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  1. I'm playing b2b dlp(d) b2b the dlp acts like a quarterback.
  2. allyouplay.com have FM20 for £23.88 if you use the code ALLYOUCANPLAY
  3. I set Lukaku as a pressing forward on attack he's was not my plan to play him as a pressing forward but he never stops scoring goals. Might try Leicester or Newcastle.
  4. It was very easy mate Lukaku scored a goal a game same with Rashford, Pogba gets 20 goals a season Chong who isn't ready for first team football got 12 goals and 9 assists. My team was De Gea Pereira De Ligt Lindelof Shaw Berge Pogba Savic Suso Lukaku Martial No Idea how to cheat and not interested in knowing it's just disappointing not getting any fun playing with the team I support
  5. Second season I won everything I only lost 1 game it got very boring Have SI made the game easy this year? I can't remember FM being this easy. Ended my United save as it's not competitive the hardest formations to break down were the 4-4-2 and the 4-1-4-1.
  6. Back playing FM after a 5/6 year hiatus it doesn't feel much different. First season complete and won the league cup, The league and the Champions league. Signings pre season were, Tierney £22,5, Suso £47,5 de Ligt £30m Pre season sales Lingard £53m Arsenal, Darmian £11.5m Smalling £18.5m Young £5.75m January came a shock bid for valencia who was playing great but I had to take the £13.5m and replaced him with Pereira form Leicester £42.5m I think I overpaid but he played well, more deadwood left, Fellaini £19.75m to the Toon, and Grant 975k to Leeds. The scouts found me two players Berge (dm) £22.5m a future Matic replacement and Axel Zagaduo (cb) £24m from Dortmund. Best players: Lukaku 44 apps 37 goals 10 assists Suso 43 apps 9 goals 21 assists Season two aims clear out more deadwood (are you watching Ole) replace them with young hungry players. And I lost the last game of the season so Liverpool failed to qualify for the champions league Bonus edit Klopp just got sacked
  7. http://www.salisburycity-fc.co.uk/product/football-manager-2014 £16.98 DELIVERED
  8. If i was Rafael i would ask for a transfer or clear the air talks.... hes the only rb at the club but wingers and centrebacks get chosen infront of him....yet evra never gets dropped?
  9. Will never understand why have a big squad/reserves and play half the team out of position... why take younger players on tour and do well then not play them when needed... carrick not a centre back.. tonyv not a right back.... welbeck not a winger
  10. 2 defenders on the bench... 2 midfielders playing in defence
  11. FM12 only £6.77 to download bargain
  12. my best league season it only took ten years.... bonus points to whoever guesses who i drew with... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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