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  1. Hi @Fola just read the entire thread and the results are amazing. but even more amazing is how you can keep track of all the youngsters and loanees just curious about one thing, did you manage to keep using the 4231 presented in the early posts with the results that you're having? i'm ask this because I can't have a 4231 where the AMC plays even at an average level. it's always one less player on the pitch. if you do, do you fill all your players with player instructions on top of the team instructions? KUTGW.
  2. You could try to play Bernardo on the left. I had a Benfica save, where I used him there as João Felix's backup and he performed great.
  3. Him and Fiete Arp are the best strikers I've trained on the last 4 or 5 versions of FM. Pellegri in fact became a legend in Benfica, playing on my side, with 150 goals in 156 games
  4. @Carambau, still using the Fluid Counter Attack preset? FIgured the AI would have already caught up to that.
  5. Fired up a Sevilla save a couple days ago. Better squad than I expected, specially the defenders and the GK. However, had some issues fitting Banega (hate the dwells on ball trait) and Navas in the mix and had to sell them. Since they were the leaders of the locker room, there was a time were the dynamics were not the best. Since I had the season starting with the SuperCup against Barcelona, I started to set up the team to concede the least possible goals while keeping the ball and try to somehow score a goal a game. This worked out well, since I won the SuperCup and I'm currently first in La Liga. And in January, this happened: This is how currently setting the team up: GK - Vaclik RB - Mercado CD's - Kjaer and Gnagnon LB - Escudero DM - Ruggiero (Gonalons) MC's - Vazquez and Mesa (Rog and Xadas) RM - Promes (Trincão) LM - Sarabia (Nolito) CF - Yedder (Fábio Silva / André Silva) As you can see, also Munir and Carriço are missing. Munir started to complain about playing time, so he's loaned out to Everton with a buy option. For next season: Escudero might be leaving cause the big boys are already sniffing around, so I've already bought Moreno from Liverpool and started to adapt Wober to play there. Kjaer and Nolito will be leaving due to the absurd amount of wages they're on. Mercado is probably leaving too since it's the last chance to get some money for him due to his age. Gonalons and Rog are going back to they're clubs. We need to find a DM to rotate with Ruggiero. For the MC place we already have Almendra and Almada in the U19 squad, as well as Lara (starts in Sevilla already) André Silva also going back to Milan, Dabbur already has the transfer for Sevilla set with the new update, so no new changes there. Of course, this is only a plan, it will always change, since I'm still only in Feb. I just like to plan a bit ahead. Edit: And Solari is doing a great job in Real Madrid. Just sitting in 8th place for now
  6. Good luck on this next adventure. Hopefully the tactic you created fits the squad you have now (not counting the striker) and you don't have to go to the drawing board again!
  7. Well... that escalated quickly! But it's weird, I have more or less the same setup since the beginning of my save (Feyenoord) and everything is working brilliantly. I don't know if you did it already or not, but perhaps changing the regista to something more defensive or remove the pass into space to get more control of the ball?
  8. @nico_france If you want to spend (a lot) less, check Joveljic. It's enough until you get one of the other two and you can spend the rest of the money in other positions. There are a few guys that I'd reccomend for other positions as well, such as Markovic for centre back, Trincão, Marin for IF's and Almada for AP.
  9. Sorry, assumed so because the date that he joined was the beginning of July. Forgot that I had started with the Netherlands date, which is a bit earlier than that.
  10. Probably the best HOYD in the game is Porto's one, Armando Carneiro. 20 for Judging Potential and Ability, 18 for Working With Youngsters and 20 for Determination with a Driven Personality. Plus, Favorite Formations are 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1.
  11. Porto actually became the first team to win 6 in a row in Portugal. Liverpool is a force to be reckoned, now more than ever. And it's the first time that I see Roma doing anything of value with an AI coach, they were always battling for survival in Serie A in FM18. Who is the manager now?
  12. Oh! That youth intake is not gonna help in any way. Congrats for the big 100!
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