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  1. GriffiN94

    FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    Definitely one of the best starting CA's I've had with a regen from my own youth intake
  2. GriffiN94

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    No more beer at football!
  3. I just started another save and I'm still having the issue. I've uploaded 2 save files called ColesEX1 and ColesEX2, one is the new save I just tried and the other is one at the end of the season that I had the issue with before. Hope these help Edit: Also been told to log a bug about O'Dowda and Flint being transfer listed as it shouldn't be happening.
  4. I posted this is in data issues originally to query why this happens every year but was told to log it as a bug. Basically he's a high rated GK coach (with high rep? not 100% sure) and he's constantly on a 1 year contact on FM but it's impossible to negotiate a new deal with him as it states the players aren't up to his calibre but he's been with us for almost 4 years now.
  5. GriffiN94

    Players names messing up

    Had this happen a few times and I think it happens when you're in the middle of a match but you check the analysis of another game. Also looks like it's swapped the teams kits around in 2d but not 3d, Sevilla are supposed to be in the red and white but it's actually my players and vice versa but in 3d highlights it's normal
  6. Two things I've notiched: Not sure why O'Dowda is transfer listed Diédhiou is down as being left footed with a weak right foot in game but he's actually right footed so they need to be swapped Something that might be a game thing is that it's always impossible to keep David Coles on as coaching staff because of how highly rated he is. He's been here for a few years now but it's impossible to negotiate with him
  7. GriffiN94

    Football Manager TV: Scouting

    New player roles: Segundo Volante, Mezzala and Carrilero?
  8. GriffiN94

    Football Manager TV: Scouting

    I've not watched it yet as I'm at work, but I really hope data analysts have some involvement. What I'd really like to see is a scout report that gives us knowledge of his stats and personality (especially with dynamics) and then we can get a data analyst to look at things like dribbles per game, successful dribbles, area where the player has key passes or creates ccc/hc.
  9. GriffiN94

    Mother of all newgens

    This is what the 2017 manual states: Jumping Reach Jumping Reach reflects how good a player is at reaching the ball in the air. It indicates the highest point an outfield player can reach with his head. It is not necessarily reflective of how tall a player is, but when considering his jumping ability, it makes sense to take into account the player’s height. For example, a player of 200+cm will still possess a high reach even if he is a poor jumper, and a player who measures in at 170cm will struggle to compete at the same height due to the 30cm difference in height between the two. Miles Jacobson also said on Twitter that two players with differing height but the same jumping reach will reach the same height.
  10. GriffiN94

    Mother of all newgens

    Fairly certain that's incorrect. Jumping reach refers to how high the player reaches when jumping, regardless of height. Height does affect how high the jumping reach attribute can go (obviously smallers are restricted to lower ratings whereas taller players higher). There are some posts on this forum that say it too. It's this way to help compare how good players are in the air. A taller player may not need to jump for aerial battles so they can win more than someone who is smaller but has the same reach.
  11. GriffiN94

    Mother of all newgens

    It doesn't matter what height they are, it's all about jumping reach. If a 6ft5 player has 13 jumping reach and a 5ft8 player also has 13 jumping reach then they both jump the same height; height isn't something additional to add on.
  12. GriffiN94

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Yes it was. The only difference it it's a 1tb HD but that's more than enough and I have a 2tb external hdd anyway. Great recommendation and thanks. Would recommend this to anybody reading.
  13. GriffiN94

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Got mine today also and it's fantastic. Had a bit of a problem at first in that I had a boot error when I loaded it up but it seems to be fine now. I've started my unemployed career too! I have 36 leagues loaded iirc and it runs so quickly. I will do a benchmark test tomorrow but I did one on my old laptop earlier and it had 10 and 20 minutes as the results.
  14. GriffiN94

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I was going to buy it yesterday but I got sidetracked and I wanted to check a few things and then it went. I managed to pick one up on eBay for £465 but it's a used one. It's also the 1tb version but that's more than enough plus I have a 2tb external hdd spare.
  15. GriffiN94

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Ok thanks for the help , I'll get that ordered when I get home from work. I currently have an intel pentium 2020m and I think it loads quick enough with 12 leagues and large DB but it's on it's way out. Now they've sold out , that's frustrating