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  1. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I never know which one of the 4 is, but I can never replicate something even close to what you have. 1. Player Quality - doubt it, since I have, for sure, the best players and adequate for the style of play 2. Player Instructions - since I tend to not use any 3. Player traits - since we might have different POV's on this 4. Match Engine - since I play FM21. But it pains me to admit that I haven't managed to get even close to that type of play.
  2. They do. I've done the worst first season I can remember in an FM version, and I was still able reclaim the title since Dortmund and Bayern were so poor. With this I had 80M to spend on season 2 and at least 40 for season 3.
  3. Sorry to ask this, but for this to work, the players must have a lot of PI's, right?
  4. I was looking at this list and I'm next, but to be honest I will not have the time to finish this on a timely manner due to the commitments at work. Once this blows over, I can try to get back on the list, sorry for the short notice.
  5. upfront. on a 433. I played counter-attacking, so the pace was my biggest weapon. However, Boadu was a finishing beast as well, striking always to the far post, since he plays well with both feet, he was able to do this either way the ball came.
  6. You did not overpay for Boadu. He's a goal-scoring machine. Or at least he was on my AZ save.
  7. it's hard to see that you might lose the league due to a poor beginning.
  8. Is Sérgio Conceição still Porto's manager? If so, you might be causing family troubles for Francisco Conceição
  9. Best regen I've ever gotten. First season. Honestly, don't know what to do with him (IF or AF).
  10. Still using the same ttc with the DLP and B2B in the middle? And no PI's? I'm asking because I'm playing with Man Utd (sorry!), almost same ttc, but the results are nowhere near.
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