2nd game this month.. Quite unremarkable really.. Even the goal was a gift from Farinez, who jumped and missed a cross for En-Nesyri to tap in into the empty net. I swear we didn't pressured or bribed our own player to gift us the win! 6. Sassuolo-Inter's Europa League 2nd Knockout Round 2nd leg match I did not attend this one, but that scoreline and the manner of the goals impressed me! Inter equalised on aggregate in the final 5 minutes of normal and injury time, before adding two extra time goals to knockout Sassuolo. 7. A quicklook at how the new Juventus manager is doing.. Only 5 wins in 20 games for Nagelsmann.. 8. Longgggg International Break (29 days)! At least Olaza got his first goal for Uruguay! Can't say much else about my time this month 9. Caio Felipe's Watch! Our Boy is now a Wonderkid! 10. Final and only the 3rd game of the month.. Despodov and Kean again! Business as normal. But what's this? Who's that at the end of the team list? A new name? It's none other than Bennis The Menace! Wearing number 19! Unfortunately for him, I decided against subbing him in as I wanted to keep Caio Felipe as the record holder. His 'Unambitious' personality also put a doubt in my mind, what if he doesn't developed like Our Boy? 11. In an Alternate Timeline.. I duplicated my save before the Torino match and this time I wanted to see the headlines if Bennis The Menace had made his debut instead.. Took me a few tries to get him to score his goal, though! He would have beaten Caio Felipe's record by 154 days! He would have been 29 days younger than Amedeo Amadei's record in May 1937. And by 172 days for the 'Youngest Goalscorer record'! And by 36 days for the 'Serie A's record', where Amedeo Amadei scored his first goal 7 days after his debut. That was fun to do! Loaded up my actual save afterwards (the 2-0 Torino win WITHOUT Bennis The Menace breaking all kind of records at 15 years old!) Actually, thinking about it, at 15 years old, he would have been my final Regen Project as it would be very unlikely anybody can break it in the future. I think my future first 3 stars CA regen might be the one to break Caio Felipe's records 12. So, there you have it.. the month of March! Never had such a relaxing month as this! Most of the players loses their sharpness 13. Serie A Table at the start of April 3 points lead with a game in hand! Milan is relentless! 14. Serie A Stats Almost breaking the 20 goals mark now! 15. Parma Stats & Finances Despodov vs Kean AND Kulusevski vs Caio Felipe! Our Boy! Good competition and healthy rivalries contributed to our good season so far, I think. 16. Verdict I actually enjoyed writing it in this format, more flowing for me. Might use it again next time when appropriate For those who did not read the whole way through, I would recommend to at least read sub-headings 4 until 11 Our Boy have The Menace as a potential rival now Next update: April! P.S.: This was the last update in the other old thread, from now on new updates will only be posted in this thread. Hope to have comments and feedbacks from anybody!
  16. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.7 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES FEBRUARY A good comfortable win, was disappointed to not keep a clean sheet. Kean and Despodov, Despodov and Kean.. You will see a lot of these combo this season! Champions League returns and our first trip to the Camp Nou! Stulac's goal was against the run of play, but Parma played a bit better after that. Though, we didn't keep the ball as much as we usually do. Turning point was when I introduced Kiyine, Pandini, and Dao as substitutes as I feel we need more dribblers than passers. Kiyine got the goal after his 2nd or 3rd dribble forward and playing a one-two with Kulusevski! Comeback at the Camp Nou! Unfortunately, Parma never got the chance to play against Messi (retired) Caio Felipe's Watch: Our Boy provided his 7th assist in this game, switching the ball to Diakhate to rifle in. Must have been Diakhate's best game in a year or so! (After my mentioned of Gboho's arrival in the previous update ) Never seen a player affected by injury as much as him! His attributes are still okay, but his performances have been dropping alarmingly. Second 0-0 in Serie A against Milan this season, and Parma still haven't won against them in 3 games. Similar to the previous games, Milan seemed to be happy to sit back and counter! Parma couldn't break them down. Good tactical battle against Paulo Fonseca, which I'm enjoying! END OF FEBRUARY STATS & TABLE Proud every time I'm seeing our boy's name as stats leader! Couldn't do anything with Napoli.. Napoli's youth product, Ciro Ferrara, returns to Naples! He left Crystal Palace to return home. He is more famously associated as an Juventus icon in his later days, of course. Can he do something for the City of his birth? CLUB NEWS Caio Felipe's Watch Prior to this, he had one unhappiness, 'training level is too low', despite filling most slots with sessions. Turns out, I forgot he was still on a 'Youth Contract' His training improve massively (a few 10.0s training ratings already!) once he signed his first 'Professional Contract'! A few days later he already got a wage hike 20 league games by the time he was 17! Sometimes we forgot how young they are! Next update: March!
  17. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.6 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES JANUARY Decided to use the 2-weeks Winter Break as.. a break! I didn't arranged any friendlies and I didn't add more sessions to training than their defaults schedules. I think the club was still in in Christmas' spirit, as they even colour coded the results in alternate green and red! I played a much stronger side than last season (instead of mostly Academy players), as I feel it will be a harder game after the Winter Break (usually the first round is in December?) Caio Felipe's Watch: Our boy created 2 goals in this match! That would be his 3rd and 4th assists of the season. The first was similar to his assist for Tonali last time, where he passed the ball from the left hand side to Evander on the edge of the box to shoot home. The second was another familiar assist for him, he headed a corner which touches Russo and deflect into the net. Evander carried his good performance in the last game, to make it 4 goals in 2 games. He's playing better now as a 'Roaming Playmaker' in central midfield! We suffered our 2nd lost to Palermo in as many months! They were by far fitter and more energetic than us in this game I guess no friendlies back-fired slightly on me. Trophy lost! We tried to make a good fight of it though! Caio Felipe's Watch: His 5th assist is similar to his 4th! Another header from a corner, this time hitting the bar before Kean'sheaded it into the net. Another hat-trick performance! Glad I kept him this season! Our Genoa win sees us facing Milan in the Quarter Final. Another lethargic display but Milan wasn't any better, truth be told. They countered us really well and got both of their goals that way. Disappointed not to progress further as I had told the Board we would at least reach the Semi Final. Caio Felipe's Watch: He started at right back for this match as I wanted to give Bennacer a game at DM. He created his 6th assists of the season by playing a short pass forward the into Dao in the box, who turned a placed it into the far bottom corner. TABLE & STATS - END OF JANUARY 2nd lost of the season to Cagliari means our lead was cut down to only 2 now! ' Caio Felipe's Watch: Look at that! Our boy is leading the assists charts! I think Despodov and Kean are both on-course to break the 20 league goals mark this season, barring any injuries I hope! Not even Inglese managed that in his first couple of season (19 goals in 2018/2019 to finish as 'Capocannoniere' winner and 17 goals in 2019/2020 to rank 3rd in Serie A). END OF WINTER TRANSFER WINDOW Forgot to mention that I seriously considered buying Onguene for £33m (transfer listed after Conte was sacked) from ManUtd. Would have been the perfect partner for Bastoni as a BPD-Cover. But decided against it as I want to be frugal with my finance due to the new stadium. Another offer and another rejection for Bayern! Next update: Tomorrow's Juventus and February.
  18. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.5 2024/2025 7TH SEASON WINTER BREAK Some of you may have noticed, but I haven't include the league table once so far this season.. This was because I played the half-season in a day or so and I keep forgetting to take a screenshot each month The momentum was crazy and I think only losing once so far helped me to just carry on. The new contract helped as well I think, as I was genuinely relieved I got to continue my career save. But here we are! Despite a good season so far, I'm only 5 points ahead of Milan! I forgot to mention that they lost LucasPaqueta to Man Utd last summer, so they are slightly weaker this season. They replaced Paqueta with Klaassen. The surprised package is definitely Udinese! Whilst Palermo was in second place up until the last round of matches. Roma and Juventus were just above the relegation zone at the start of December! Roma has improved slightly since bringing in Southgate as their new manager. Nagelsmann seems to have a slower effect on Juventus since coming in to replace Low. Despodov is having his best period in terms of goalscoring since he joins Parma, though 8 of the goals did came in the 2 games against Bari and Venezia. Little Caio Felipe making his presence felt with the 'Best Pass Completion %'! Very, very happy to see one of Parma player leading for a change. The last time this happened was in Inglese first couple of seasons with us. Kean not far behind is a bonus, considering he was pushing for a transfer to Man Utd last summer. PARMA SQUAD & STATS Whilst reading other threads, one thing I've noticed I haven't include in any of my updates are the squad page! So, I have no records of how my squad did in terms of numbers over the previous season (unless I check each of them individually). A new addition to the type of section I will be adding, hopefully it will be useful. Is there any other field I should be adding to my columns view? As per previous transfers update, Marcos Paulo and Vignato would no longer be in the squad page after this. Apparently, Pandini has usurped Bastoni as the club's new key player over night! (Or rather gone unnoticed ) REGENS' WATCH Which brought us to have a quick look at our regens and see how the have been doing with the first team squad! Very impressive for someone who came out of nowhere. He doesn't shy away when given a chance, though he can be a bit inconsistent at this young age! Key player? Could be! Caio Felipe's Watch: Remember when I had to decide if I wanted to restart the summer again because he went from 'Leader to Physical' type player? I did restarted in the end, and he was a 'Leader' type for an extra 6 days compared to the previous attempt! Oh well! (2nd time around I didn't promote him straight away to the first team) The player description might give a clue as to why, as he is a strong DM at 16 years old already Before Pandini, Russo was making all the noises in the academy. He's always the top player in training performances for u18s and u20s. It took him longer than Pandini, but he is currently a 'Wonderkid' as well (in early December last month). I'm retraining him as a winger on the right, as the long term cover for Despodov. The one player who hasn't taken his chance well and hasn't improved that much due to the first team training lack of goalkeeper focus sessions. I tried to move him back down but he became unhappy, so I told him it was by mistake! When I played Hyso, he seemed to concede easier goals compared to Brazao, despite supposedly better attributes. I hope he hasn't lost his potential by promoting him too early to the first team squad! The player everybody rated highly, Barcelona wants him! But I can't seem to find a place for him in my team. I've been retraining him as a 'Pressing Forward' but he hasn't played well there. I don't really want to retrain him as a CM, as that would mean another extra body in the most congested area of the squad. Dao just got a lifeline, though! In the guise of Marcos Paulo leaving this month, there's a spot available for the backup RW position. So, he will be retraining as a winger instead now. His bald head does reminds me of Marcos Paulo as well A chance for him to stake his claim in the first team squad, as I would have sold him otherwise to Barcelona! Next update: Time to resume the season! Rest of January!
  19. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.4 2024/2025 7TH SEASON WINTER TRANSFER WINDOW Some of the big headlines, rumours, and transfer offers in January! Will anybody be leaving or joining Parma? Scroll down to the 'Transfers' section! TRANSFERS Grabara and Minelli were not used at all by Fiorentina and Perugia, so they were recalled and sent to Feirense instead, my feeder club in Portugal. Vignato was an annoying player. He got Serie B 'Player of the Year' last season and he performed well in pre-season, hence I kept him around but when given the chance he just didn't performed. Leicester offered good money for him, so off he goes! Unfortunately, I made a big mistake with Marcos Paulo. He was unhappy with his first team chances last season, but I played him more this season and he dropped his unhappiness. Then he got injured, and I kinda forget to offer him a new contract since I filtered 'unavailable' player off the squad screen. When he came back from injury in December, Despodov and Kean was in such good form (I'm playing him at RW and as a PF at SC), he barely had a look in as a starter (some substitute appearances only). His unhappiness reappeared straight away! Then after the last game against Perugia, I had a message saying that he will be leaving on a free at the end of the season I didn't want him to leave as he's versatility can cover so many positions and he's doing well as Kean's understudy in the 'Pressing Forward' role (he rarely drops down from 6.8 rating when playing in striker position and he seems to be doing well aerially as well). I've definitely used him more than En-Nesyri when he was available to play. Since he's definitely leaving, I had no choice to offer him out for transfer. Surprised Porto offered him £12m for a player with 6 months contract left! And then I noticed his new wages are really low! Should have inserted a 'Buy-back' clause (I've never ever used this in FM ), just incase I really wanted him back! Lesson learned! New hope! So many green attributes Marcos Paulo Stats for Parma July 2020 - January 2025 (On-loan at Leganes for 2021/2022 season) 72 appearances 17 goals and 4 assists A regen from Algeria joined, as the only incoming transfer this window, to add more bodies for the u18s. I do have future transfers arranged for end of the season. Botturi will be leaving on a free. He did well considering his stats, but I've got better players now pushing him out. Botturi Stats for Parma 2014 - 2015, 2018 - 2025 (On-loan at Bari for 2023 - 2025 seasons) 65 appearances 3 goals Botturi was also the 'Captain' for my 2nd team in Coppa Italia or heavily rotated team in Serie A. Good servant for the club! Now, Gboho is a player I first discovered when watching the 2021 Euro u21s Championship. I attended the Final and was impressed by him! Been keeping an eye on him ever since. Only reason I never made a move earlier for him was because I had too many players in midfield already. Two of them, Agoume and Ivonei, had to go out loan since I just can't find space for them. Now, Agoume is on-loan at Rennes for his 2nd season now. Every time a scout report appeared, I always check the match to see how he had done. And there's always one name who seemed to be scoring consistently.. By the end of January, Gboho already had 15 goals from midfield! When Barcelona had made an offer for my regen, Dao, I noticed they were also tracking Gboho now! So they were really looking for an attacking midfielder it seems. I sent my scouts to check his latest report and for only £16m, a transfer was arranged for the end of the season! Happy with this! Diakhate's position will be in danger next season as he is not the same player as he was in my first few seasons. That one big injury really changed him somehow. CLUB NEWS New affiliate, this time Zilina of Slovakia! Next update: Half-way point - the table, stats, and regens watch!
  20. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.3 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES DECEMBER Suffered our first lost against the defending champion, Palermo! Started the month with an amazing performance and result! GR-EIGHT.. Four stars from Despodov! Still waiting on my first 10.0 player rating in a match! Interestingly, this was not the first time a Parma player scored 4 goals in a match. In February 2021, Gomez scored 4 goals (1 penalty) against Cagliari in a 7-0 win at home. In May 2022, Xadas scored 4 goals also against Cagliari in another 7-0 win, this time away. Now, in December 2024, Despodov scored 4 goals against Bari in a 8-0 win at home. The aforementioned first lost! It was also Dao's (regen) first league match for Parma! Caio Felipe's Watch: Created his 2nd assist by squaring the ball from the left to Tonali, who shoot from just outside the box for the opening goal. Caio Felipe's Stats This Season So far (As of the above match) Appearances: 11 (7 starts, 4 off the bench) Goals: 1 (Free kick) Assists: 2 Remember, he only played his first game this season in the last game of September against Genoa (his only goal so far this season). Andddd.. Despodov did it again! In February 2021, Gomez scored 4 goals (1 penalty) against Cagliari in a 7-0 win at home. In May 2022, Xadas scored 4 goals also against Cagliari in another 7-0 win, this time away. In December 2024, Despodov scored 4 goals against Bari in a 8-0 win at home. Now, again in December 2024, Despodov scored 4 goals (1 penalty) against Venezia in a 5-0 win at home. Trivia: Interesting to notice ALL 4-goals-matches involved a Cagliari-connection! Twice against Cagliari for the same scoreline and of course Despodov, a former Cagliari player! Still no 10.0 rating! Another good win, but the goals are shared this time! Last game of the year! Had to be Evander's best game for Parma so far! There is still hope that he can be a long term contributing member of this Parma squad! Despodov won 'Goal of the Month Award' but I didn't get the achievement on Steam? COPPA ITALIA Genoa waiting! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Good to see Palermo making it out of the group stages! In their first try as well! Chelsea, Valencia, and PAOK were their opponents. We played them for the first time during pre-season earlier this season, but this will be a different test! Excited! CLUB NEWS RECORDS So, I've broken the record twice now? 7-0 (twice!) and 8-0! AWARDS Despite not playing much this season, he's still attracting interest from other clubs. This is also where I noticed Daramy is in FM19! (He's at Bayern) Next update: Winter Transfer Window.
  21. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.2 2024/2025 7TH SEASON MANAGER'S NEWS Started the month with a new contract! Remember, last season I was worried I won't get to experience bringing up Caio Felipe as my first regen project and moving into the new stadium in 2026! Now it is sorted, I am happy and can put off buying FM20 a bit longer! (I seriously almost bought it earlier when I thought I will lose my job ) FIXTURES OCTOBER Still unbeaten. We lost Lucas Ribeiro to a hamstring strain injury for 2 months during the Lyon game, in the 91st minute. Caio Felipe's Watch: He missed his 2nd penalty against Torino Kulusevski scored a really good playing as winger at RW (he cut in to curl it to the far post ) NOVEMBER Caio Felipe's Watch: He missed his 3rd straight penalty against Fiorentina He would have won the game for us too! Will I removed him as the taker? Lucas Ribeiro made his return from injury against Sampdoria.. Before suffering a lower back stress fracture in training 2 days later! He will be out for 10 weeks! Kean got Parma's first hat-trick since.. Despodov vs Dortmund in March 2023 (3-2 win!) Kulusevski created 2 goals as well! Caio Felipe's Watch: Got an assist for Kean's 2nd goal, by heading a corner towards Kean. His best game that I remembered! The one thing that I always liked about Kean (and a bit surprised) is he won his share of headers really well, despite not looking like a typical target man. Not even Inglese nor Maximiliano Gomez did that for Parma! Great way to end your goal drought! Comfortable win in the end, Dortmund's style of play suited Parma's to the wire, I think, hence better games against them so far. Seriously, I love this guy! If you haven't been following my updates, I first knew about him when Parma announced it's first squad for a pre-season training camp in real life. I checked him in game, and he was only 3 stars CA and PA according to my scout! But I bought him anyway just to try him. Glad I did, as he's been amazing for me! I will do everything to have him signed for my Parma FM20 save! Look at him now, rated as my best central midfielder (4 stars CA)! Versatile and effective as he always contributed everywhere I played him. And everytime he came off the bench, he almost ALWAYS change the game for Parma with a good assist or goal! Just imagine him with a boosted ability in FM20! Kouame scored an amazing goal! First time I've seen like that! He's doing well at Sassuolo, but from watching the matches, he doesn't fit to play as 'Pressing Forward' I think CLUB NEWS INTERNATIONALS Armini still under consideration for Italy, but Birindelli seemed to lose his chance already. Next update: December.
  22. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.1 2024/2025 7TH SEASON FIXTURES AUGUST Straight forward preseason. Good opening win against Udinese but dropped points against Calgari, conceding the equaliser in the 2nd half. SEPTEMBER Still unbeaten 2 months into the season. Slow off the marks, but a good, late comeback win. Depaoli created both goals from right back! Juventus' match was my 300th managerial involvement in the Parma's dugout! These landmarks seemed to coincide with a big match. Kean got his goals 2 minutes after Dortmund's! It's one of those goal where the striker pressured the goalkeeper and steal the ball before scoring into an empty net (my first). Dao (regens) made his debut for Parma, in his 5th season since signing! Though, he's been out on loan to Empoli, Stuttgart, and Roma (2 seasons) since. Crazy first 8 minutes for us! Gung-ho football away from home! Caio Felipe's Watch: Made his first start this season and open the scoring from a free kick Also missed a penalty in the 67th minute Reabciuk, who has 'Oleg' on his shirt on the pitch, made his debut and did well with a 8.5 rating! The last player to have a different shirt name for Parma was Kucka, who had 'Kuco' on his. CLUB NEWS This coincided with his up-turn in form, happiness really played a huge factor in players performances in this game. INTERNATIONALS Despite getting injured in training after his 2 assists against Atlanta, he still got called up and made the first of his 2 appearances against England and Wales in September. Depaoli is my 4th Italian Internationals representing Parma under my tenure, with Inglese getting called up 3 times without making his debut. Birindelli was scouted by Mancini before but never called up. Next update: October and November.
  23. PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Update 7.0 2024/2025 7TH SEASON SUMMER TRANSFERS A bit of shuffling around this summer. Kouame went out on loan in the hope he will rediscover his form and goalscoring touch, as 2 goals in 26 appearances for a £26.5m player is a flop. Ait-Nouri joins him as he hasn't convinced me he is ready. Lucumi leaving because he was devastated to miss out on the Copa America for Colombia in the summer. I didn't give him enough chances, despite using him as a LB as well. Bastoni was too imperious in front of him. Less than £2m profit, lucky. Victor Bobsin was another player arriving at the wrong time for the club. He joined on a Bosman in the thinking Tonali was going to leave two summers ago, but since nobody offered good money, Tonali stayed and out on loan to Sevilla, VictorBobsin goes. When he came back, Tonali just had his best season at Parma and now I don't want to sell him. PLUS, the emergence of Caio Felipe (regens) means there's no space for Victor Bobsin even as a squad player. (I also have Bennacerthere, who I wanted to sell but no good offer as well, so only one can stay). SM Caen got a new sugar daddy as well, hence why their spending good money on their squad this season. +£36m profit on a Bosman signing, who never made his debut. Really wanted to fit him somewhere. Part of the reason I decided to sell as well was because of the stadium situation, depleting our finances. Depaoli is the one major signing this summer, as I wanted to strengthen the RB position. I've cover him a bit in the June update. Reabciuk was discovered when I watched their match late in the summer. Only 2.5 CA and PA, but his technical attributes are amazing for a LB. Will act as Olaza's backup. Lukasz is a regen striker, nothing special, cheap as I wanted to add more bodies for the u18s as they don't have a good striker. SEASON REVIEW Surprised Juventus is still favourites in these odds, as they haven't been challenging lately and will be without Ronaldo. Milan is my pick for the title this season. Again, surprised En-Nesyri is here instead of Kean. Nobody from Parma.. They never learned their lesson! Olaza (2021), Kiyine (2022), and Despodov (2024) have made the Yellow and Blue proud! An even group, with two teams Parma have played before in Lyon and Dortmund. Lyon will be the harder match between them, from previous encounters. INTERNATIONALS Will he get to partner Bastoni internationally as well? Whereas I wanted Caio Felipe to play for Brazil, I don't mind if LucasRibeiro gets a call-up for Italy as he doesn't seemed to be in contention for Brazil. No notification was given, but my three regens for Italy u23s won the Olympics! Cardona was the hero even! Pandini and Hyso were the other 2 players. Next Update: Pre-season and rest of August.
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