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  1. It's now under notable events. Just click the the time stamp under the notable events and it'll give you that highlight
  2. a few minor things for Bristol City: Adam Nagy history incorrect. He played 23 games last season and scored 1. It's currently down as 46 apps & 2 goals Bentley should be first choice GK not backup, he played 43 out of 46 games last season and 10 out of 11 this season. O'Leary should be backup Massengo's history is showing as joining City, then Monaco then City again James Taylor is a defender not a midfielder. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/under-23s-squad/james-taylor-1/ https://www.bathcityfc.com/loan-player-news-tommy-conway-and-james-taylor/ Not convin
  3. Probably not a 'hidden gem' but this guy looks great for a 17 year old. Would make a great B2B midfielder if you work on his positioning.
  4. Definitely one of the best starting CA's I've had with a regen from my own youth intake
  5. New player roles: Segundo Volante, Mezzala and Carrilero?
  6. I've not watched it yet as I'm at work, but I really hope data analysts have some involvement. What I'd really like to see is a scout report that gives us knowledge of his stats and personality (especially with dynamics) and then we can get a data analyst to look at things like dribbles per game, successful dribbles, area where the player has key passes or creates ccc/hc.
  7. Yes it was. The only difference it it's a 1tb HD but that's more than enough and I have a 2tb external hdd anyway. Great recommendation and thanks. Would recommend this to anybody reading.
  8. Got mine today also and it's fantastic. Had a bit of a problem at first in that I had a boot error when I loaded it up but it seems to be fine now. I've started my unemployed career too! I have 36 leagues loaded iirc and it runs so quickly. I will do a benchmark test tomorrow but I did one on my old laptop earlier and it had 10 and 20 minutes as the results.
  9. I was going to buy it yesterday but I got sidetracked and I wanted to check a few things and then it went. I managed to pick one up on eBay for £465 but it's a used one. It's also the 1tb version but that's more than enough plus I have a 2tb external hdd spare.
  10. Ok thanks for the help , I'll get that ordered when I get home from work. I currently have an intel pentium 2020m and I think it loads quick enough with 12 leagues and large DB but it's on it's way out. Now they've sold out , that's frustrating
  11. That refurbished HP with Intel Core i7-6700HQ looks like a good price and I might buy one tonight. I've been trying to find a laptop with i7-6700 around £500 so that fits the bill. How many leagues do you reckon it can load with all graphics (facepack,kits,badges etc) ? I'm looking to load a lot of leagues and start unemployed. I play on 2d so don't really care about the graphics card.
  12. I may be wrong but I think what he meant by that is that certain AI managed teams will buy a big name like certain clubs (eg Madrid) do IRL. I'm in my second season and Utd have just spent £82 million on Verratti.
  13. I keep getting an error about FM running dangerously low on memory and it's crashing. I believe that's a problem my end because I have 6gb ram and it seems to be using high 90% of it , can someone confirm it's my laptop that's the problem so I can be sure before I replace it? Or is this a FM problem?
  14. Not sure if it's a bug or dodgy keeping but my goalie saved / parried a free kick from about 30 yards which resulted in the ball rolling vertically across the line. He stood up but rather than get it he waited for an attacker to chase it down , then he just did some half-ass dive. I can upload the highlight later when I'm home if needed.
  15. The tactics saved in that folder are your own aren't they? I'm fairly certain the AI's tactics have never been saved.
  16. My laptop isn't going to last much longer so I'm looking for a new one. All I will be doing on it is watching videos (youtube / netflix) , playing FM and maybe play some older games like Skyrim. Ideally I'd like to pay around £500-£650. For FM I'd like to have lots of leagues (more than 20) loaded with a large DB. I usually play 2D but I'd like to move over to 3D. Would these do the trick? Or is there anything out there better in my price range. http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/30020522-Medion-Erazer-P6661_1885563.html http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-VAIO-VPC-F22M1E-B-16-4-297-GB-
  17. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Are these any good? Play 2d usually but want a lot of leagues loaded on large DB.
  18. I don't get how the judges didn't see those guys in the audience. Is it really that hard to see people with a bunch of musical instruments?
  19. Those risk free offers you have to get on. I've done £50 on under 5.5 goals and I'm going to put £50 risk free on Ibra first scorer. You can get £35 guaranteed profit from this game & offer.
  20. Thanks that's the thread I was looking for , I'm guessing nothing has from FM14 to 16 so everything still applies?. I'm playing in the Croatian league so I'm struggling to find coaches with good ratings in those attributes but I'll have a more in depth look. Thanks for your help. Edit: Sorry one more question. I currently have my HoYD or youth team managers to set up training for the youth players , what attributes will be good for someone to have so they set up useful things? Or shall I set it up myself?
  21. I'm looking to replace a lot of my staff now that my first team is up to par with the league so I can focus on my youth squads , so I have a few questions. 1) Does the nationality effect? Apart from adaptability rating of the coaches. 2) How important is the working with youngsters attribute if they are being signed as first team coaches? 3) Is it better for youth coaches to have a high working with youngster attribute and low coaching attributes or high coaching attributes and lowish (10 or so) working with youngsters? I'm trying to find Cleon's thread but I can't find it.
  22. If you get this can you report back here with the stars and leagues you can run? I'm looking for a laptop and that seems right for me but I want to run a lot of leagues in a long term save. Thanks.
  23. I'm guessing it's worth the extra £20? How will it fair with new releases as well as FM?
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