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  1. @DominicForza Cheers I was wondering why I was winning but my ratings were poor.
  2. Have they done something to player ratings? feels like goals and assists only count for a good game.
  3. It was a strange one, Maguire only scored in about 7 or 8 games but when he did score it was always 2 goals apart from one hatrick .
  4. Season 2 Failure, We won the league but Klopp still at Liverpool and beat me in the Champions League final Players bought Fati £70m, Camavinga £65m Deadwood out Fred to Arsenal £20m, Matic to Napoli £14m, Chong to Dl pro £8.25m, Pereira to Shakhtar £25m, Dalot to RB Leipzig £15m, Levitt to Reims £9.25m Best players The future is to keep tinkering with my tactic and getting Klopp sacked. Who stays? De Gea or Henderson, Laird or Williams.
  5. Fenerbahce, Fenerbahce, Shandong leung, Zenit, Ajax and Tianjin teda
  6. Season 1 over mission accomplished, my reserves won the League cup and we lost in the semi finals of the Champions League, Major injuries to Pogba, Bruno and Greenwood (Hopefully injuries are more realistic in this FM). Signings None Deadwood out Fuso-Mensah £5.5m, Romero £3.8m, Rojo £15.75m, Mata £7m, Lingard £23m, Jones £9.5m. Best players My tactic Next season goal is getting Klopp sacked, maybe two first team signings and get rid of the rest of the deadwood.
  7. Starting my United save tonight and keeping the first window closed The first seasons aim stop Liverpool.
  8. Football Manager 1982 was the start on my ZX Spectrum 48k
  9. Started my long term save so here's season one Championes, Championes, Ole Ole Ole Squad All the cups I played my second string so didn't win anything else, all I wanted was the league. League Transfers in/out Tactic On to next season Title and Champions League.
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