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  1. Yes it was. The only difference it it's a 1tb HD but that's more than enough and I have a 2tb external hdd anyway. Great recommendation and thanks. Would recommend this to anybody reading.
  2. Got mine today also and it's fantastic. Had a bit of a problem at first in that I had a boot error when I loaded it up but it seems to be fine now. I've started my unemployed career too! I have 36 leagues loaded iirc and it runs so quickly. I will do a benchmark test tomorrow but I did one on my old laptop earlier and it had 10 and 20 minutes as the results.
  3. I was going to buy it yesterday but I got sidetracked and I wanted to check a few things and then it went. I managed to pick one up on eBay for £465 but it's a used one. It's also the 1tb version but that's more than enough plus I have a 2tb external hdd spare.
  4. Ok thanks for the help , I'll get that ordered when I get home from work. I currently have an intel pentium 2020m and I think it loads quick enough with 12 leagues and large DB but it's on it's way out. Now they've sold out , that's frustrating
  5. That refurbished HP with Intel Core i7-6700HQ looks like a good price and I might buy one tonight. I've been trying to find a laptop with i7-6700 around £500 so that fits the bill. How many leagues do you reckon it can load with all graphics (facepack,kits,badges etc) ? I'm looking to load a lot of leagues and start unemployed. I play on 2d so don't really care about the graphics card.
  6. Really? I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 and I use a winger on the right side and he's been the most influential player in the team for a few seasons. He also tracks back well and helps the fullback out. I'm predicted 20th in the prem and I'm up to 7th in January.
  7. Yes you get the option to change expectations in January. I did it myself in my save last night and got an extra £10m plus 40k p/w wages after spending big in the summer. I've used interviews a few times to blackmail the board and it's fine. I've imporved facilities , youth recruitment , junior coaching and more from it. There doesn't seem to be any negativity from fans or board if you say you'll stay if they agree to promises.
  8. I'm in my 7th season and I haven't had to promise any players anything. Sometimes the screen comes up with stuff and I remove them all and they accept no promises.
  9. I was using the same formation with different roles when I first started my save. I found that the middle was too congested and and the flanks were too exposed. I thought the football played was fantastic with a lot of intricate triangular passing but it was hard to get a good balance.
  10. I've just had this too. So frustrating.
  11. You should be able to right click his name and send him home. It might be under rest or something.
  12. Sorry if I'm missing something , but haven't you sorted them by team name? Not date.
  13. You need to update FM I guess. go to steam library and right click over FM17 and go to properties, then to updates tab and then automatic updates. It'll keep you up to date.
  14. Probably around 15 hours I'd say. I usually get 2 seasons done a week if I'm really into the save. I'm about to finish my 4th season and I'll get the 5th done on the weekend.