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  1. I'd have thought a business man would have been quicker to pull the trigger honestly, our form doesn't really fill you with confidence we will get into the CL spaces, our football is turning fans and sponsors off and there is a guy available that should offer success. A football man would look at LVG's record and talk to the players and try to give him time to show what he's done at other clubs, a business man should be getting mighty concerned about next years profits.
  2. First match I've been able to get to in ages and considering it had 6 goals and at least 3 other very good chances I'd say most of the game was boring. We looked a little more dangerous purely down to the fact Rooney has improved recently and looked good tonight, his off the ball movement was excellent and we saw the space he can create when his first touch doesn't leave him and he picks it up in dangerous area's, it's just a shame the rest of our play was as slow and lifeless as it always is under LVG this season. Why we need two holding midfielder against teams like that is beyond me, but how slow we are to move the ball around and get it forward is genuinely a sight to behold, TV just doesn't do LVG's philosophy justice. If Rooney can keep this up then I would say our priority should switch from a established striker to a defender for the remainder of the season, just someone who can come in and play next to Smalling and not look totally out of his depth when teams put pressure on us. I've no issue with Blind being a member of the squad but he's just not a centre back, and as soon as Mitrovic said to himself 'why am I going up against Smalling when his partner is a shorter, slower midfielder playing out of position' it showed. Also I've not seen any replays yet so I'm not sure who's miss was worse, Fellaini's or Lingards, but from where I was sitting they were both terrible attempts.
  3. When have we ever seen a LVG team 'step up a gear' after going behind, or even just conceding a goal though? We will, sadly, continue to play exactly the same way for the remainder of the game.
  4. Wouldn't have an issue with Barkley either, sure we could work out something with Fellaini going back the other way to sweeten the deal!
  5. Actually watching us play while getting knocked out by a team most common fans have barely ever heard of?
  6. And in the current state of affairs Young is the one I'd be least worried about, not sure how I feel about that situation. I'd like to think LVG will change his mentality a bit due to the personal available but I've little doubt we'll see a very restrictive system, simply trying to avoid giving any room for a counter attack and hoping that Martial can come up with something on his own.
  7. He has had 18 months, three transfer windows including a full uninterrupted summer to work with the squad. While you could argue that he has improved on some of the flaws in the squad he's created just as many. We started the season depending on Rooney having a blinder of a campaign or Memphis hitting the ground running. While Darman was a good addition we are quite regularly playing with two midfielder's in defence as for some reason started the season with fewer players in that area then we had the year before, despite that area being one of the biggest issues with the team. I'm not quite at the 'sack him' stage though but I've have zero qualms about replacing him if someone like Guardiola (zero chance) or Ancelotti are available. Maybe its frustration but I'm seeing very little of this development I keep hearing about and unless we have a blinder of a January transfer window it's going to be a very long end to the season. I don't expect us to win the title, challenge for a cup or set the world alight anytime soon, I just want to see the team and mentality improve. He steadied the ship and I'm thankful, but I'm starting to feel a genuine dislike for the man and I can't see how he's going to be the one to either take us forward or leave the team in a good enough state for someone like Giggs to take over and be successful with.
  8. I genuinely can’t think of a team that has been more consistently horrendous to watch, even when we win it’s in such a fashion that almost makes me not care. There is no justification for it, he’s had the time, money and he doesn't exactly have a terrible squad to work with but his horrible ‘vision’ for the team is insidious and everything the players do reeks of it. I hate to use it as an example after only a few games, but look at the difference Klopp has made to that Liverpool squad, it may not last but the players actually look competent again. These performances come from the manager and I just want him gone, if it has to be at the end of the season then just get us to trundle over the top 4 finish line and **** off.
  9. I found that you can get between 30 - 31.5m fairly consistently from Arsenal if you offer him out at that price, while Chelsea and Tottenham sniff around but never come up with a credible bid (normally between 15 and 18 million)
  10. It’s his character that would benefit us the most right now, we just don’t have anyone with that level of arrogance and self-belief in the squad anymore, plus he normally backs it up on the pitch. He would genuinely give everyone at the club a lift, more so then almost any other player out there.
  11. It’s hard not to feel very apathetic towards the club these days, Woodward’s had several transfer windows and now LVG has had a full year and an uninterrupted summer window to work with him and yet it all seems to amateurish, rushed or unplanned. I do wonder if or even how long before the major sponsors start to feel we are generating the wrong type of image, or that just lumbering in the CL isn’t exciting enough to make people around the world buy into the Man Utd Image (or merchandise) anymore. Also can’t help that LVG seems very good at alienating players which could seriously affect our ability to buy the ‘marquee’ players that Addidas seem to want. Or maybe that’s just me naively hoping that there’s something more important than CL qualification at all cost these days, but whatever happens in the next few hours unless there is a drastic improvement in the quality of our football or a serous title/cl challenge things are going to get very hostile around the club over the next 9 months.
  12. It may not be totally his own fault, agents, papers or the club not giving him a chance etc. but for someone who's done absolutely nothing for the first team I am fed-up of hearing/reading about Pogba, if he does end up staying he better be a bloody good player because I'm forming a slightly irrational dislike for hearing his name. Looking forward to Kagawa though, got some good goal scoring options in midfield again now.
  13. Player of the Season: Michael Carrick Goal of the Season: Nani vs Chelsea Best Match of the season: Arsenal at home Worst Match of the season: Man City (away) maybe not the worst performance but given what was at stake and our reaction to it, terrible. Player(s) you felt overachieved: I don't think any player overachieved, Evans was always capable of playing like this and Welbeck had to many off games. Player(s) you felt underachieved: Hernandez, Jones, Maybe Young in consistency? Rate the season out of 10: 5 - Some brilliant domestic matches early on and finished on a very respectable 89 points but in the end no silver-wear, awful showing in Europe and when it came down to it we showed less 'bottle/desire/random buzzword' then City. One player you'd like us to sign: Marouane Fellaini Players you'd like us to sell: Berbatov, Owen, Bebe, Macheda. I also might be OK with Anderson and maybe Hernandez leaving if a big enough offer came in, although selling 4 of our 6 strikers with first team experience may be a little much in 1 go.
  14. I wouldn't say the squad is but has the potential to be excellent with some very exciting youngsters, too much pressure and reliance is currently on one or two players to constantly perform right now, but as you say I'm sure Fergie knows the issues the team have. My issue is not his desire or knowledge of how to improve the squad but his ability to given current restrictions, its the people who hold the credit card that need to realise that investment is needed.
  15. I think I expected this result so much that I don't actually feel that bad, I've said for ages that if the title came down to this match we'd lose it, anyone hoping Newcastle will do anything other then roll over are in for yet another huge disappointment. All this talk of us being mentally stronger and having the experience to close out a season... the heart is still there but the "body and mind" of some of these players just isn't capable of delivering it any more. Not to get too carried away but it has to be a busy summer, doesn't have to be a Modric/Bale/Cavani type signing as the staff are more then capable of finding players who can do what we need at good prices, they just need to go out and find them, then BUY them. No excuses.
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